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  1. I suggest an undo button for Forma. The condition could be be either: As long as the piece of equipment has gained 0 affinity after polarization, someone could change the choice of polarity in that specific slot. Or better yet (and probably easier to program) hit undo, get the forma back, polarity reverts, and item is lvl 30 again. Then you can just re-apply the forma. Also either way, make sure the "Success, forma applied" screen also states "You may undo the Forma process as long as this item has gained 0 affinity." This would be great for everyone. You could change your mind about a polarity or forma in general. You could pull it off an item before you level it and choose to forma something else. Or you can get the forma back if you needed it to craft something else. This would be extremely useful to implement now that Umbra Forma exists. This will also lighten the Support team's load, as there will be fewer "I put the wrong polarity" tickets. I realy think this would be extremely useful and makes sense, can we try to get this idea some attention?
  2. Still no Wolf Sledge, but the Opticor Vandal is there?
  3. Not so much a bug as it is an oddity, but ts a bit off-putting how these two emotes leave you in such a static idle after you use them. Guess I'm just used to the little bit of life the Frames have in their usual idles, it just don't look right. Also Wolf Howl head tracking messes the animation up alot. Wish it had sound.
  4. Putting the Perla Skin on the Stubba, then shooting it (with Glaive in other hand) would go wierd, and cause the Perla Revolver Cylinder to slide back and float there behind the gun.
  5. This fight is waaay better than PT. The PT enemy Spam is kinda a bit much imo.
  6. Uuuum... I'm having the opposite problem. I have my Stephan Zaw set to Visible but the Sheathe (Saya, in-case someones gonna crap themselves in anger over the wording) isn't there sometimes. When I switch to Not Visible I have the same issue stated above as well, I just tried it. Did fix the first issue until it randomly decided to break again.
  7. Wolf Sledge is, i just seen it a few mins ago. but you or the person whoss profile your looking at must have built it for it to appear. As for unguilded, no unguilded modular item is supposed to give MR, and mastering a guilded modular weapon with the key piece a second time should also not give MR regardless of its different other parts, otherwise we could virtually farm MR indefinitely. The Dohkram Zaw alone has 80 different possibilities. As for the all 4 thing, I found each kitgun on profile fully mastered as well. So its not that. Each key part does have its own entry under profile. It looks to me that this person found a way to glitch a kitgun into providing an extra bit of mastery and act as an extra weapon that can only be obtained through some exploit.
  8. Then just keep moving down the list till you see something you like. If you like nothing, oh well, sucks to have to live like that I guess.
  9. So I'm a PS4 player, and to my knowledge as of the last update dropping buried debts there should only be 101 secondary weapons. Yet I found a player with 102/102, and one of his mastered weapons was just called "Kitgun" with no image. Am I missing something here?
  10. So I noticed Sn33ks found one bug with archwing guns after the Melee update, His post here; I found another issue. If you are carrying an Archwing Gun and pickup a coolant canister, the game may "unequip" your melee, as its unusable and not visible. The Archwing Gun will also not be obtainable again. Clicking it in gear menu will just do nothing, no timer and no messages or anything pop up. The usual resets like jumping in water, k-drive, Archwing and death don't reset it. The only fix is Abort or Extract. I've also had issues (while above glitch was happening) with things like all my gear disappearing (just for the match), getting locked in Tenno Form till the Tenno is killed, and powers being unusable. I've even had Mag Prime run off into the distance on her own right after going into Tenno Form, and I'm pretty sure Umbra was supposed to be the only one with a mind of his own.
  11. So I took it upon myself to create this very scientific diagram to explain what the Opticor Vandal actually is in comparison to the original Opticor. This should settle any debates about the two if anyone is having any.
  12. If DE reads this, could we get a toggle on prime frames to switch from Prime Variant of the Immortal Skins to the Standard? I loved my standard Valkyr Immortal, but it just ain't the same on my Prime. Readers, give this some love if you wana see it too.
  13. My question, Fortuna Console release? I need to get my K-Drive on.
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