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  1. I want a mini gun, and not given to us in a back handed heavy gun sorta way a real we can use it when we please mini gun, that's not to much to ask is it.
  2. What's the job? for me its get in get out with no fuss, I see no reason to make things harder than they need to be. The problem is the sisters are not "challenging" they are just boring bullet sponges that jump around all over the damn place. If they had real genuine mechanics to the fights, stealthing in with Ivara and popping her in the face to avoid those would be cheesing it, but the fight is 100% the exact same fight I did prior to sending her into RJ other than DE having her stop by the steroid shop.
  3. and I walk right in on Ivara stealth a shot her in the face with my Artemis bow 3 times and walk to the exit, its called the right tool for the job
  4. Shocking another first forum post necro Though this thread did age well...
  5. DE just needs to drop the afk rewards timer to 30sec if your ass has not moved in 30sec you are AFK and forfeit rewards problem solved, warframe is a game of movement there is zero reason one should be standing still doing nothing for more than a couple sec at any given moment.
  6. You missed the start of the stream were they said "single player quest" didn't you. I do not ever expect to be in control of the other factions after the New War, heck I do not expect it after the first mission(s) they demoed to use. I highly suspect that gameplay footage was the demo as any footage with the tenno would have been HUGE spoilers. other than k-drives how are any of these modes "forgotten" content? I am pretty sure I play RJ daily use my archwing in it daily and when I public I see necramechs in the all the time, plus RJ has an entire node dedicated to them. I am guessing you do not like this stuff so you have chosen to "forget" it.
  7. I plan on giving it a go on my Ipad figure I will just sync a controller to it and at that point it wont be any different than a PC on console, but yeah touch screen controls would be clunky I think for a game that moves at the pace of WF.
  8. I have a 1TB Ipad pro pretty sure it has the space for WF if I wanted to put it on there, hell my 256gig iphone could get it on and most likely will just for those times I want to get my daily log in and I am away from my PC. If it fits and runs on a switch it can fit and run on a phone/tablet the switch was outdated at launch. Right up until that point you need to kill your lich/sister and go "frak me" time to D/L
  9. DE has not given any details but based off other games cross-save/plays currency and exclusives do not move from system to system.
  10. Nyx, psychic bolts 100% defense reduction with the pacifying bolts augment to stun for 10sec its a beautiful way to melt them Ivara with her Artemis Bow and concentrated arrow augment makes quick work for sisters and lichs, and while in stealth the do not engage you I know people Like to "main" frames but warframe is all about the right tool for the job if one isnt getting it done grab another
  11. They will have to continue to launch on all platforms at the same time, other wise yeah cross-play/save would be disabled until everything was brought back in line and that would be a crap fest, it will be bad enough that PC hosts will get hotfix's that force the consoles to have to end missions every 20min after a update and then PC players will have to deal with the bugs that have yet to be fixed on the consoles when they are hosting.
  12. odds are it will be tossed into the RJ loot table for the derelict ship loot sometime in the future that is where last years drop is
  13. I would bet we get a warning that states something along the lines "once you start the new war you will be locked out of Blah, blah until you finish the quest line" the once its over everything will go back to normal.
  14. I was in love with the game play the moment I saw it, to me it really hits the war will be effecting "everyone" and we will get to see first hand how so. I always felt that scarlet spear was disjointed when it game to how the grineer were handled they solely focused on the Tenno not seeing the big picture.
  15. They really missed a chance to show off the ghoul saw in action today
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