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Hey-hey-hoo, everyone! C=

I'm a man from Argentina, who LOVES to play Warframe. I also have a huge curiosity; that's why I'm so slow when I'm playing in a squad, I guess. XDD

Anyway, I'm a cheerful, tranquil, and lovely person. Don't be afraid to talk to me, OK? ;D I don't bite at all.

Naturally, keep in mind I'm suffering a depression, with the psyquiatric treatment it involves. ^^; Be patient with me, as I do my best to overcome this situation. \o/ IF I decline or I don't answer your invitations in-game, don't worry! I'm into one of those mood swings... or my network is not working at all... =B Whichever comes first. XDu

I hope to see you in the topics, and have fun together in this Forum. <3

See ya around! 8D

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