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  1. Why not adding the most useful feature of all: "app login reward"? ( for daily tributes)
  2. The goal stayed the same as it was before. To raise a topic and to make people discuss it. As for your claims about my research, feel free to think whatever.
  3. I'v already done my research. He didn't, and i'm under no obligation to share it.
  4. The majority of the warframe players that are still active in warframe and watch the streams, which coincidentally are the same majority that don't like the loot bags. You think the people who don't like it are less than the majority? Make a poll.
  5. There are a lot of stuff that need patching in warframe, this post was to create a discussion on one aspect, you want railjack fixes, make your own post lol have you ever went to streams and time table posts and read actual comments before making that statement?
  6. As far as i'm concerned I just made the discussion to happen, personally, i don't like the idea of loot bags, but those are free items so hey! But what I really don't like and one of the stronger reasons that I made this post was because I have a strong feeling that DE just started to neglect/ignore what people are saying to them and still claim that they're moved by the community's desire.
  7. I'm just promoting a discussion on it, I did a copy pasta because i thought it was relevant. I agree the free stuff are extras, people are taking it for granted imo, but it's an interesting discussion nontheless
  8. I'm quoting @Soy77 since it applies for me too, and I want to make an official post about it (not that I looked if one exists already) DE claims it listens to it's players, so here is your chance to shine people. When I started playing warframe, you guys gave limited or paid drops such as orokin tea set, dax picture, noggles, articulas, etc. and for a noob like me, struggling to decorate my orbiter, it was beyond awesome. The love and appreciation i had, was immeasurable. And it also put the stream in a special position as truly -the official- warframe stream, since it offers items that people can't get, aside from the developers themselves. ============ Players who just joined warframe recently did not have that luxury. All they're getting are items that's available in the game, like these floofs, or syndicate decorations from last week. In a grab bag rng fashion nonetheless. Why? I'll never know, probably to promote laziness, so people don't have to play warframe to get these items. You people made this game. I bet it's not that hard to list some limited items and just put them on rotation as twitch drops. There are new tennos joining warframe everyday, they could use the style boost with limited decos. Longtime loyal tennos will tune in either way since they're not here for the drops. ============ Idk why you're so adamant on keep using twitch's grab bag feature just "because it's there". seriously it baffles me how hard you guys keep forcing the rng for no particular reasons nor supporters. Even the most loyal tennos merely tolerate rng, the majority rest are hating it. why are you so persistent on keeping a feature that nobody wants? it doesn't sound like DE who values what their players wants. I mean, most of us are adults here. If you guys signed a contract with twitch that forces you to do grab bags or whatever, then just say it. we'll definitely understand and not bother you guys again. We even got your backs covered if some kids come complaining about the rng in the future. Just tell us, why?
  9. I'm counting 15 hotfixes by next major update, already got a bidder with 25! Give me your bets! How many more hotfixes will be made? How many more bugs will the devs create? Tune in for the next hotfix!
  10. Please for future updates start testing your content before letting it out. If its in inside the team or opening a beta testing community group then so be it. I'm sure I don't need to explain to you how bringing out any kind of product that is damaged/ incomplete would desatisfy consumers of any kind. With large games it's understandable that SOME bugs will be found. But within each update, more and more content is being brought with larger amount of bugs and they're even more problematic and it seems disrespectful to the community to act as a debugger (which could've been used at least 3 days prior). Since the latest update launched there have been 6 hotfixes in less than a week. During that time, a small group of testers on a small dedicated server could've easily point these out and have the majority of the content tweaked before releasing. This post was not created to bash the devs, but is a protest to the current active system. Either give your devs more time, create a beta testing team or hire more people if you're unmatched to the amount of code warframe has become. This behavior since the introduction of Liches has affected the community's population drastically (Since the arrival of Liches at least it has become more noticable). This might be a factor to look at.
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