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  1. What is Nyx good for, next to Loki, she creates some of the most polarizing threads. Nyx is a love her for hate her frame and there is nothing wrong with that.
  2. Bannable no, working as intended probably not since it would require you to get "killed" and sent back to your WF that is parked outside the cave. I mean if space kid has the toxin and gets knocked back into their WF that is parked outside the cave in theory you should "drop" the toxin not drag it through the void with you. If you just transference back into the WF it comes to you.
  3. This is hands down the best solution I have seen offered up for a change to the eidolons, I would love to see something like this in place with the caveat that you must have your own key and can not piggy back off someone else to exploit the system. A system like this could be very handy and helpful for clans that could set up eidolon/tridolon hunts. Maybe you should pull this idea out of this thread and put it over in the feedback section.
  4. No DE has clearly stated that everything is being dedicated to the New War. Duviri Paradox was/is just some stupid trailer DE never should have shown off.
  5. I wonder how much plat let the WF world today as people renamed a weapon....
  6. Oh, its not how hard it is to rerecord the lines that concerns them its how some people get a little to attached to the voice of a fictional character in a video game
  7. it does and you get 2 alt fires before reload, or 1 alt fire so long as you are at least above 4 rounds still loaded.
  8. Forget Tigris Prime this just made the Sancti Tigris a beautiful killing machine
  9. no matter how crappy the lich/sister hunt turns out Ivara can and will always be there for your killing needs her bow to their face makes short work of them even at rank 4/5 bring in a gunblade for kicks and dead target.
  10. no its not, I solo all my lich's and sisters unless I am running with friends. I also do not use a necramech to kill them either. I hunt them with Trinity I have the abating link augment on to get rid of some of the armor.
  11. Ok, so I read your entire post and I am going to circle back to this, you need to fix this issue before you should expect DE to take any of you complaints seriously. I mean you just stated here that you do not have internet stable enough to game on yet you think that the gameplay system is broken.
  12. Hard pass, on sharing any of my custom out of the norm builds I like my stuff and have not plans to post it for DE to get a look and go ..."thats not right, we never intended that" I know at some point they always catch on but I see no point to be like if I put (X)+(y-X)x3=overkill out there for the world to run with.
  13. I level and forma all my stuff on SP dark sector survivals (since its much faster than hydron and I get steel essence) I just move to the first life support then pick a funnel point, I have never had a issue with them not just coming to me in droves.
  14. The quills and little Duck for certain
  15. The funny part will be is when space kid "grows up" for like 30min of story then boom right back to angry space child, how many who had their hopes up will just baby rage on the forums over that
  16. most people are still waiting on last years 2020 tennocon stuff to still ship so.....
  17. I was thinking the exact same thing who starts off their post admitting to a terms of service violation. Follow up thread would be "I have know idea why my account was banned"
  18. I only max out to 60% the weapons I ever plan on keeping in the rotation, heck I do not even fully forma to 40 the weapons I can not stand, looking at you kuva hek
  19. Lavos says hi, he laughs at disruptors all day long.
  20. I was never so happy that the last time the event came around I farmed a ton of the rep, then ended up going out of town before spending it. I was able to just grab the ghoulsaw and never look back at this event again.
  21. Here is a thought? If you do not like the crit mods do not use them. I am not a fan of the boom boom weapons, but I do not come to the forums creating posts trying to take the toys away from the people who do like them I just do not use them.
  22. Nearly everything clips at some point heck even the Rev Syndana catch's on his arms and clips on his right arm which just falls back to my point that making it universal would have caused more problems. I love the syndana and there are a few frame myself that I think it would look great on, but I have zero issue with it belonging to Rev only just as Embers armor is hers and hers alone
  23. I am on board to use it, my ipad pro should be more than strong enough to run it I mean if a lowly switch can... so long as it has controller support I will give it a go and use it when I am camping for the week 5G should be enough to run WF solo
  24. You may be but, how many would be right back here raising hell the moment they put it on their favorite frame only to have massive clipping and poke through? The moment I put it on either Trinity or Valkyr the back side of their frames would poke right through it, lord only knows what would happen when it ended up on Grendal. It does not even fit Rev with out his deluxe skin on with out poke through....
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