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  1. TLDR; : Titania is treated like and Archwing in PoE in every aspect but not for riven challenges. Missiles still homing in and hitting you after 4 is deactivated Aggro range on PoE too high, you can't do anything in peace (e.g. fishing) After coming back to WF: DE is DE and will likely never change.....take or leave. Attempting to do the Riven Challenge "Kill 4 Vroosh Turrets while in Archwing Mode without dying etc. etc." I encountered an inconsistency regarding Titania. In every place in the game and even in PoE her 4 is considered being in Archwing mode but obviously not for this challenge. After killing the first Vroosh with her I am hammered with anti-air crap by the Grineer as if I am an Archwing but the kills don't count towards the Riven. So either make her fly safe then (or at least safer than an actual Archwing, Lvl 30 Vruush will often onehit you) or account her as an Archwing for the challenges too. I just had to build the Launcher segment just because of this challenge, while usually just using a k-drive to move around. Second thing: IF you get targetted by any missile turret while in her 4, even after deactivating the ability keeps the enemy missiles homing in on you. So after losing the evasion bonus (I don't feel like having any tbh in PoE with her), she gets wacked extra hard with the incoming "Love-You-Messages" by the Grineer. As I am no fan of BDSM, I would really, really love that to be changed. It just feels unfair and is often frustrating. Last but not least: Why it has to feel (and acutally be) that every inch of the map is covered by some aggro bubble by any Grineer? I can't even fish right outside the Cetus gates without being constantly attacked by some enemies, some of them even running about 200m just to get my fish.... It is really annoying (not to speak of that Thumper-Thingy appearing out of nowhere (because sounds are muffled while fishing) and smacking down like a nuke right beside your feet). To be clear, I don't want the plains to be easier, I just want the possibilty to actually have some peace and "fun" by not having to constantly disrupting your activity to deal with enemies. Maybe just reduce some aggro ranges? Other than that: I have returned to WF after 2 years of break and have to say, the bad things didn't really change a lot (little to no explanations ingame, you have to use the Wiki and Forums, inconsistencies like the above mentioned, new content rushed out as an unbalanced mess, many things locked for solo players that aren't godly skilled or equipped) but on the other hand the good things didn't change much either - there's still Taylor, Rebecca, Megan, Danielle, Steve and all the others, the game is still fun (most times) and even if I know I won't achieve the best in the game because I am playing it mainly solo - except PUGS on the usual nodes - I feel really good with it. Dumped a few hundred bucks again already but I have a feeling, DE got a tad bit more greedy over the past 2 years 😉 Ok, wall of text I didn't want to have but here we go. Thanks for reading and adding a TLDR at the top now. Have a nice day Tennos and Devs.
  2. I'd like to ask the whole sound team to walk over to the persons responsible for the interlinking of game mechanics (or better: their absense) and giving them a gracious headbutt, after that it would be nice if they would stroll round to the Archwing guys too.... Sorry, nothing constructive, sound-related to say otherwise.
  3. It basically boils down to this: DE wanted to make this kind of a MMO (and as PoE and OV show, they still do) but didn't want the server cost. So they implemented a really poor P2P system for hosting or participating in multiplayer games. The whole "Host Migration" hassle and the dependency on other players connections is just borked from the ground up. In earlier days of WF one might argue, it was a sensible approach, but with constantly higher player numbers, the introduction of Kind-A-Open-Worlds and the S#&$load of money they make with the game, it would be really the time to tell DE to finally establish some frickin servers, so all these problems would be gone. And before someone says : "That's way too much work", "The whole game needs to be recoded for this" => BS. It's 'only' the network code and layer that has to be adressed. Sure it's work and quite a bit tbh but hey....it would improve things drastically. But at the end of the day.....it's DE. So, why am I even commenting here......I don't know. Have a nice morning/day/evening all together.
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