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  1. When using the power selector (via left and right inputs on the dpad) the Necramechs powers will stop working. Example being; Cast Storm Shroud with the intent to avoid damage, but selecting another power with the dpad immediately dispels stormshroud thereby wasting energy, and not receiving the intended effect. The same goes for Gravemines, wherein selecting a different ability immediately halts the production of mines, and again wastes energy.
  2. I just got my mech from the foundry and experienced much of the same bugs. Unable to exit, and we really need the gear sub-wheels back.
  3. Just thought I'd try an old idea out on a Hijack mission; high-range absorb to protect the core whilst riding. Nox's toxin grenade launcher passes through absorb and still deals damage upon detonation will still in the absorb field. This damages the core, and leads to mission failure. Not the work bug in the world, but it's there, and perfectly replicable.
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