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  1. Adding what I was going to post to this because it is relevant. Title: NW challenges repeatable? The current electricity challenge seems to be bugged: I completed it in ESO with Volt, got the standing for it, checked the UI (completed both the kill 500 enemies and the 150 enemies with electricity challenge), both had the completed icon and we're moved to the back of the list. I get out of the mission and check the NW screen, I still have 7k standing (6k from the 500 one, 1k from the 150 electricity one) and the ui shows I did not yet complete the electricity challenge. https://imgur.com/dYjxIk2 I just tested it and it seems like I do not get credit for completing the electricity challenge again. It now shows completed after the mission aswell.
  2. For someone with such a busy life and so many responsibilities, you seem to spend alot of time on the forums. The game shouldn't be made worse just because you have things to do. It shouldn't be forged so that it fits your 15 minutes a day playstyle. If you can't put a reasonable amount of time in a game, you shouldn't be able to obtain everything. With online games that usually means time per day/week, with offline games time in total. You can't put the time in, so you fall behind and do not obtain everything. This is normal, and it should stay that way.
  3. Couple of questions: MAIN QUESTION: Plague Star when? 1. Melee 3.0, when is the next phase and when do you think it'll finally be here in completely? 2. Since Steve has said that the Orokin Tower in Cetus and the Helminth stuff are still something that will come, when will we see/hear more about these 2 topics? 3. Planes of Duviri, when? Is it postponed? 4. Tau system when? 5. More infested stuff in general, weapons, companions... when? 6. Ghoul weapons? 7. Aura Forma for normal slots AND Exilus slot when? 8. Why do you keep making deluxe weapon skins for weapons unrelated to the frame, example Nidus claws can't be used on Hirudo (Small reach), Atlas's sparring skin can't go on Tekko (his signature weapon!) ? 9. Will Railjack expand our ship? As in more room to run around in/ decorate? 10.What about timers for upcoming events, for example: X days till Buried Depths, 2X days till Plague Star, 3X days till Acolytes etc?
  4. DE has had a problem with keeping players engaged, they add a system that requires you to play a little bit per week, and every casual loses their S#&$ because they'd rather play another game in the mean time but still get the rewards in WF. You can't win 'em all. I'd say check out the dailies in TESO, that only rewards a mount and a pet, that requires you to log in daily and do a quest. I was nearly getting the first mount (it works in relation to the seasons, 4 mounts, 4 pets in a year) and decided to just quit playing because the reward wasn't worth the hassle of playing. Atleast with Nightwave it's worth it and it doesn't require you to log in every day. If I'd still be interested in TESO I'd be doing those dailies now, no problem, but I lost interest in it so I don't get the reward. Simple as that. The fear of missing out is being severly abused by a lot of games now, but that's the way it goes. DE doesn't owe you these rewards in fact they decided to give Nightwave for free instead of make it an actual paid battle pass. With all these complaints about NW and it's rewards not being easy to obtain (All of you must be kidding like for real?) they should make the next one a paid version. Sure as hell tired of people complaining about nightwave when you can do all the objectives in less than 5 hours of playtime.
  5. I agree kind of. They should always just sell the original packs and not switch it up. Makes no sense at all to switch it up to then later releasing the OG packages. I had this issue with the Frost/Loki Package before.
  6. @[DE]Megan https://imgur.com/a/WaNcMJG Limbo Deluxe's colors are broken
  7. Could you make more Tonfa like weapons? I really like the Warglaives from World of Warcraft, and I'd love it if there were more weapons like those. Will there be crossover promotions between Survived By and Warframe? ;) When will we be able to put Tau polarities on other weapons/ frames if at all? Could you make certain events like Plague star more common? Would you consider doing a visual update of the interior of our ship? Some of the machines like the foundry look pretty outdated compared to the rest of the game (Minor detail I know). Could you add sentient enemies to more tiles/modes? I know they're probably going to be more frequent with the new quests coming up, but currently we don't really have a reason to use the new weapon for it's sentient damage bonus (same with Umbra, but that one is used more because alot of people liked normal Excal anyway). I know you're busy making Pets 2.0, but does that mean they will be overall stronger and tankier? It shouldn't become a requirement to have one active but I'd be nice if they were more than a frail utility item (I guess making them have some form of lifesteal & better AI would solve alot of stuff, but they could also really use a base health increase)
  8. Yeah I'm here aswell trying to find out what, just removed a cyst to see what changed, but nothing changed so far
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