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  1. So it's not just me. I have some video but not enough to refer to as steps to reproduce. Will follow and update when able.
  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll try this out for general QoL, although I can't say right now if altering the crouch button will gel with the setup I have thousands of hours' worth of muscle memory with. Worth a shot though. I do know I can't spare the middle button (PS in my case) since that's where I have the gear wheel. Farming the resource is easy enough, although the cap of 20 is just....well, whatever. I just get a bit tired about the general DE approach where even trivial mechanics are frequently very difficult to intuit if you didn't pay full attention during (for instance) intermi
  3. Haven't been able to do the fight yet. I skipped the stupid jumping puzzles in the previous chapters and so didn't realize I had to remember the clues before you even start the fight. I mean, do the old ones from previous chapters apply or is it the ones I picked up in chapter 5? Not that it mattered much because using a controller on PC I very literally am not allowed to bullet-jump - just like in the relays and other neutral areas, my L2 opens a chat window and all I have is a single roll-jump using my dodge. After a few attempts at guessing wildly at the clues I ran out of the
  4. Known and verified spawn points will occasionally yield tracks but the tracking mini-game bugs out at phase 2 - after mimicking the call I get Son's dialogue saying the creature is nearby but then it instantly loops back to mimicking the call and refuses to progress. I've checked other random spawn points seen in videos hoping to find one 'in the wild'and there's nothing. My lure isn't messing with the spawn patterns since this is the only one I own.
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