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  1. DarkDullahan

    Coming Soon: Devstream #111!

    The delay is only 2-3 seconds, I run a banshee for sonar and it's perfectly fine. If anything they need to enable the lock for any swing of exalted blade past 2-3 in the same time span.👀 If however, you're asking to allow spamming of Soundquake, I have 0 sympathies personally.
  2. DarkDullahan

    Coming Soon: Devstream #111!

    As a long time whale supporter of DE and Warframe, I've had a few questions about some semi-important subjects that have been boiling around for a while that I would love to see covered and answered. @[DE]Rebecca, Scott said there was a possibility of bringing back old skins from past promotions e.g. RixtyMOL Aklato (we can still purchase platinum through them so why can't we get the skin?), IAHGames Braton, and even a possible official release of the NVIDIA Braton. Any word on this? This was asked before but with a rather touchy additive, would it be possible to have catch up weekends for Daily Tribute, similar to Black Desert Online's system (the person previous inquired about it even with the inclusion of using plat which is a horrible idea on many fronts as I knew that would turn the Dev team off of the idea.) BDO Catch Up System below; while I don't play the game, it's a very good system for those who missed logins due to emergencies or natural disasters such as hurricanes, much better than a replacement of the entire login system with a choose-your-path. https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004318045-Weekend-Double-Attendance-Rewards Clan/Alliance Emblem resolution increase: this is a more minor request but given the new fidelity of the game, 128x128 resolution images are very very lossy in game, 320x320 or 580x580 should be norm as with most other games now. More appearance loadouts? With the amount of custom skins in the game, 3 Appearance slots nowhere near covers it and is now one of the most dire issues a lot of people are running into, any news on this? Being able to apply the Normal Variant "Skins" to all other Prime Categories (currently only an option on Warframes, this should be expanded to Weapons, Sentinels, and Archwing items.) Display Armor amount and percentage of Damage Mitigation in Arsenal UI and if possible on the HUD during gameplay Display Legacy Color Palettes next to the Standard color palettes as to not have to go through several menus to change for a single color (with upcoming UI rework this feels like the best time to bring these two previous up) Ability to equip each half of the "Dark Split-Sword Dulus Skin" to the corresponding weapon (e.g. Place the Half that applies to the Dark Sword half on the individual Dark Sword weapon, and the half for the Dark Dagger on the Dark Dagger weapon) I use my pet for what they should be, Crit-kitty because I personally find vacuum useless. But I know that's a relatively unpopular opinion.
  3. DarkDullahan

    Where is update 22.20.0?!

    Yes please, Skana family, Bo family, and Cronus need serious love. Give them a pass like the Lato family and Sicarus family recieved. While they say it may or may not, and possibly wont, The Sacrifice doesn't seem like the material to ship on a 0.5 increment update and should be a whole digit, so they'll likely ship as 22.2.0, skip 22.5.0 and go to 23.0.0; but that's just what I think personally. It would be nice to see Sacrifice come mid-may too though.
  4. DarkDullahan

    Operator Casting Call - Be Featured in a Promo Video!

    Should be fun, here's mine.
  5. DarkDullahan

    ''Primed Sure Footed 900 days reward'' PLEAS ''DE'' NOOOO

    >>>>>>>Not Primed Handspring I'm severely disappointed. I need to be able to do this at speeds unknown to humans
  6. DarkDullahan

    New GPU Particles and goodbye to PhysX FX!

    After 3 long years of waiting, we now officially commandeer GPU particle workshop as Umbra hypethread!!!!
  7. DarkDullahan

    Zaw project done. I built the first 576 combinations.

    It's not so much gitting gud, it's mostly work takes up half of my day then I have art commissions, and then a business to manage.
  8. DarkDullahan

    Zaw project done. I built the first 576 combinations.

    @Fraank I've been wanting to do this, but hadn't had time to make a spreadsheet, my goal includes every possible Amp as well as Zaw, since I've completed the other aspects. My question is, do you plan to update the spreadsheet with newer parts for those who want to also achieve enlightenment? Also any plans (or would you be willing) on sharing the spreadsheet file in a non-pdf variant? You've piqued my interest since I've been attempting to work logistics out in my free time (this is the reason I've not built more than a single Zaw/Amp cause I don't have time to track which ones I make individually)
  9. DarkDullahan

    Ongoing Sanctuary Onslaught Recalibration

    Why not just remove the enemy level cap completely? I'm sure at some point that people are going to make it well past those waves once all of the tweaking is finished. Any word on increasing the amount of efficiency given by enemies in Elite? 0.1% per enemy seems a bit much (this is what it felt like after launch)
  10. DarkDullahan

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.7

    So instead of making a game mode where the meta has a chance to not exist, we’ve taken it and, by increasing efficiency drain and NOT increasing efficiency gain where it obviously needed it (killing 15 enemies in a single swipe of mios should be a heck of a lot more than 1% efficiency, at least cap it at 1-2% per enemy so it’s at least sustainable at higher levels if you’re able to kill them), made the meta no longer a meta, but a requirement. As well as diluted the drop table even more when it comes to obtaining the weapons. Cetus wisps should be 500-750 standing, just as they are with Plague Star; even 1k acceptable but using half of my total 24 hour allotment on a single item I could get 30 of in 2 hours in the wild is a bit ridiculous and excessive. TL; DR increase efficiency gains at higher zones, lower the drain ramp up. Increase weapon part drop rates to a reasonable amount by lowering chances or removing fissures from the pools. Make Wisps a reasonable standing price as based off average players daily allotment (removing daily cap also works fine too) As it stands now, you’ve taken Onslaught (something Vets have been asking for for a while) and just made it completely irrelevant to our needs. I want to focus on killing enemies, not another Survival Variant.
  11. DarkDullahan

    Khora's Planned Changes

    I think it'd be a wonderful idea to allow Venari to be equipped like a normal kavat when you dont have Khora equipped, and when playing Khora, have her natively out as a passive so you can have the multiple companions. Venari is love, Venari is life!
  12. DarkDullahan

    Shouldn’t Viral procs have a form of permanence?

    You know...for some reason this whole time I thought we were talking only about weapons being able to have Corro/Viral....and wasn't including Radiation. I need sleep, it's a long day and is going to be even longer tomorrow. Lol
  13. DarkDullahan

    Dark/Black Loki collectors statue?

    See the thing is, it wouldn't be the first time there was founder-exclusive merchandise. So it'd be entirely possible. There'd just be more logistics to it than that.
  14. DarkDullahan

    Shouldn’t Viral procs have a form of permanence?

    Eh, actually that's not entirely true. Viral infections are technically incurable, you can just form a resistance or immunity to it. e.g, with Rhinovirus (common cold) the virus is always in your body for the remainder of your life. What causes you to "catch a cold" is when something happens and your immune system temporarily weakens which lets you be susceptible to its effects. With flu virus it's different cause if you catch it it's the same, but the virus itself also mutates which is why the whole thing about "seasonal/yearly vaccinations" are a thing. But that's enough banter from me on that lol (also I know you were referring to their effects alone, I just got caught up in it)
  15. DarkDullahan

    Shouldn’t Viral procs have a form of permanence?

    Yeah, I said that. It either has to have Corrosive or Viral as its raw damage.