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  1. Precisely, this is a game for 18+ after all.
  2. People should have free speech. but also need to be considerate of others. It gets to a point where theres a clashing between people who forget speech boundries, and people who get offended very easily by every little thing that might or might not be connected. easily enough to see that in a sentance they can see "fat" they get triggered while in reality people say that this sack of gold is fat. Some people tend to look for stuff that arent even there and make a big deal of out it.
  3. Right to who exactly? There is no definitive proof that certain phrases are bad, or of it being offensive. That's not a nation/global education. That's what a mere company believes in.
  4. Because you can learn SO MUCH from an automated random chat ban that says rude behaviour...
  5. People still use the term ladyboy proudly, so what? People who are proud to be called ladyboys will be banned as well from the chats? Traps can be considered modern ladyboys...
  6. Fixes for the jordas verddict plz They are much more important
  7. Did you even bother reading the entire conversation before replying this?
  8. Ofc I will, as long as as they fix the rest of their game :/ DE's year achievement: Fixing all the bugs on warframe Warframe 100% bug free, thats an achievement considering their histroy with updates :/ And yes, im not the only one who cares about this as many thousands more have the same opinion as I do.
  9. I am calm, I just highly disagree over this move, they could have taken just one more month to fix these problems instead of going full out ona major update that will make us suffer with 999 more hotfixes :/ And yes, the chat system IS a game breaker.
  10. Really? you are putting all the effort for new content when you still have SO MANY issues in the already existing features?!? Pro tip: Before you make something new STABELIZE THE OTHER STUFF Fix jordas: 1) The unsealed hole outside of the map in the second stage. 2) Theres a false objective in the 3rd stage which leads people to run away from the mission and falsing extracting them. 3) There are Esophages that dont functional properly, which takes 2-3 tries to open them or when used sometimes to some playhers they throw them back to where they started. 4) The spore inside of jordas's 3'rd stage ignores the feeding for some users 80% of the time. 5) In the third stage, sometimes the esophage inside of jordas do not eat the vaporiser or eats it and then do not take the other users, which is a problem. 6) In the first stage sometimes the Spore when trying to get it through the door in the ceiling noclips through the oppening into the environment with the 2 pads on the wall and the gird laser barrier. 7) On the third stage theres a rare chance that jordas will miss his landing spot and seal the entrance to the portal under him. 8) The oporators are immune to toxic damage when armour integrity drops to 0. Fix Lor/NM Lor: 1) The doors automatically stay open in some cases and dont function because of it when touched on pads 2) The bomb carrier on the 3rd stage can be blowned with sonicor outside of the map corrupting the run. 3) In the 3rd stage players can escape the ma, jumping up the factory. 4) In the secodn stage on hijack vay hek is actually killable like in an Oro earth mission, once he is killed he disappears whats the point of killing vay hek in the middle of the raid if your priamry objective is to kill him in the lastst stage as a boss?!!? 5) There are sometimes accurances of duplicated bombs which forces the players to have 2 bomb carriers as it is impossible to know which bomb is the real one on the first stage. 6) There are accurances of UI Breaking and making it impossible to see weather or not teh bomb is at the correct percentage of stabalisation . 7) On the third stage the grineer who carries the bomb teleports around the map as it is somehow being respawned but with the same amount of health as it had before? Normal fixes: 1) Having headless frames, legendary core is un-linkable. 2) Random chat disconnections and reconnections when waiting 2 minutes after typing (code 10054). 3) Kuva spawning outside of the map or stuck inside walls (same goes to the kuva extractors). 4) When having 2 limbos doing their 4, shfting from the inner cataclysm you become un-vanished. 5) Limbo's self banish Visual effect disapppears in some lightings misleading the player to think that he was unbanished. 6) Sometimes in fissures, at capture missions after captuing the target, all the enemies disappear (except for the camera), forcing the players to abort / early extract the mission. 7) There are times in missions like survival or excavation where enemies stop appearing or going after the objective in the map and players must do hide and seek in an entire map to make them respawn after killling a few. 8) When joining the dojo theres 1.5 minutes delay with a message screaming "reconnecting to server" having no one on the dojo appearing nor able to send messages (probably goes into relays as well). 9) Some procs effect limbo when he is banished from the environment? (For example the extraction in the ice lands in pluto. the fans on earth Lith mission). 10) Having map bugs that allow players to noclip though walls (mountains). 11) On the void sabotage there are eagles stuck in place otuside of the map when going through the portal (probably an easter egg? ). 12) Taking the oporative in IO when doing defence (sortie) through the elevator to the lower floor bugs the enemies on the upper floor. 13) Having people pressing the elevator from the upper floor spammingly while inside the elevator gives the player inside the elevator the option to make the elevator go up and down in the middle of movement. 14) Players can glitch outside of the map using the elevator movement. 15) Theres a map bug in inaros tile set in mars (the temple) that allow players to exit the map. 16) using the same string twice is forbidden as long as you can actually change one letter inside each message and then you can spam the entire chat. 1 simple code line solves it, In python and its: similarity_presentage = similar("Apple","Mango") In java theres built algorithms for free: Cosine similarity Jaccard similarity Dice's coefficient Matching similarity Overlap similarity 17) Wild kubrow dens on earth tiles when make a sound of a metal object when hit?? 18) players in any kind of missions can fidn a way to achieve infinite lives when dying causing the system think that they died while in reality they have negative revives. And theres probably even more that I missed. COME ON DE, STABLIZE YOUR GAME BEFORE BRINGING OUT NEW CONTENT THAT WILL PROBABLY CREATE EVEN MORE BUGS!!! -.-
  11. I will paint 1000 eggs as platinums with my frame dancing in order to win 1000 platinums :P The abomination of 1000 unborn chickens just lying around painted like plats will be epic xD
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