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  1. I am not advocating for the removal just merely pointing out its not the pilots that are OP just a avionic, gunner's popping off tether get the same result. I still can not figure why people think RJ is a dead play mode I never have a issue getting a full crew on my ship daily when I public.
  2. add in the current amd chip production issues that have all but halted PS5 and Xbox production and there is even less of a reason to devote dev time to a small player base that is not increasing
  3. Ranged weapons are really only in a "bad place" for a few groups of people 1. Those who like to do really long endurance runs where even the best aoe builds can not handle it anymore 2. Those who fail to mod their weapons for their target audience 3. Those who can not or opt not to aim and hence turn their targets into "bullet sponges" The entire steel path can be cleared with just ranged weapons, so buffing them to help out people who want to do long endurance runs is not going to hurt anything as it stand sure it may make life a little simpler, but hell with Xaku I forge
  4. When RJ first launch and ships where running 4 person crews, all non afk it was a nightmare to get people to fix the ship, people would get in those F'ning side guns and never move even when boarding happened (the 4th was normally over on a crew ship as people could not shoot the BFG yet), as the Pilot on my ship I would have to get up and clear boarders all the time while people are pew pew on the side guns. The issue was people would get tunnel vision and be like "this is my role" even if they took away tether and made it so gunners where important there would be no reason a gunner could not
  5. Tether is to strong, I can clear all the fighters in less than 2 min with it. Remove that and there would be more of a need for gunners
  6. AFK is a issue in WF that is most likely never going away in public groups, at least in RJ if you are the host after one mission you can return to drydock and get rid of the leach's and is you are not the host just drop. The other plus with railjack is you just need a pilot and someone on the BFG to clear the mission.
  7. 25 years of online gaming has shown me that when the Devs are making big changes that are going forward come hell or high water and that have the potential to upset a large number of the player base all the testing is done closed as any and all feedback ends up being more or less useless for them.
  8. Empower 50% (increase to str for next ability) is the better option for any toggled ability as it has a permanent up time with the ability, but for duration base roar would be better as the recast fall offs should be close.
  9. The funny/sad thing is for a game that has multiplayer DE seems like they want to make sure that people have little incentive to use it, when it comes to railjack at least with the potential changes. I am right there with you crew my ship with my semi loyal lich's and call it a day.
  10. I love this class as it really lets you move away from the "cover" aspect of the game but I did find that with out a solid leach weapon boss fights are out of the question with out a grp as the no self healing thing the game has in place. I would love to see their leap on a warframe as a ability
  11. Based one what they said in the stream sort of, they made it sound like the only avionics that will contribute to the role in play (I will use pilot) as an example will be the person who has their a$$ in the seat, meaning it does not matter how good you're loadout is if someone still has poor pilot avionics and they are the pilot its the still same boat just different mod location
  12. I would be willing to bet they have DLC in the works, its just after the crap fest that was the Avengers Square is not going to be so forth coming with "look, at all the great stuff we have coming". I would bet the horrid launch that was avengers is the reason for a free month long beta test for anyone that want to try it. It has the feel of if the Division, Mass effect and Destiny had a baby. I will say though they need to figure the healing issues in the game out only one class that can heal with out killing enemies and solo boss's is sorta a bad decision in that respect.
  13. I understand the feelings about players being stuck based around the hosts railjack build, but the changes seem like a knee jerk reaction in the wrong direction 1. Will you make changes to railjack that prevent people from getting into the pilot seat if they do not meet certain criteria? much like the BFG 2. Will you have a system in place that requires people to have avionics or what ever you are going to call the mods equipped before they can even try to join a mission? 3. Will you require that the players be on a level 30 frame that has full mods much like a sortie? I do
  14. Railjack avionics being stripped from the ship and placed onto the warframes, means that your ship is now just a nothing more than a "host" and totally dependent on what others bring with them. I took the time to build my ship and will now be forced if I group or public to be at the mercy of other players, at least as it stands right now if I public and get on a poorly modded ship or unmoded ship I can just leave, that will no longer be the case or at least will be much harder.
  15. I love railjack but damn they are killing it I will look at playing it but never again will I ever public no reason to risk it. I have a well built ship and with 3.0 I have to roll the dice everytime that I will not be trolled with naked players. hard pass
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