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  1. The Zhuge Prime's bolts are fired under the barrel for some reason. The bolts firing from the bottom are visible when I aim and really destroys any immersion created from using the weapon. The weapon looks good, sounds good, performs spectacularly, but this one bug really destroys any immersive feeling I have from just going trigger happy with my crossbow - bolter. PS. the bolts aren't affected by the colors you put on the Zhuge Prime. I know it's not game breaking and that there are a lot of weapons that look more bugged than this, but the Zhuge prime has cemented itself as one of my favorite Primaries after my first couple of hours using it. In summary: Pls fix DE https://imgur.com/meeP1E1 https://imgur.com/x1ucLmZ
  2. The tusk bolkor airship will pause mid-flight without even reaching the bounty area. I did 4 level 40-60 bounties in the Plains of Eidolon and not once did I see it come close to the Bounty area.
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