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  1. I think these challenges are designed to try and test how long it takes to make you hate the game Gl
  2. I think there should be a version like "survival disrupted" where that mode has a rotation "A B C C C C C C" Make it optional for every endless mode.
  3. I think someone forgot how arbitrations works. Beside obtaining Vitus essence from drones you can obtain 3x as reward for rotations and 1x guaranteed for each rotation. If you didn't obtain any in 5 minutes, you might want to think that you are not ready yet for arbitrations.
  4. Ew. This is the typical reaction of every fashionframe player when reading this thread. Keep it for your self. Really.
  5. How can it be his problem if he is literally just trying to play?
  6. As the op said, he was doing the job, the other one not. Plus as it is stated it was an arbitration.
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