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  1. This reads like an ill informed rant about how product development, software engineering, and design in general actually work in the real world. You're frantically justifying an edge case by talking about "Utility Companies" and "Life Saving Services" as if they're the only ones who reliably and consistently test changes and development work, which is laughably incorrect. Why is testing changes something that you get so hung up on you have to defend DE like a helpless puppy? This isn't a game mechanic, playstyle, feature, or interactable component of the game. Objectively, what harm actually comes from this to users? Chasing meta will always be a thing as DE puts out content, so this doesn't affect them; players going with the ride will always be a thing because that's just who they are, so they aren't affected; so I restate the question, why are you so hung up on this? It isn't like I'm asking for all encompassing game changes, new frames, new weapons, etc.... I wasn't even asking for anything in the original comment you responded to. Yet you felt the need to interject on their behalf, and to stick around for a topic where you haven't contributed any meaningful rebuttal other than "my point of view" and "I do see simple criticism as an insult." If anything, this criticism is constructive; reliably testing changes and producing a consistent quality experience would only increase player retention, and increased player retention is more money for DE, no? Also... Infatuation: a feeling of foolish or obsessively strong love for, admiration for, or interest in someone or something : strong and unreasoning attachment (Merriam-Webster)
  2. Not the topic of discussion, but nice deflection. Why should I spend $150 million (DE's last valuation) when my suggestion is to simply spend more time on the different parts of product development? Are you really that bothered by the suggestion? God forbid anyone ask for improvements or consistency. At this point, I'm just being critical of you and your infatuation with DE. Now that I have fun with.
  3. Oh it works, but I don't act like DE makes "a messy work of art" and fawn over it. They brilliantly monetize "season pass"-like content, in-game premium currency, and by putting content behind a grindwall; why spend hours when it takes mere minutes to initiate a transaction? That said, still S#&$ty product design, QA and testing, and customer feedback loop, but great monetization plan. By the way, I do know better :) so does anyone who has experience in full cycle product development. Feel free to refer to the bold list above if you need to know what goes into that cycle.
  4. Code for financial institutions is much different than product based services like SaaS and gaming, yes, and this point would be relevant but we aren't even talking about code quality here, we're talking about testing and QA, business intelligence, product design, customer feedback, etc. You sincerely believe that none of this applies in a comparable fashion to gaming or other user products, and that it's strawman to suggest that a company producing a product ensure that there's consistency between services? Calling art and entertainment messy as an excuse for low quality performance is just an excuse for S#&$ code and product design.
  5. I'd be fired (and would fire any dev) for consistently approving or performing drastic changes then pushing them to production without testing at the consistency that DE does.
  6. From what I remember console traders don't use W.M remotely as much as PC players. I have friends who play on Xbox so I switched from PC, and it is my absolute biggest gripe about console trading. I miss it, but I like playing with friends so I guess its the sacrifice I have to make. Right now I can search for a Primed Pistol Gambit and return hundreds of offers on PC, and maybe 2 dozen on Xbox. I sincerely hope that trading is included with the crossplay update because of this.
  7. Him not explaining why you're wrong doesn't actually make you right though? What a fallacy.
  8. What're you doing to farm? I can spend about 20 minutes in a survival and pull about 16-30 SE with Smeeta buff and a resource booster. I do a few of those a day and get plenty. Not sure how much time you're putting in, loadout running, etc., but that could do it. If you're not able to run a resource booster or Smeeta then I can see how that could take you a lot longer.
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