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  1. Aria is a siren-mermaid themed Warframe Aria is uniquely designed to fit into the lore and nature of sirens as much as possible, as such, her passive reflects how vindictive she can be when her targets are capable of resisting her song. And just how powerful and angry she can be if they are even capable of resisting her allure so much that she dies. As sirens are usually seductive and alluring, Aria’s abilities will revolve around sound, singing with mist for an aquatic or sea-like effect seeing that most sirens were associated with the sea. Heavily based on lore and the concept of an Aquatic temptress, one wholly capable of survival and fatal damage to her enemies Shrouded mist and with aquatic tones, her appearance is one that is ethereal and mysterious with a hint of the warrior the Tenno are known for Her kit would draw heavy influence from singing and alluring/enchanting her targets and also buffing her allies with her song. She would also be able to sway or cause enemies to be more devoted to her, making them slaves for her purpose. Unaware enemies are susceptible to high damage and are easy to finish off Aria is known to consume her enemies and as such doing finishers to enemies will give her a benefit and also increase her Allure and captivating air. This empowers her and her allies but cripples her enemies. As a siren, who is capable of controlling targets by song, Aria becomes enraged by targets that are capable of damaging her and ultimately killing her, releasing a scream upon death as a last ditch effort to take her enemies with her. Her true power comes from her primordial state where she changes into her full sea form with razor sharp fins and a tailfin. She also has the benefit of using her Harp as a master musician to attack from range. Or she relishes ripping into her enemies up close. Lore Closely revered by the inhabitants of the Uranus open world as a protector from Tyl's forces and the carnivorous wildlife that exist in its depths. It is said that Aria's song calms the beasts and they see her as the top predator... All except for one... This is Aria. The Siren… The Mist… True to myth, Aria strikes fear into the hearts of all those who hear her song. Killing enemies to enhance her Allure, granting her further increase to herself and her abilities. With Veritas, Aria releases a song, judging all those who are hit by its wave. Enemies hit are briefly stunned, receiving damage over time and two targets are turned into healing thralls. Allies within range are restored health by the mist the enemies emit, and granted bonus movement speed and damage resistance when hit. If hit, Aria is cured and immune to status effects, gaining an aura that also heals allies and damages enemies. Misty Deluge spawns a cloud of mist that engulfs an area of Aria’s choosing, providing cover for herself and her allies. Enemies entering the cloud are lulled into a false sense of security by her song, receiving fatal damage over time. Any alerted enemy will continue to be pacified while within the mist. Allies entering the mist will regain much needed energy overtime, and are granted status immunity. While within the cloud, Aria’s Allure allows for an increase in the damage the enemies receive and Aria gains 10 energy when they die. Fatale allows Aria to summon a misty mirage of herself which stores the damage it receives. Enemies hearing her Fatale song will be drawn in, with those closing in on the clone receiving damage overtime by the cool mist. Upon deactivation, the clone explodes violently, impaling and damaging all enemies within the mist’s wave. Embrace your dormant power, Aquaria awakens Aria’s primordial state. Gaining a fin, Aria becomes a true terror of the sea. Tear through enemies with your ancient rage, moving too fast for the eyes to see. Or attack from afar with your harp, stunning and blasting enemies with sound and condensed water. Aria’s presence also causes fatal damage to weak enemies who close in on her, increasing with her Allure. Aria is vindictive Tenno, when damaged Aria can regain health and energy by ending her attackers with finishers. If she is struck down, Aria releases a death scream, inflicting all those who hear insane damage from her rage. Aria is a grace or terror on the battlefield Tenno… Where do you stand? Can you brace her song? Image/concept Art: https://twitter.com/RoKelly6/status/1240692347890876416?s=09
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