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  1. (PS4)marshb863

    The Sacrifice - The Worst "Cinematic" Quest

    Loved the quest, hated the combat. Constant one-shotting and stunlocks by a Warframe with sentient shields(!?) that defy lore only to recieve said frame with no sentient shields?! Just frustrating and was glad when the combat was over.
  2. (PS4)marshb863

    Dev Workshop: Virtual Cursor Action Plan

    Thank you for the fix. I still find some of the cursor actions unintuitive, like which menu item selected by the d-pad depends on where the cursor is located on the screen instead of defaulting to the top menu item, plus you still cant scroll down warframes or weapons with out it "bottoming out" at the last visible item so you have to move the cursor to scroll the rest of the way. The ability to pick bracketed items in chat is extremely useful but it is bugged at the moment as you can only pick one item to look at and then you have to close chat then open it again to look at consecutive items. Still, very useful!!
  3. (PS4)marshb863

    GPU Particle settings are bugged and won't change.

    Same here. PS4 pro.
  4. (PS4)marshb863

    GPU Particle Settings Not Saving

    Same here. Running PS4 pro.
  5. (PS4)marshb863

    New meny-system with cursor is a no-go for console

    Need an option to opt out of cursor menus and revert to old short cuts please.
  6. (PS4)marshb863

    Cant change gpu particle setting

    It won't save my changes either! 😞
  7. (PS4)marshb863

    Mastery Rank Tests

    Im with the OP. Im level 22 working towards 23 and I dread ALL of the tests. I don't play games only to have to take periodic tests! Also it breaks immersion for me. Im 54 years old and real life suxs enough and it too imposes "tests" (Im looking at you fortune 500 company for whom I work for). Im all for mastery levels but separate the tests for those who like the that sort of thing (who likes taking tests?! Lol).
  8. (PS4)marshb863

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.5.1 (+hotfixes)

    Once again, a monumental job! Many thanks!
  9. (PS4)marshb863

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon Update 22.3.5 (LIVE!)

    You guy are Awesome !
  10. (PS4)marshb863

    Hydroid Prime Update 21.7.0: Status [LIVE!]

    Hydroid changes? Such as? I hope not too harsh. I'm mainlining Hydroid constantly since the Prime dropped. Currently, he kicks &#! as is. In the mean time, the Tennogen and reinforcements look way cool! Great work!