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  1. Just realized this was a thing I didn't address. I responded earlier to a different question with the reply of speed: Most of the star chart isn't that interesting to me, and oftentimes this takes (from my experience) a month or two. Maybe it's because arbitrations weren't a thing yet, I don't really know what they are right now, perhaps they're an answer to my prayers. I guess this may also be influenced by one of my unpopular opinions: WFs core gameplay loop is dull. Once again, opinion, but taking to the rest of the star chart means that the already lacking technical aspects of WF becomes irrelevant: you're so tanky that your movement doesn't matter, you effectively have as many chances as you want to aim, defense objectives aren't going to die unless you make a really bad decision. I'm starting to wonder if what I'm looking for has come in the form of arbitrations (is it something like a mid-level mission where there's some technical element that is challenging regardless of your gear?), but I was thinking that if there was so many people getting annoyed at re-forma-ing, it's easier to implement that and easier to maintain in the long term than creating a specific new mission type or node to make it engaging. (Background, I quit around when SO and Fortuna was introduced)
  2. Out of curiosity, was this solo or in a team? Also what region are you in? In my experience, I actually enjoyed levelling warframes, but leveling weapons were dull because I was locked to missions lvl 20-30 or so if I wanted to get stuff done solo with them (which is basically what I had to do a majority of the time. Finding a squad was pretty rare for me.) Maybe I was missing something, or something changed while I was gone, I don't really know, but if the weapon leveling grind can be done in 20 minutes per forma then I might have to rethink my approach. Still think reforma-ing previously formaed slots shouldn't require re-leveling though. I'm sure they can just add some sort of array, or an extra dimension to an existing one for that.
  3. I guess there is a difference in what I consider 'playing the game'. Buffing in WF from my experience is just pressing one button occasionally and sometimes running around. Same for nuking, same for EV, etc. To me, it's becomes just about watching a bunch of numbers go up. I can't tie something emotional to it like Pokemon or a character in, say, D&D, nor do I feel like I'm improving myself, like in a fighting game. The weapons themselves, specifically the accurate and precise weapons are what I find rewarding, because then I have an excuse to actively engage with the movement system, try for trickshots, etc. That's kinda why the melee 3.0 got me interested again. I originally planned just to play a pilot for railjack, but the new melee system suggested some more engaging and technical gameplay (out of all the things, I was most hyped about dodge-cancelling animations.) I suppose therein lies why I hate the forma grind. It takes me out of the most engaging core gameplay loop for me. Contributing is one thing, but actually doing something I enjoy is another. I guess, yeah that sums it up. Question about Omega Forma though, did it have an affinity cost? Nothing really worthwhile, no. I don't really have anyone who needs frame parts, and if they did, I would bring along a weapon which I feel like can actually help them with if they're having trouble. The other thing is if I try to level it up that way, I'd basically be locked out of using the weapon for content that I want to do for one or two months. As you can imagine, this isn't very pleasant when this is your favorite weapon.
  4. I'm not sure where that's coming from, can you clarify? What I'm suggesting is still polarising one slot at a time, in fact in total it takes more affinity to totally Max out a weapon. I'm honestly confused as to where this is coming from. I think that's another miscommunication on my part. By 'essentially stop playing the game' I mean you have to drop whatever you were doing just to level that piece of gear, which is what you're suggesting. By no means is your opinion wrong, but in my opinion, a game shouldn't be forcing you to go do repetitive content that isn't engaging for something that is necessary for some of the higher-level content. In most other RPGs, the exp grind can simultaneously be grinding for gear, currency, etc. In WF, grinding exp is almost always just grinding exp, unless you're using akkad for levelling. Bringing just that weapon with a team means you're either in a lower level mission, which means it's nothing you haven't seen before and the gain is slow, or you're getting carried and you to next to nothing. On other words, you either have to go play in some other part of the star chart that has no other purpose to you and exp grind slowly, or you do little more than buff whoever is nuking the map to level quickly but, well, basically not play the game. When I throw Forma on a weapon, it's because I like using it in the content I usually enjoy. What Forma does is it takes it right out of that, and you normally have to do it several times for a high-level build. I don't mind having to throw Forma at gear, as in the resource is fine. What I do mind is having to spend several hours of doing arbitrary dull chores just to get it back to a usable state for the content that is actually meaningful and somewhat engaging. That's true, DE is a darling ❤️
  5. I get your other points, but I think you might've misunderstood me there. You still have the same number of mod slots, and you still need forma. You just don't need to specifically allocate time to just ranking up weapons to polarise, which is what annoys me. I put it at 6 because I don't think I've heard of anyone who formas one thing more than 6 times unless it is to change an existing polarity. You're still spending the same amount of forma. You just get the affinity before you forma, and you don't have to stop playing the rest of the game to get the affinity to forma. Maybe I got the wording a little unclear, I'm still new to this. I guess there's the difference between our experiences. I only know one or maybe two people who play Warframe seriously, because for everyone else they have other things they consider more important/enjoyable. I, for one, would rather grind out combos in a fighting game, as abhorrent as that may sound to you. But yeah, that is food for thought.
  6. That is actually a really good suggestion too, and might work better actually. What I was going with was you basically keep getting affinity after level 30 regardless of whether you have used forma or not, reach the affinity needed for the next stage, and then applying forma. In other words, the game will tell you when you can forma, which is also a lot more new player friendly. I really like your version too though. I get where you're coming from, but there are three things that tipped me off to this issue that still proves that it is at least annoying and is an innate issue. Big WF Youtubers still complain about having to forma their favorite weapons when a new update drops that changes something about the core of the game. I only follow two, namely Brozime and Tac. Potato, but it's something that still comes up kinda often. DE has to massively compensate players for the changes. A legendary core is kinda a big deal, and the fact that they have to do so says something about how faulty the system is. Additionally, a majority of players don't hit MR 20 from my experience. To put bluntly, there are other things that they'd rather be doing. While it does get easier, it takes a lot before it stops being a complete chore that prevents you from playing the good parts of the game, relative to the average person. Regardless, I think there is one part of my suggested fix that veterans can probably appreciate more than new players.
  7. I haven't played Warframe in a while, but the recent announcements to changes of some of the basic foundations of Warframe have gotten me excited. Melee, heat procs vs armour, re-balancing of weapons, etc have all indicated to me that Digital Extremes is recognizing some of the underlying issues with the game, but that got me thinking of the biggest thing that made me quit in the first place. Forma. Such as staple of Warframe, and yet one of the most questionable game design decisions in my opinion. Every time a something major changes, there is a collective sigh of exasperation or sometimes open outcry about polarities and Forma, DE having to compensate everyone with what is a band-aid solution to what is a problem nobody seems to talk about. It has become such as staple I don't think people notice it anymore. Here's a question: Why is it when you want to improve a weapon you like, you have to stop using it for a while. Look, I get the concept: You forma it, and then you bring it back up as if its a new weapon, killing a bunch of weaker mobs along the way, etc. However, the reality is that you lose most of what you like about the weapon if you use the spy mission method, or you don't get to use the weapon at all as you leech exp. In other words, you have to drop everything you're doing to level a weapon, and you might not even get to use it in the first place. You probably have to dedicate an hour or so of not playing to gain a whopping 6 points of mod capacity. My suggested solution? Reverse the process. Instead of levelling the weapon again from 0 after the forma, you use the affinity you gain from using the weapon is used to 'buy' a polarity slot with a forma. I think this would benefit both players and DE (yes financially, they are a company) and would make all our lives a lot easier. Players: Weapons can be levelled passively Can do other content while improving the weapon/frame Less 'dedicated time' required for each weapon, making variety less costly on time New updates can be adapted to quicker DE: Increased demand for forma. Forma packs are valued more, possibly more purchases of those. Less need to compensate players when introducing a major change Effects of an update can be tested quicker Eases player progression better. What I propose: (Note: All these numbers are hypothetical. I'm not a professional game designer, and they have not been tested in any way.) Once the weapon/frame hits level 30, it continues to gain affinity. This is displayed at the end of the mission, but not during. However, more affinity is required each time to increase to the next rank. Maximum 6 bonus ranks, with 1.5x affinity, 2x affinity, 3x affinity, 3.5x affinity, 3.7x affinity, 4x affinity Once it hits a new rank, the weapon unlocks and empty star and the option to rank up/polarize is highlighted in the arsenal, and the 'actions' pulses and turns gold. No affinity is gained until the new rank is 'purchased'. Forma is used to purchase a new rank, upon which it unlocks a polarity slot and the star is filled, indicating a new rank. This polarity slot can be changed at any time with additional forma, without the need to get additional affinity. Repeat step 1 to 3. At rank 6, instead of adding an additional slot, all slots can be changed without forma. The idea behind this is at that point, any additional required forma is kinda ridiculous. Notes: Weapons and frames with existing polarities cannot change their base polarity slots without ranking up until they reach rank 6. The reason for the jumps in affinity needed is because higher level missions drop a lot more affinity, so the time taken wouldn't be as long. This also means that dedicated levelling of a weapon is harder, though this may encourage playing at higher levels. This could also work to DEs advantage, promoting affinity boosters.
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