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  1. Slightly disagree. I always hated that excessive deceleration momentum in archwing. Bump here and there galore. Now it feels closer to Zone of the Enders. I now use Titania more than ever. However, I agree on the blink part. That "Rip-line" is just god awful and switching from tapping the [shift] to 'blink', then holding it to boost is inefficiently atrocious.
  2. Itzal's 1 is a blatant "RIP(line)"-off from ValKitty. It's very unbecoming of it and, let's be honest, creatively bland. If we're going to 'borrow indefinitely' from a warframe ability, and Itzal is based on speed and deception, might I suggest something along the line of Loki's decoy. Instead of targeting a location to summon it like Loki does, make it work like Saryn leaving her molt behind with an added 'boost' effect that propels Itzal on the desired direction for half(or even a third) of the old blinks' range and speed. That way some players can build for extreme efficiency and energy for that nostalgic spam-blink effect while others can opt to go for full duration on the decoy giving it another layer of usefulness. The new archwing controls feel really good to me personally. Good riddance to the unnecessarily long deceleration. Now it feels more like Zone of the Enders. But, can we please have the "new blink" on the controls of the old "Boost". It would be cooler if when you press forward, it moves forward normally like before. Pressing shift should boost you(old space bar). Now the space bar will let you blink to wherever you're aiming at. The new scheme is quite un-intuitive/uncomfortable.
  3. Glitchy in Fortuna too. You can't move for about 2 seconds after un-equipping a spear. Can't throw them right away, one after the other, like before as well.
  4. Exactly. Even old mmo's were brave enough to put in the exact number of mobs to kill in a given mission. Does the gauge vary from how you kill them? (Stealth vs non stealth)? It's a cool UI but players are already jaded by the previous 'drought' only to be greeted by a tsunami of grind that has a mediocre reward that won't be used by the majority and serves no greater purpose. You have chores irl both for workers and students then you have chores in your game, quotas to meet. Jesus have 'mercy' on our damned souls. I finally understand now why Kaecilius said to Dr. Strange that "Time is an insult.." He must've peeked into the future and saw the grind this update brings.
  5. Tbf players all already at the edge of their insanity. The whines we hear are just a coping mechanism to still hold on to whatever fond memories we have. One click away from playing "another game" but still clinging to a beautiful nostalgia only to try the 'other game' and feel empty after the campaign stops and rant about the next thing, a.k.a. pvp. After a frustrating deliberation with oneself, download auto-play clicker mobile game, drive to the nearest strip club and waste life away till 3 a.m. Change is a b*tch until it hits you, then it's a truck.
  6. I'll assume the heavy hitting 'slow' attacks are akin to Ninja Gaiden's charge attack. Slow to charge but powerful nonetheless. Use it tactically. Now if DE can just incorporate the speed and combo possibilities in that game including aerial grabs and throws... I want my Izuna drop and Final Lotus!!!
  7. I was thinking along the lines of Onechanbara's aerial follow up dash if you know what I mean.
  8. This. Very much THIS ^ Dodge offset to "Void weave" -- where the tenno phases out in a split second, spectacular void based melee utilizing both focus energy and combo counter. In addition, I would love to see a rework on movement especially the dodge animations. A dash would be nice for the tactical evade similar to Limbo's dodge but more like Ryu Hayabusa's slide dash quickness. Arkham series' vault over enemies in evasion path would be cool as well.
  9. Exactly my thoughts. At this point server upgrades is just a euphemism for "mainline incoming". I summon thee my fellow red text followers.
  10. Any feasible time-frame on Melee 3.0 deployment? Is there any possibility that older primed weapons would have that 'weapon ability' that the newer ones have? Kind of it being the 'perk' of a primed equipment. Is the teased UI overhaul of the upgrade and modding panel been cancelled or are we in for a surprise? (Wouldn't be a surprise if it's a yes). Thank you!
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