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  1. Thanks for the link to the Orokin page SilentMobius. I suppose it is a bit of a stretch, considering the way the Codex and the devstreams have been phrased. It is all about phrasing at the end of the day. The possibility for this theory remains open, but only based on one's interpretation of the omitted information. As the gaps fill in, it should contradict this theory, unless DE intended to obscure this from the very beginning, which is unlikely considering they have been figuring out the lore bit by bit, over time. Still, there is symmetry here. The Orokin, and their technocyte t
  2. I never said I wanted an open world :p I was suggesting we use the tilesets we have already. In fact, the only tileset change that would be needed is either adding cryo defense locations on already existing tilesets, or adding the defense tileset itself to already existent randomly generated maps. Here is a post I just made on my reddit thread on this subject. I figured it was relevant, and a decent explanation for how my idea would work: EDIT: Vay Hek was a bad example, in the spoiler below, because he functions within his own special mission. Lech Kril would make more sense, o
  3. I disagree on a few points and agree on a few others. Gas should be the main damage type for harming ancients. Also, Ancient auras shouldn't affect other ancients, except for the aura from Ancient Healers. Light infested should then be weak against corrosive or something instead of Gas. What would this change mean? Players commonly build for the damage type most effective against heavy units. In this case, that would be Gas. However, light units pose a threat to the player and the cryo as well, simply due to their sheer numbers. Also, Toxic and Disruptor auras give them a decent
  4. I previously had a speculative thread over here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/274472-warframe-lore-speculation-on-what-we-know/ I built my ideas through reading the codex, and other in-game content, as well as lifting from common motifs, and reading what other players, most commonly SilentMobius, have speculated too. Since then, I have begun to think about things a little differently. Nowhere does it say the so-called centuries old bioweapons known as "the Infested" were actually made by the Orokin. We all assume it, since they were stated to be a weapon to fight
  5. Yes. In real life. In underwear. Using pillows (or pillow prime for founders). Preferably a decent gender ratio.
  6. Cool idea. Pretty ice. I'd chill in my dojo wearing that. How much plat would that armor frost? If it is over 120, I'm colding onto my plat. If it is 80 plat, I'd totally buy it. Affording it would be a freeze. If they don't make this armor, I might cry'o'tic before the feeling passes. ... :o
  7. The need for DNA stabilizers and the slow decay of the Kubrow is the main reason they sit in stasis and never come out. Ever. I have a carrier, and that's all I need. As much as I would like to use my Kubrow, they were essentially exp-fodder for the sake of mastery. After that, not worth it. I don't want to have to manage my tamagochi in a space ninja TPS shooter.
  8. Well, that is a problem already. I've done survivals where people go AFK for 20 minutes at a time, or Defenses where a Frost drops snowglobes where the enemies run from instead of on the cryo. I've seen players purposely lead captives into giant mobs, and I've seen other players trigger every Life Support Capsule on a T4 map for no reason, but selfishness, because they "wanted to extract sooner". Albeit, these troll players are very few and far between. The high majority of my Warframe experiences are great. Something like 95% of my experiences are with good players, and any mistakes a
  9. Part of the problem is how Life Support Module drops occur. They are too rare in Survivals, which leads to some serious LS drop-off when you run with a full 4-person party, unless you bring a Nekros. I find that the LSM drop tables are actually a lot better, that or the spawn rates are more balanced, when running a 2 to 3 person party. This seems to fix all problems, and you can easily run longer than 40 minutes without running out of Life Support, and without bringing a Nekros. With a 2 to 3 person party, I have carried a couple newer players just fine past the 40 minute mark. It seem
  10. I kind of touched on a way to do this in my thread today: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/306731-idea-missions-20-quests/ I know the post is long, but I am really curious what people think of it. I don't think a full open world is feasible in Warframe, but something like this Open Mission System I am suggesting in the above link might help in creating that same immersive feeling. I really do think the current mission system is holding the game back. This would allow us to get the feel of a full world to explore, while still using the host-based multiplayer system War
  11. If you have a suggestion of how to condense it, I'd appreciate it. :) I thought of using spoilers, but I didn't want to nest everything either. There was a lot to cover.
  12. I've been playing Warframe since around the first week or so of Open Beta, and I love the game. Still, I understand that feeling when older players quit due to repetition, or newer players don't continue with the game. Clearly, something is bothering them when they say things like, "This game is repetitive." "Repetitive" is a word I often here in connection to Warframe. I've had a similar feeling in the back of my head, but I couldn't put it into words. In fact, I found the word "repetitive" far too general. It didn't accurately describe this feeling I had... this one hang-up I seemed
  13. I don't think the crit chance needs a buff. We already have a variety of high crit-chance weapons. Also, it doesn't fit what a sniper rifle is. A sniper rifle requires high accuracy, and when it hits, it hits hard... but not every hit is perfect. We don't need to get above 100% crit, and we don't need it to overshadow end-game bows. We just need them to be good enough that we can justify using them. If they have very high crit damage, vital sense becomes all the more dangerous. In fact, it might even provide justification for using Critical Delay, a mod that until now has gotten clo
  14. I've been thinking and... wouldn't it make sense to give sniper rifles more of a crit focus? We are talking about guns that are supposed to be one-shot one-kill, to at least some extent. As it is now, the Dread and Paris Prime dwarf sniper rifle damage, and even the slight bonus to sniper rifle damage doesn't come close to current assault rifle DPS. Sniper rifles are naturally quite clunky. They fire slowly, take precision, have a serious recoil, and have both low mag and ammo pools. Reloading also tends to take a fair bit of time, except on the Vectis for obvious reasons. Bows hav
  15. Dammit. I went back in time to prevent this, and it still happened... Damn you causality!! Doctor Emmett Brown told me this might happen... I wanted to believe we had a choice...
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