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  1. I actually bought into the flavor text that Wisp's 4th was the portal and the beam was literally a stream of solar radiation streaming out of it. Either nullies can survive the atmosphere of the sun(quite terrifying to think of) without any problems or flavor text is all sh*t talk. And.. ^ .. yes this please.
  2. Yes. This please. A temp fix for me is letting the weaker buff expire and summoning my own elsewhere, far from the weaker buffs. Even if I run through the weaker ones, my buff just refreshes.
  3. Holy orokin toilets. Gotta try those out right now. Thank you lol I love spy misisons.
  4. Yeah. At least warframe is still installed in his pc. He's just waiting for melee to be 'unfixed' haha. I'm still very hopeful with 3.0 on the horizon. I'm just waiting for the dodge cancel and combo offset. Oh not to mention DE being open and experimenting with aerial combos is quite neat and a little bit hype tbh.
  5. I have an online friend who literally quit the game the minute after sampling the new melee system. We're talking about someone who played right after closed beta. Someone who paid and attended the VIP meet and greet and had selfies with some devs. At that moment I told myself that anything can happen at this point.
  6. Exactly. Co-op can only bring a game so far. Iirc even DMC5 has online leaderboards on their Bloody Palace.
  7. Because some men just want to see the world burn.
  8. Yeah. Idk if it's just me but the game looks blurry overall now. Had to re check if I was using the right resolution kind of blurry.
  9. Now the only thing we need after offset is implemented are "weave"/strong attacks in combos to compliment the system. Wait... strong attacks weren't even covered yet just normal combos and ground slams. I'm getting goosebumps on the possibilities. Not to mention "void trigger mode".
  10. Valkyr's Hysteria claws and Venka prime pls.
  11. Could be a lady so I'll go with Cate Blanchett.
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