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  1. Played a fair bit - 6/6/7/6 on intrinsics, and all but two nodes in the Veil are completed. All solo. I don't have Particle Ram or Void Hole so I get quite a bit of "heavy ship to ship combat" that requires careful planning, advanced piloting, strategic withdrawals from the battle, and setting up decoys and using asteroids to avoid having Cy pull me out of the mission. I haven't bothered grinding as such (which is why I don't have those two particularly low-drop-change avionics yet), so I spent a lot of quality time with the Sigma MK3 equipment. I haven't run into too many bugs solo, and personally I have found the difficulty quite enjoyable.
  2. I fly out in my RJ to kill the first set of fighters to make the first crewship spawn. I then back off and fly my archwing out to capture it: a captured crewship draws aggro like nobody's business and it is just shy of indestructible so it's a great decoy. I then pick fighters off with the RJ and either capture (if I'm trying to get max intrinsics) or kill (if I'm trying to get done faster) each additional crewship as they arrive. For best intrsinsics, I let each new crewship send its ramsleds and hop out of the RJ while they're in transit - boarders stand around bored if the RJ is empty.
  3. This happened to me. It was the usual "fell out of the map" rushing wind sound as things get further and further away, and "/unstuck" didn't help: had to abort in the end.
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