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  1. IGN: Logh4N MR: 27 Hours: 1698 (since July 2016, but I've quit the game not long after I started playing for 6-7 months) Country: Serbia (may change a couple on months) Current clan: Clan of Immortals Language: English, Hungarian, Serbian Discord: Logh4N#1337 I've been wanting to join the clan for a while now. I'm mostly a solo player, but I don't have a problem playing with people, or doing different roles in a squad. I love over-formaing stuff just to make them useable, to ignore the meta. Not much else to say about me honestly.. I'm online every day for 5-6 hours or more depends on my mood.
  2. You... you monster... also: eidolons are extremely boring, most meta thing ever
  3. Please don't... this is the only reason i'm buying the accessories
  4. I just got home from work... I wanted to get some sleep.. oh well
  6. I asked for 3 days off from work for this weekend! Let's do this! #WeLiftTogether
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