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  1. Hey, fellow Baruuk player here! There are plenty of ways you can build Baruuk for different purposes, but the three I'd reccomend will focus on only some of the four abilities at the time. If you need more tankyness, focus on strength for more daggers in Desolate hands. Having 9+ daggers hovering around him will give Baruuk 90% Damage reduction. "Casual playing": Corrosive Projection, Continuity, Transient fortitude, Streamline, Stretch. Overextended, Vitality, Fleeting expertise, Flow/Primed Flow. This build lets you use Elude, Lull, Desolate hands and Serene storm perfectly well. "Uber tank": Corrosive Projection. Transient F, Blind rage, Augur secrets, streamline. Narrow minded, Vitality, Intensify, Fleeting expertise. While this build has several rare mods, it makes up for having up to 20 or so daggers from Desolate hands. The lowered range from Narrow minded will ensure the daggers wont fly off and attack enemies. Sure, you will lose the ability to disarm, but enemies will have a hard time even scratching you. "Serene storm": Lots of strenght, and lots of range. This build lets you spam lull untill Serene Storm is ready. All the power will come from the weapon itself, so focus that on crit and elemental damage. The pure impact damage from the weapon is unfortunatley bad, but lots of crit with corrosive will help a ton. Hope this helps!
  2. I am fairly experienced, but have never really touched the focus shcools too much. Currently I have worked through Zenurik for that energy bubble. Lately I've seen plenty of people with 800+ hp and some armor on their operators. I want to upgrade Unairu and Vazarin for some health and regeneration and armor, but wonder; Am I going to lose the extra health and regen from Vazarin by switching back to Zenurik?
  3. So after fighting the Exploiter Orb to farm the two Ephemeras for a while, I'm quite confused by the heat-up mechanic. So you're supposed to throw thermia canisters (Filled with the lava of course) and blow it up around the spider orb, gradually heating it up. However, I am utterly confused as to what will determine how and when it starts heating up. (Note: This is playing Solo, with groups its not as appearent) My strategy involves collecting up to 6 or so canisters with Thermia then throw them in a volley, one after the other at the Orb. Obviously sniping away the Coolant-raknoids everytime i can. But here's the problem. What in space-mom's name decides when it starts heating up!? Sometimes the Heat gauge progress doesn't even move after all 6 canisters are thrown. Other times, when the Orb mother is fracturing the ground, i can throw canisters and it will overheat from 40% to 100% in an instant. After skimming through the Wiki, it seems the Orb is supposed to heat up passively, and throwing canisters and blowing them up will speed up this progress. The Heat gauge is not showing a passive increase. Sometimes the canisters won't affect the build-up at all. This leads me to believe the fight is seriously bugged. Has anyone any knowledge about this that i can't find, or have any of you experienced the same?
  4. Actually, Batman is already in the game! I demand a picture of Joker-Wukong and Batman-Ash standing next to each other!
  5. Don't think you need to worry about copyright here. No player owns the right to color their warframes in a spesific way. Awesome color combo though! Gonna have to try that on my own Wukong.
  6. Well you have plenty of options! Travel around the different nodes on the star-map, complete all the missions, unlock new planets. You should be able to reach the junctions where you find new planets. Story: Next big quest will be The second Dream. However there are some things that need to be done first. Uranus has some missions to be done, spesifically "Natah". This quest is important for the second dream. (Note, you can buy some scanners for credits in the market and scan enemies to know their weakness and loot drops. Use this scanner on the stalker before completing Second dream).
  7. They did say they missed the armour set. TBF, for those unable to buy the tennogen, the helmet is still much better than base helm If its the shoulders you're refeering to, they are still there. For some reason it didnt show up while they messed around with random colors. However, there is a moment where you can see the shoulder pads for only a second. Here:
  8. Why is Wukong such a successful resturant owner? He's got a good staff. Why does everyone love Frost so much? He's such a chill guy. I was shocked to hear the news, Volt charged a Grineer Lancer with three years in jail. "Don't worry Hydroid will come back. He's just tide up with something now". Why couldn't the two Mags get along? They were polar opposites. Why did Ember feel at home in a fire? She was in her element.
  9. Yeah, same for me. I've noticed other Wukong players' staves being super long and mine is, like yours, shorter. Would also like to know why.
  10. So I want to put the umbra forma on my Wukong Prime (Cuz I like him). But i have one problem. Currently I want to just place it above the " D " symbol. However, on further thought, replacing the D with the umbra symbol would also be preferable. Reason why is because i would be able to put both Umbral Vitality and U-Steel fiber. If i were to place the Umbra forma above the D, i would not be able to use both U-Vital and U-Steel fiber, right? So, in conclusion, what do you think would be better?
  11. Could you link that video? I can't seem to find any gameplay of Rework Wukong besides the Gifs in a dev-workshop. EDIT: Nevermind, found it.
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