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  1. Garuda's Talons are still excluded of weapon-restricted missions. Her Exalted Weapons are the ONLY exception to the weapon restriction rule.
  2. Tekelu skins for Vectis and Imperator are still messed up.
  3. I only want to know if Nyx keeps the Radiation proc on her Psycchic Bolts.
  4. Who said it had to be a movie? I'm better when it comes to Captura than picture editing, but there's my entry nonetheless. It's been fun trying out spooky stuff and tons of awesome pictures by everybody! Click me!
  5. I'm still waiting for finisher animations to get fixed. You probably have seen it, in a Devstream even. Basically, you'll be doing Nikana (not even Blind Justice stance) finisher animations. You'd think that doesn't matter but it does. Rapiers can no longer apply the forced bleed proc with it. Hammers get a lower finisher damage modifier. Some like daggers simply gets slower. Many of the others lose flavor, the sound effects are partly gone. So I'm waiting, and I'd like to see fixed before Melee 3.0 is a thing, because that one is gonna take a while.
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