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  1. outside the SP, I would agree with this, on the SP though with the sheer amount of enemies that spawn and the fact that they don't drop dead just looking at a tenno its not every hard to have a high thrall count at all times even with them being vulnerable to friendly fire as when one dies another one just takes it place
  2. I am so looking forward to this, but I am also wondering how long before DE says opps giving a 800% damage bonus to primary weapons was a bad idea
  3. The idea of playing P2P on stadia would turn me off alone
  4. you get nothing because you failed, its not DEs fault you failed. Also you are given a chance to go back in and get the items you lost, if you notice the "repeat mission" button in the lower right corner? don't fail the next time and all those resources you lost will be there when you leave.
  5. if someone is so far behind that they have not maxed out the nightwave standing if the "recovered" weeklies do not get them there the random glass guys sure are not going to cover the spread
  6. DE could have just treated the little glass'holes like the stalker once you are done with the glass maker "you" are no longer marked so you wont be pestered by them if you are solo, if you are in a group with someone is not done with the glass maker it would be no different than getting jumped by the stalker or such
  7. When testing out helminth abilities, just put them in a new config spot, that way if it does not work out as you like you dont need to keep swapping stuff out over and over, heck some of my frames have like 3 different abilities on them for different mission types
  8. The biggest issue with bringing raids back is the same issue people scream about for the open worlds dedicated servers, having 8 people get connected to someone's potato that is running DSL while 2 other family members are streaming netflix is not a fun thing, I mean there is a way to ensure that does not happen in your settings but still it is a thing. Patchs break crap all the time so using the "patch breaks it" is a cop out
  9. I could go for a nice Primed Streamline, but that's about as likely as world peace
  10. Mirage getting a toggle for eclipse is about as likely as Nezha getting his toggle back for fire walker
  11. Was this post created by the OP for any other purpose than to see just how much $hit they could stir up?
  12. Both Sony and MS supported their PS3 and Xbox 360 for several years after the current gen launch, with game devs dropping support first. Though this time around with both systems starting out backwards compatible I would not expect the same longevity of support from both Sony, MS and Devs as it does not make sense from a financial stand point.
  13. Nerf Khora? thats funny she gets primed in what less than a year? one does not smash the toys before putting it on the shelf to sell but rivens play little in how much damage a whip the crap outa things Khora build can do, Naramon's power spike plays a much higher role by allowing players to never lose the combo count,
  14. Wrong place for this, CS is who you need to talk to
  15. Frame played no role in that fight you could have gone in there on a rank 0 frame and had the same results as a max rank Inaros if you stood in the big sword swing you died
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