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  1. Excuse you, what? I should be banned for discovering a phrase that can lead others to be banned when it is casually used on a daily basis? If protecting the community from itself and the unfair automated system is making me a fool then so be it. However, I do not appriciate you trying to sink this conversation because of your selfish personal beliefs.
  2. You are fixating on the wrong things here... I can pretty much give you a counter example: I'v been banned from chat once for recruiting in morse code, so lets not go there... If you say the exclusive not nezha N word there, it's a straight out ban (automatically) But we're side tracking here, as i'm trying to explain why a list is important for those who are unaware of illict phrases and not how everyone have their own decision to say what they want.
  3. You seem to be under the premise that ALL the words we used are known to us to be right or wrong in DE's eyes and we choose to use them or not. This is not realistic, as in my previous example, one person could know Loli is a bad word while another could live an entire life knowing the word but not that it's illicit. Do you think most people on warframe would misuse chat because they can? The context is racism for this N word. Yes that's what i meant. But when you say chat discretion, in that eggplant example I gave, it's a no brainer to talk about your daily life here, and since you did mention eggplants as purchasing it a few minutes ago, it's totally valid, in a normal conversation you could never see a problem with it. the chat system however does not know context. and therefore it will translate that eggplant into a slur, and thats my point. Not everything is up to chat discretion as some knowledge can be beyond the user even on a daily and totally casual conversation about anytihng. of course there are different channels for different subjects and different mdoeration rules, but this post was written solely on region chat, and i will not be surprised if someone tried the same thing on"Q&A" or recruit chat or even clan or squad chat to be treated the same way as in region. I'v heard of cases of people being chat banned for saying specific terms on squad chat.
  4. ... What may not seem as an insult in one country may very well be the harshest of insults in another country, even if its mentioned in another language. I agree with you on that, you can't really tell that. But isn't this why a list of these terms should be benificial for such cases? Heck, even a side warning before a ban. Some terms should not have a justification for a side warning such as the N word, but saying you went shopping and bought an "EGGPLANT", "eggplant" in a different world is refered to as another slur against certain populations... not everyone would know that, the system would definitely recognize it as an illicit word and BAM. ban. This is why this warning is needed, and even better, a list. Telling people to just not use region chat is just an attempt to brush the issue under the carpet... Wouldn't you like to talk with people from the community without having this fear that some random word you choose would be a trigger word that will instantly restrict your chat access without knowing why?
  5. You are missing the point here, while there are people who truely deserve to be banned from chat for "crapping it", there are some who uses terms that not really come forward in normal conversations as insultive, or that didn't know that it would look illict in DE's eyes. This post was not to determine who is worthy for a chat ban and who isnt, it was to point out a flaw in the chat system and fix it. Since if one day you would to be banned for using an every day word in the chat for some "woke" reason you would like to know what it was and why. In this current situation, this doesn't exist.
  6. Indeed i knew why i was banned the moment i was banned, because I experimented with the texts to figure out the problematic word and even alerted the community about it. Alerting about it was the part that got me banned. However, looking at the support's answers you usually do not know what is it that you said that caused you to be banned. There is no way to review the sentance that you sent nor will support tell you what it was. If this issue persists since 2016, I will not brush it off as a bug. if you wish, you can report it yourself using this thread. I'm not intending to confuse misconduct with a "bug".
  7. If you looked at what I wrote and at the pictures from my support chat you would see that they had no way of telling me what actually TRIGGERED the bot. In addition, once you are banned from chat temporarily support can't do anything. And if you ask anyone who ever written to support about it, you would see the first copy-pasta about it saying that they can't do a thing, instead they would give you vague suggestion as to on what premise it might've happened. But it's like asking where someone lives and you narrow it down to planet Earth... Saying that a term was bad, doesn't really tell you what exactly you said was bad. You're left in the dark to guess. Asking what it was yielded no responses whatsoever. The bug that you speak of is not a bug, it's how the system works and it's been like tihs for years. This is the second time it happened to me, and countless times for others.
  8. Hello, I wanted to share some of my experiences that occured to me the other day, and suggest means to fix them. It's no secret that region chat has one of the most heavily moderated text channels warframe has to offer. It's overseen by both chat bots and moderators. But the system is not perfect. People sometimes get kicked from the regional chat without any heads up, leading them to think the game is bugging out. In reality, kicks from the chat systems offer 0 feedback for bad behaviour. Repeated actions of misconduct by the eyes of the moderation team without notifying the user ultimately leads to a ban from chat for at least 2 weeks. There are currently 2 main issues with the current automated moderation system that can be summed up into 3 words: Lack of Transparency. The lack of transparency can be split into 2 categories: A) Lack of warning signs B) Lack of knowledge of what counts in DE's eyes as illicit phrases \ words. By all means, I don't condemn most people who got banned, I'm saying that a lot of unnecessary cases could've been avoided if treated differently. Let's take a look at the warnings signs: Some key words trigger certain automated chat responses like when you write in caps lock or write "KMS" \"KYS" you often receive a small text in white explaining the situations. However, there are a lot more key words and phrases that just automatically kick you out of the chat system without explaining why or giving information about it. For example, if you were to write down the word "loli" you would get instantly kicked from the chat system without any warning or alert about it. To most players, it would look like the chat died down, but after playing for a bit you realize that something is wrong with the game. Since there is no alert or notification, most users would brush it off as a bug and they will continue saying it until it will escelate since no one can really realize a fault unless they've been told about it. This is also why we got a section for reports on this forum, since even developers cannot keep tracks of all the bugs (their own code faults), they need some sort of a feedback system (us) in order to keep function. Imagine if the Developers for the last few years would not have this options, do you really think users will continue to play warframe as broken as it would have been? The second category I want to take a look at is the lack of clarity on what in DE's eyes count as illicit phrases and words: It's no secret that if you spend a lot of time in region chat, you get to see certain phrases trigger different reactions. For example, if you mention a certain Nezha related phrase, people would get automatically chat banned for 2 weeks. This is an example of an unspoken rule that DE made to try and decrease in their chats, and they have every right to do so in their TOS. This just makes you wonder if you're a new player or a veteran, just what exactly do DE count as offensive? The problem is that no one knows... Words that can be used on a daily basis in certain topiced conversations can trigger an automated ban while actually not being offensive at all, at least we don't consider them to be. I'm going to return to the previous example I used: "Loli" this term is widely used over the internet at anime related conversations, yet no one can really tell if the word is illicit or not. Thinking about it, if "Loli" is found offensive in DE's eyes just try to think what other phrases they got in store for us... This issue is not new, it can be traced back to 2016: Several more posts were made throughout the years, yet most of them have been ignored by the DE staff. Furthermore, this is such a notorius issue that many new-player guides advice to simply turn off region chat entirely that's a really nice way to connect with the community. I reached out to suppport team about this, unfortunately they lack the power to help. I have attached an album of pictures that show my conversation with support. So, people are getting kicked and banned from chat without knowing why, the support can't help nor provide information about it, while staying vague. This is not the way to go around the issue. If DE want's to keep chat bans and kicks to a lower degree, they will need to start sharing this information with us. Why are we getting kicked, when are we getting kicked, what causes us to get kicked. I think we still have the human right to know when we are going wrong, and if we do actually tell us why. Keeping us in the dark to guess it is not going to work. In order to solve this, firstly I would like to ask for an official DE staff address this issue, as the first step to clear out the misclarity. Secondly, working on the chat bots and improve them to alert us when stuff like that happen (preferably a DM). And lastly, work out a list of the forbidden terms. This list already exist in the chat bots and is probably being maintained all the time in order to keep peace in the chat. It should not be a problem to maintain that same list online for clarity sakes. That is all I have to say regarding this situation, I would be looking forward for constructive criticism in order to improve the chat system.
  9. If you ever read my original post, I talked about the darkness like how it was presented in The darkness 2. The mechanics you talk about and the mechanics I look for are completely different. Even though you persist on your own agenda. I never said our warframe will do that though, i stated that this is how the entity work in the game. I agree light and shadow play in warframe is redundant, but that wasnt what i was going for. Again, i was not going by the comics, but by the game itself. Comic book lore outside of the darkness 1 and 2 are owned by Top cow :) #CopyRight LOL, have you forgotten Harrow and Excal umbra? Besides, with void lore ghost magic, you can definitely have a co-owned warframe. Like how you have the helminth in your orbiter than can talk with you. You can have a hybrid with conciousness. You seem to REALLY love nidus, but you ignored everything that was presented in nidus, and in the games of the darkness. I don't see why you dont want a new warframe added, tbh focusing on the minor details that dont make the character as a whole is really something. There are TONS of other abillities the darkness has over nidus. Nidus's mind control really makes them immobile (looking abillity-wise) nidus's ground breaking tentacles is just that. infestations that grow out of him then die. I agree with the part that feeding off other entities make the frame stronger, but inraos can do that too. your CC tendril that gathers everyone to one place has no control of whatsoever and is limited with different functionality. The heads of the darkness are different in the game as they are used as melee weapons. Evolving after X stacks is similar too, but we're at a point where the darkness was already established. Maybe we can feed our own darkness over time to make it stronger at a cap outside of missions to satisfy you. and lastly his 4, using his stacks to create a limited time area. Yeah... nope.
  10. - at the same time he loses the power when he's killed or loses a stack unlike the darkness - Like every infestation EVER, diseases and bilogical tissues become stronger the more they grow in numbers, big deal. - Able to summon spikes from the ground to impale enemies (Virulence), how is that relevant? this was never a thing in the darkness games. You had 2 heads to control that NEVER disappeared unless you were close to the light. - Now you're just reading the abillities from Nidus... it's like you're not even trying. The virulent takes enemies from a sphere of a certain range. with the darkness you have only hold 1 enemy at a time and then do cool stuff with it. the tendrils are a repeated pattern, they're there and then they're not. absolutely 0 control. - Able to use control victims as meat shields with his tendrils (Parasitic Link) > since when the darkness could control people? he crushed them into weapons... - Able to release "The Darkness", which manifests as a spawning ground for his meat-eating demons/maggots (Ravenous). // difference is that the darkness always appears without a needed mass. like i said before, these are just living tumors that multiply into an incoherent shape. Also these maggots are not unique in the slighest, they're just a recycle of the boord mother. Arguing Nidus is not analogous to The Darkness is like arguing Omi-man and Homelander are not analogues to Superman. >> I said there might be some similarities, but the darkness is totally different.
  11. Oh really? Then explain the man in the wall and sevagoth's quest. Rell... Void magic: BOOM a new creature. You dont even have to go through The dakrness lore for that...
  12. There is resemblence, but no. That's just infestation on steroids made into a warframe. The mechanics are totally different, and you can't control 2 heads from hell
  13. I noticed DE started to take inspirations from other games to include into warframe. Like for new war: Tablet simulator, star wars, call of duty etc. They even took content from unreal tournament... So why not take an extra step? What about looking at one of the older content that DE used with their original Evolution engine? We might have nekros, we might have sevagoth but what about a frame that is heavily influenced by The Darkness 2. In my opinion there is no other warframe DE can introduce us (except for animal transformers) that could pick more interest than Jackie Estecado. Discuss! (heck, it might even trigger a demand for The Darkness 3)
  14. Why not adding the most useful feature of all: "app login reward"? ( for daily tributes)
  15. The goal stayed the same as it was before. To raise a topic and to make people discuss it. As for your claims about my research, feel free to think whatever.
  16. I'v already done my research. He didn't, and i'm under no obligation to share it.
  17. The majority of the warframe players that are still active in warframe and watch the streams, which coincidentally are the same majority that don't like the loot bags. You think the people who don't like it are less than the majority? Make a poll.
  18. There are a lot of stuff that need patching in warframe, this post was to create a discussion on one aspect, you want railjack fixes, make your own post lol have you ever went to streams and time table posts and read actual comments before making that statement?
  19. As far as i'm concerned I just made the discussion to happen, personally, i don't like the idea of loot bags, but those are free items so hey! But what I really don't like and one of the stronger reasons that I made this post was because I have a strong feeling that DE just started to neglect/ignore what people are saying to them and still claim that they're moved by the community's desire.
  20. I'm quoting @Soy77 since it applies for me too, and I want to make an official post about it (not that I looked if one exists already) DE claims it listens to it's players, so here is your chance to shine people. When I started playing warframe, you guys gave limited or paid drops such as orokin tea set, dax picture, noggles, articulas, etc. and for a noob like me, struggling to decorate my orbiter, it was beyond awesome. The love and appreciation i had, was immeasurable. And it also put the stream in a special position as truly -the official- warframe stream, since it offers items that people can't get, aside from the developers themselves. ============ Players who just joined warframe recently did not have that luxury. All they're getting are items that's available in the game, like these floofs, or syndicate decorations from last week. In a grab bag rng fashion nonetheless. Why? I'll never know, probably to promote laziness, so people don't have to play warframe to get these items. You people made this game. I bet it's not that hard to list some limited items and just put them on rotation as twitch drops. There are new tennos joining warframe everyday, they could use the style boost with limited decos. Longtime loyal tennos will tune in either way since they're not here for the drops. ============ Idk why you're so adamant on keep using twitch's grab bag feature just "because it's there". seriously it baffles me how hard you guys keep forcing the rng for no particular reasons nor supporters. Even the most loyal tennos merely tolerate rng, the majority rest are hating it. why are you so persistent on keeping a feature that nobody wants? it doesn't sound like DE who values what their players wants. I mean, most of us are adults here. If you guys signed a contract with twitch that forces you to do grab bags or whatever, then just say it. we'll definitely understand and not bother you guys again. We even got your backs covered if some kids come complaining about the rng in the future. Just tell us, why?
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