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    Warframe Builder

    Ok I know I should be comparing weapons, but I stopped that (and for reasons that will be questionable when I will get back to that on) but I been trying to imagine how Energy Channel would effect weapons and to get a potential better understanding I have been using covert lethality as a comparison and well it has a strange interaction with the combo counter that I think may be a bug in the calculations. When I put sheev on with a maxed covert lethality I get the numbers you would expect, but as soon as I am suppose to increase the combo counter the damage just drops, it picks back up at 2.5 but it is weaker then it should sound. The dark dagger and rakta dark dagger doesn't seem to have this problem but But almost every dagger has this problem. The karyst seems to be the only one that the problem is effecting strangly with it combo not effecting it until at least 2.5 which then it starts improving and ceramic dagger has it worst of all needing 3 times combos to get better then its expected damage sorry if that is confusing in short SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH COVERT LETHALITY'S INTERACTION WITH COMBO STATS!!! (for the most part)
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    Warframe Builder

    @Stoi84 The Damage for the Glaive Prime is correct, But it is missing the blast damage for when it is thrown and it only tells the damage when it is charged thrown and not normal thrown I should probably mention before you read what I found that I am a ps4 user (then again my user name would probably already tell you that) The numbers for normal thrown glaive prime are as follow 15.0% Crit Chance 2.0X Crit Multiplier 30.0% Status Chance Impact 37.5 Puncture 37.5 Slash 175.0 Blast 175.0 and the missing numbers for the charged thrown glaive are 1.0 innate Punch Through and 460.0 Blast damage
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    Warframe Builder

    It can be added on to an opticor (I have one and I just looked into it). Also yesterday before I got stopped, I was working on weapons and there damage consistency from warframe to warframe builder, I found more then I thought there where while some are small (like 0.5 more then normal) others i found larger gaps in, the smaller gaps I only found with prime point blank at rank 9 (cause that is how high I have mine up to) I was working on a list but I still need to finish it. I can only say for the weapons I have and so far I am only on the melee but I am working my way to other weapons soon.
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    Warframe Builder

    I have noticed one big thing I think is worth mentioning and a smaller thing that I figured I mention in passing. The mod Energy Channel add damage based on the energy you used (I think also when you pick up energy orbs as well) but there is nothing indicating it on warframe builder (or warframe for that matter) but If I am corrected it works exactly like covert lethality it could help to put a sorta slider for how much energy is being channeled into the weapon. The other thing is I noted the the heated daggers damage is slightly wrong, when I had a maxed spoil strike, covert lethality, and rank 9 prime pressure point I get 38.5 slash 12.9 impact, and 205.6 puncture but you site give 13.161 IMPACT, 206.000 PUNCTURE, and 38.339 SLASH (sorry copy and pasted) thank you again for a great site
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    Warframe Builder

    I know this topic is primarily for news and bugs for warframe builder, but I have a question if you don't mind. Why don't you have a comment sections for the builds that people made, and is it possible for you to make builds browse-able by author. I also wanted to browse the most popular build in general or maybe by when they were made, but those are less interesting and important I think at least. Otherwise all I got to say is I love the site and thank you for all your hard work in making it.