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  1. Any reports as to when the bug that prevents you from using abilities in your Necramech (or even being able to Transference in/out of it) will be fixed? I had that randomly happen to me over the weekend. Funny thing is, if you pop into a mech that's lying around in the map, everything works fine, but some kind of... scripting error or something happened with my actual mech that prevented me from using abilities and exiting the mech once I was in. Not even dying and respawning fixed it.
  2. Did the 13-day Affinity Booster I just noticed come with this package as well? I noticed we also reached the top donation tier of Tennobaum and got a 3-day Affinity Booster (among other things) for that as well. Yay!
  3. 1) Eximus "Boss" Enemies have their markers disappear if they get pushed off the edge and reappear, OR if they drop to a lower level on the test platform. You can spend upwards of 30 seconds trying to find them, because they don't appear on the worldmap either, even with an Enemy Radar mod. 2) I'm also fairly sure there used to be more Life Support pickups that would drop from basic enemies. When I get to Wave 5, hardly any of these things are dropping at all.
  4. So, uhh... Catabolic Gutter race is STILL bugged, even after this Hotfix. The race ends after you cross the 8th gate, and there are 15 total. Because of this, it is impossible to get the Ferverspine (Board) part for the Infested K-Drive, and that's the part that gives you Mastery lol.
  5. I haven't tried looking them up in the Foundry yet (can see them in my Inventory on the pause menu), but I can't even unlock the last part (Ferverspine) due to one of the Cambion Drift races ending prematurely (ends after you cross the 8th gate out of 14 gates total).
  6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Cambion Drift K-Drive Race ends prematurely 8 out of 14 or 15 gates VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Take part in the K-Drive race just SW of the Catabolic Gutter EXPECTED RESULT: Should be awarded the Ferverspine K-Drive Body; I have completed all the other races in full, and have unlocked the Blueprints for the other Infested K-Drive Parts (Steeba, Nodulite, and Gristlebuck) as advertised. OBSERVED RESULT: Race ends prematurely after crossing the 7th or 8th gate. Game says the race is completed, but you don't get any reward (presumably becaus
  7. Seriously, if one of those things' projectiles hits you, you're dead in like 2 seconds. Adaptation's stacks can't activate fast enough when the damage from said Gas procs is so massive and instantaneous at the same time. Seriously gives me early day Toxic Ancient vibes, where if they grappled you, you were pretty much dead/downed 100% of the time due to how many Toxin procs you received from them. Only these guys just snipe you from a distance and Gas the ever-loving hell outta you. Normally I'd say the best way to protect yourself would be to use a Max-Rank Arcane that protects you from
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