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  1. The Physique and Magnum Force buffs are welcomed. Would be nice to see some passes on other older, currently irrelevant mods to give them new life and usability.
  2. The conservation changes are appreciated, but still not perfect. While the changes allowing Ivara to get perfect captures again is welcomed, there still remains an ill-defined, floating scale that has magically determined Warframe ability captures are more harshly judged than tranq captures. As long as the animal is in range of the sleep arrow hit, it goes to sleep. Done. How is the animal more distressed in the very instant it is put to sleep? Should have reverted these silly conservation changes entirely to their pre-24.2.2 state.
  3. Reversing the 24.2.2 conservation changes, when?
  4. This is a very unwelcome and disappointing change. As others have pointed out, tranq rifle is trash and is impossible to get perfect captures of tougher game. Standing from captures should rely solely on the alert state of the animals and ensuring captures are unharmed, not some ill-defined, floating scale of "tranq rifle captures are better 'just 'cause'". What does it matter what 'technique' is used as long as the game is captured successfully?
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