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  1. You are wrong. Gauss does not have a shield that increases damage by 50% and crit by 200%, volt does. Gauss does not have a nuke paralyzing ability, volt does. they are different frames with different abilities.
  2. i put in 25 mil. you get a voice line and thats it.
  3. The New Loka stencilVs the Ki'teer stencil. The New Loka stencil is the only one that was unreasonably bright out of the stencils I owned and could test.
  4. I don't have a source on this but I've been told arbitrations won't have an A A B C drop table but an A B C C C C C... drop table.
  5. This is killing me, i haven't been able to log in all week as I'm already at 1 day till my next reward
  6. Physical upgrades to the server, not an update.
  7. Post is over 24 hours old, update when? 👀
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