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  1. the game still crashes when log in to the game .... even verified dowload and optimize the download
  2. Just finished the Jordas Golem Assassination but the blue blinking dot on the map say i'm not finished?
  3. The game is not connecting to the server for 4 hours now .... and hope that my Eidolon progress with other players i played with, are not ruined by it because we just got got all 3 of the giants. Twitter says: worked on what? ..... new hardware? better connections? update error?
  4. just found this funny "glicth/bug" in mission where the random map generator (if you can call it that way) is overlapping in mercury mission visible in the back side of the room but not in the front ....this grey wall 😕
  5. Dear DE .... why is that the stats on equipment are not updating ..... i know the fact fx my Rhino Prime have killed more than +35k kills approx. but not updating in my profile .... i know this because i use my Rhino Prime in infected mission area.... alot. is this another bug again?
  6. experience some Bug/glitch when looking at weapons with umbra while in navigation and exit the preview of the weapon and this happens, but not a big deal because the bug/glitch will go away when exit the navigation
  7. can't use Umbra to hunt Eidolon Teralyst if the warframe keep getting damage even in void mode by the operator
  8. having issues with Umbra acting like a specter when using the operator mode also some issues with Tusk Dargyn cannot exit it.
  9. just try few time more it will download .... worked for me
  10. speaking about bugs .... my Excalibur Umbra "Exalted Blade" mod does not work at all .... can't remove it /can't upgrade/ can't find it in mods section in the ship
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