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  1. No please. Don't put staple mods as login rewards if you don't want to ruin the community (expecially for raids).
  2. You have these options: a) i really like Igaro syandana b) wait for deals on syandanas :) c) wait for special syandanas (equinox, halloween, day of deads and so on), sometimes they are even for free. d) get a syndicate syandana for free. e) do the twich stuff and get free frost prime and syandana. f) get a baro k teer syandana (i guess its almost time he restock prisma syandanas one of them is really nice).
  3. rivens are indeed P2W. And yes the fact they are farmable its the excuse used by every single P2W when the amount of farm OR luck required to get a god riven is comparable to any p2w korean mmorpg whereas platinum (that IS real moneys, maybe not yours by paying) is the only reliable way. Everything else is just meh
  4. We need 2 things: 1) more raids. 2) rework of trash arcanes. since its not fun to fight a complex 8 player mission for 45 mins to just get a 95 % chances to get a big pile of nothing opposed to a potential prize of 450 pl. Its simply unrewarding..when a simple 5 min fissure has way more reward.
  5. Not physical things but after i played a little i usually support games i play unless i hate the direction they are taking. I used to support this game regularly, but i hated riven mods so much i outright stop.
  6. RNG is bad, but sorties are my fave part of the game... >.> i was running them even when endo was the best reward. I am still not getting any riven since a lot but i play them as Always.
  7. Santa hat for frost please ._. Every game have santa hats and frost would really like one.
  8. Mesa+trinity+frost or banshee+rhino+trinity or anything.. if you need i can help (you know me).
  9. They are still OP...fill with elemental or damage mods and you still outdamage by a lot anyone without them while keeping them out of reach of most players. They should make a SINGLE mandatory stat, paired with a less used secondary stat for poplar weapons. Also remove stat RNG but allow only the same combination for each weapon to balance them.
  10. are you even getting the problem? Its not single target power otherwise ivara would need a nerf (instead nobody use her as dps). Its about range + speed + mobility Its about cleaning MAPS without even let a another player shoot a single shot and without aiming or caring what's around. AND it works in most sorties so please don t try to fool people...there are really few cases when it doesn t work. Doesn t matter how many mods you need, the fact that there are such mods and same mods can t achieve similar result on any other weapon call a nerf for the weapons..
  11. Missing the point. Its not about showing how rich you are, its about of removing OP stuff. If even a single player has access to something that ruin games for Others you have to change it. Those mods on other weapons don t make the same results so the offender is clearly the boltace... The part about being expensive shows you clearly have not much experience in online games balance..
  12. As if maiming strike and prime reach were hard to get. They are not some 12.000 plat things.... most players have them
  13. with maiming strike you just slide through rooms and nothing is comparable to that not even simulor. Galatine prime comparison doesn t remotely fit... they are on a different level. The endgame weapon excuse is just that. Anything preventing other players to play the game is not a good design and there are only 2 offenders when it comes to that (maybe 3 with ash but its going to be changed) simulor and telos boltor And no you can t expect players to avoid public because there are guys ruining the fun... that instead is the exact reason whty they should balance it...
  14. Its easy to explain the problem. This weapon is the mirage+simulor of melees. It just wipes rooms without aim, nor timing nor anything . Since this is a coop play, a weapon like this (or simulor) preventing other players to kill anything and making support/cc useless should be revised to avoid the issue.
  15. She was awesome in last darvo defense (killed the hyenas before even seeing them) and the raptor sortie (hide near a cover and spam shooting gallery). Its actually one of my 3 fave frames (ivara, mesa frost).
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