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  1. That's my mallet from Octavia. I can assure you it's straight out of the game recording. I had to record through an OBS.
  2. Contest Entry: Semantics on Shawzin Regardless of if this wins anything, I hope you guys like it. It is, of course, an original work.
  3. There needs to be procedurally generated mini bosses that show up in later game missions that can't be killed by traditional damage. Moreso, they should be able to deal high level damage to you, enough to take out end-game level frames in only a few hits. To beat/survive these enemies in missions where they spawn you have to do something more strategic. If you fail to do these things, they kill you and you lose regardless of how many formas you have, what kinds of mods, etc. Steve talked about how he wants the game to have more intrinsic value, and this could be a way to do that; to utilize sparse but volatile mini-bosses that completely negate the value of farming. And maybe you don't have to defeat these enemies to complete the mission, but they make it much harder, and to defeat them, you have to go out of your way. I'd say a good start for something like this is maybe being notified that this kind of enemy is in the mission. A player less interested in combating them may then use this chance to use stealth in order to prevent alerting them, as these enemies wander. Next, there's scanning. By scanning the enemy, maybe in a few different spots, Lotus is able to discover the enemy's weakness, if it has one. If it doesn't you will be notified, and stealth, or evasion is the only option. Otherwise, a sub-mission will begin. These are a few ideas for how it could go down: -You scan a quadrupedal mechanical enemy to find out that it has a charging station somewhere in the mission. While it is configured to be invulnerable to weapons and abilities not registered in the ship's systems, its shielding is vulnerable to things like explosive barrels or leaking fire. It must use excess energy to maintain shielding against this. Along with this, it must expend energy to fire a one-shot kill laser at enemies. While the laser tracks before firing, it can be dodged if you leave the area it locks onto. The player can use any combination of forcing it to fire this weapon, or setting off local explosions to deplete it's shields. If they do this enough, it can become vulnerable, however if its shields get too low, it will attempt to return to its charging station. If it does so, it's shields will return, however if the player finds and sabotages it's charging station, then upon returning, it may either reconfigure into an ally, or be destroyed, either way leaving you to continue the mission stealthily or chaotically. -You scan a ghoul-like mutant that constantly grows a sludge-based fatty exterior, roaming around. He is invulnerable to damage, but he is slow as long as he doesn't notice you. He has a blade for an arm that will pretty much cut through anything. He has a a gun in the other hand, that shoots a tracker onto your warframe. If it hits, and activates, he will pursue your warframe aggressively through the mission killing everything in his path, which may even cause the area to be locked down till he calms which doesn't happen till either you or him is dead. If he kills you, the tracker is destroyed as well, but there are other ways to get it off. It is only your warframe that he can track. The player can either attempt to remove the tracker by first attempting to hack a console to force an area lockdown, while the mutant is in a different area, and then try to hack the the tracker. If they attempt this while the ghoul is in the same room, it will kill them most likely. The player could also slip into void mode dash through the mutant, and in doing so, grab an inactivated tracker. If they wanted to send the mutant on a rampage, they could dash though another enemy and pin the tracker to them, which would activate it, or dash through the mutant himself, planting the tracker deep inside him, causing him to constantly hack away at his own guts. The mutant would only be vulnerable to this if he is not alerted. There are many different implementable combinations that would require the player to be willing to think on their feet, and beating enemies like these would hold a lot more value than just rewards. It'd be a challenge for all players, and would definitely reinforce the stealth aspects of the game. Sigils would probably be a worthy reward for killing them. EDIT: If any of you were interested in something like this, I'd also be interested in hearing more scenario ideas.
  4. Haven't done many fracture stuff, but I could see it being useful if modded correctly. But when it comes to ground coverage, it's easily the slowest.
  5. I only use it whenever the alert triggers, and once tends to be enough.
  6. I use an Elytron so the missiles aren't a problem for me.
  7. My specific means of 'not nerfing' the Itzal and making the others viable is simple, and non-disruptive. nstead of nerfing the Itzal completely, do what you have done with the heavy weapons, to the Archwings themselves. There are three Archwing environments: -Space -Aquatic -Atmosphereic Amesha would be perfect for mastering atmospheric flightspace. Aoe, and support needs a present but malleable element to flourish in. Itzal would be space, as it deals in gravitational and light manipulation. No need to muddy up the playing field with air and gravitational pull. Elytron, lastly, would be a good aquatic archwing. It's powerful thrusters, and heavy duty explosives need a medium to reverberate through. Odonata would, of course, be a good jack of all trades, specifically balanced to perform reasonably well in all environments. You wouldn't have to completely nerf Itzal. Just don't make it overall best in all travel situations.
  8. People who have something will rationalize every alternative to nerfing that thing they have.
  9. Which is why we create situational nerfs as opposed to stat-based nerfs. Make players want to use the other archwings for specific situations. Make every model attractive for different reasons, as opposed to boring because they are all the same.
  10. Hence making different ones specifically more useful under different circumstances. I am literally stating that there needs to be more variety, not less.
  11. We don't want to see K-Drives up in speed to specifically meet the specs of Itzal. That would be like compairing Operator Amps and Warframe Primaries. A new casual player gets the K-Drive in Open World first, and they have to work for the ability to use archwing in the same capacity. It would be pointless to use archwing for travel is K-Drives outmatched all but like, one of them. Not a good option. What makes it worse is that if no change is made to archwings, and change is ONLY made to K-Drives, then that furthers the uselessness of other archwings as means of open world travel. The balance, IF ANY needs to be strictly between Archwings. Not them and K-Drives.
  12. Then let's do what Gorgoroth said: That way it doesn't effect Itzal players at all.
  13. I am not the one who started the conversation about nerfing it. Scott did. It's possibly on the table, and the reasons he gave for it were not "It's not fair to non-Itzal mains" but that it ruined the balance of the game; something that is both the domain of the devs and their responsibility. When something is too powerful, it tends to be nerfed. I'd rather see a situational nerf, as opposed to a total statistical nerf. If I just thought that saying "No! Don't nerf!" was enough, then I wouldn't have made this thread, because there's already a bunch of people doing that. This is a 'If it's gonna happen, can we try something a bit less drastic' thread. Don't tell me "It shouldn't be nerfed at all." I'm not the one who that needs to be directed to.
  14. There's nothing wrong with red lights in gameplay. And they are only red lights if you aren't prepared for them, or it's not your play style. For example, my playstyle is a non-AOE non-CC frame. My "Red Light" is late gave survival. That exists already, as I can't play that more with my current build. So I have to change the way I play to suit the needs of other players. I don't see why there shouldn't be some situations where players who can press 4 and win late game have to take a breath and deal with mechanical difficulty as opposed to stat-difficulty. If your response to me for not being able to play long survival games is "Get good and change your setup" then there should be different situations where I can make that argument for you. No warframe should be perfect for almost all missions. There's really no good reason to have an objective issue with that.
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