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  1. I'm experiencing some super weird bug crash on the game when i was on Maroo's Bazaar and opening my own shop there... until someone drop a comment on the relay chat about some "the end game" ... then the game crashed ... and later on when i rebooted the game enter the Maroo's Bazaar relay, just entering the relay my game + PC crash with blue screen of dead. AND now can't start the game. Also lost all my ticket numbers from the crash report submission.😒🤬
  2. Maybe DE integrate the Extractor drones to the railjack and the dry dock research and add some drones and use them in the heat of battle? saving time with a new drone design making and adding new codes perhaps?
  3. I have many time hit an enemy with a missile that is flying next to another enemy ship "danger close" and hit one of them with a missile but the other ship that's is flying next to the does not get affected or damage, a hit that should have resolved to a "2 birds one stone" situations.
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