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  1. Excalibur Umbra =/= Excalibur! Excalibur Umbra comes with 3 innate Umbra polarities: You can obtain Excalibur Umbra by playing the "The Sacrifice" Quest.
  2. why would you even bother,, try sizeof(int) ;D
  3. Gut möglich, dass die Warframe App dir dazwischen funkt. Ich rate dir, dich mal aufm Handy auszuloggen und es dann nochmal zu versuchen.
  4. By the void, Mag deals TONS of damage and has really good CC, also check her Augment Mod "Magnetized Discharge"! Augment Mods are mods specifically to change or strengthen a certain ability of a warframe. I like playing Mag with this 🙂
  5. ***POSSIBLE SPOILER*** Don't continue reading if you haven't finished the "The Second Dream"/"The Sacrifice" Quest(s) yet. Upon transferring out of Umbra, he becomes independent and starts attacking enemies around him. You've guessed it, he insta-killed my Synthesis Target, leading to me not being able to scan that target for the Sanctuary😭. I feel like this shouldn't be a thing. What do others think? Should Umbra "ignore" enemy types?
  6. Ephemera, I'm coming! Thanks for all the effort you put into fixing!😇
  7. I would LOVE to see Zhuge Prime :))
  8. Corpus weapons aren't getting primed either way.
  9. By the way it was Helene on Saturn for me, perhaps you were doing missions on earth? They don't spawn with enemies being lower than lv 3.
  10. Met them three times in a row, so I assume the chances are pretty high.
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