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  1. That is true, but it is hard to form a real opinion on something that you have no experience with, its take about 2min to look up a profile only slightly longer than it took to make that account of his.
  2. I am curious as to how someone who is MR zero with no play time can have any opinions on game other than what the read or listen to from youtube talking heads
  3. you should take a trip over to the feedback section of the forums some time, the OP's idea would fit right in there, but you seem to have a real hard on against it.....
  4. feedback/suggestion either way its not going to get seen here and since its pretty good idea its better off over there than here
  5. this would be better located in the feedback section genchat is where ideas come to die (DE will most likely never see it)
  6. Since you have stated you suffer from sensory issues you should be talking to your doctor about this not a web forum, video game companies have warnings about playing games if you are sensitive to effects and such, so it would be best that you get a medical opinion about how deal with this not some people telling you what settings to adjust. I speak on this from experience my son suffers from sensory problems and while he can play some games WF is not one of them as there is just to much going on.
  7. The ephemera that came out with Gara prime is very close to those lines so the ability to make it work is there
  8. Major reworks yes, but minor tweaks to either base damage or base duration on abilities to bring some older frames up to todays frames standards would be nice though
  9. Well there should be a Dev stream either the 22nd or the 29th if they do not give a release date at the dev stream its a safe bet that a 2021 release date is not happening. Edit: there is the slim chance they pull another railjack and have a trailer at the game awards with a “now live” at the end of it
  10. The first grp shipped in July I received mine, busted all to hell, I have a replacement that was supposed to ship according to tracking late sept but yeah that has not happened
  11. Funny, I did the compatibility check and its telling me my 1 year old rig is not compatible and I spared little expense in building it so something is up with windows 11
  12. Fluff numbers, your play time is less than half that. 400 day log-in rookie numbers get back to me after you have waited for the lodestar armor set
  13. While a cool idea on paper, just look at how many people have to tone down effects with just one ephemera, 2 could/would lead their PCs to a early grave
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