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  1. Thank you for taking the time to articulate what I've wanted to say but couldn't be bothered to. I've made myself part of the problem by finishing the current season, partly because the 'fear of missing out' worked on me and partly because I wanted to be able to provide feedback as someone who has been part of it. Seeing this week's bucket list it seems clear DE are staying true to form by pushing the envelope and including several of the least liked chores in order to get completion metrics to inform their decisions for Nighwave going forward. That's OK as far as it goes from a design standpoint. DE are frequently praised as the studio that came up with 'Micro-transactions done right' (to quote a popular video) and who have kept me vested in their game without making the balance between grind and enjoyment feel too overbearing. In interviews they've been clear about this being a conscious, ongoing effort and integral to the game's soul. I believe they're sincere about this both as a company and as developers, and I firmly believe Warframe has flourished because of it. It deserves to. However: Not even during Hemagate, the grindfest that was the original Plains or the first iteration of Riven mods did I feel that FOMO was being pushed so heavily, nor get the sense that loyalty was being enforced to the same degree it is now. The time-gated reward tables, the hard season reset and the all-or-nothing nature of the chores we're given has me feeling less interested in the game than I believe I ever have. Nora misses her mark almost entirely. I'm not a dreamer acting true to my truest self, nor is the reptile tickle of a reward in my backbrain (sic) particularly engaging. I've been landed with a second job I neither want nor need and I'm not even bored, not even very annoyed. Just caring less, playing less, putting more of my free time into other games. It probably says something that I felt this way three days into Nightwave but couldn't be bothered to provide feedback until now. A rework of the alert system was worth a shot but as mechanics go Nightwave is much too intrusive and much too overbearing. If narrative cohesion requires a seasonal format, then let the seasonal reset be confined specifically to the narrative - not the materials and unique rewards.
  2. I see from the links and comments on the Reddit post that it's a known problem, just adding another report. Loki, Ash and Octavia tested. Magus Elevate and Lockdown on my Operator in case it should matter, haven't tried with anything else.
  3. Wiergate

    Volt's speed

    OK, ignore what I said about 'thoughtful approach' above. Clearly it didn't last. It's not about about not being able to handle it, nor basic controls 3000 hours in or what's 'needed' for trivial missions in a trivially easy game. It's about one's enjoyment of a co-op game being curtailed because an immensely - yes - invasive ability is in the hands of players who are so poor at listening that they believe explaining universally known sprint mechanics in a condescending tone will solve the problem. Just give us the frigging opt-out already.
  4. Wiergate

    Volt's speed

    It would be interesting to hear though. You're taking a thoughtful approach to the matter and that's always appreciated. I've played a lot of Volt and nearly 1K days in I'd like to think I'm pretty decent with the parkour, Speed or no. I used to like him a lot, but these days I only play him solo or in Eidolon caps specifically because I know I bug people by playing the frame as intended. Apart from some (possibly) unnecessarily snide remarks about spammy Volt players above, I think I made the point that for me and many others, bursts of unwanted Speed (where we can only gradually infer how that player has built their Volt) feels immensely disruptive to how we pace our movement and actions. We can adapt to varying degrees according to our experience with the game but on the whole the effect is too great and too immediate for it not to ruin my pacing with other frames and playstyles. Agreed, an opt-out feature for ability effects could potentially be troublesome and could set a strange precedent in a game where adapting to one another is part of the experience. In my opinion, however, the effects of Speed have such a large impact on general play that it doesn't lend itself to subtle solutions and that's why I'm in favor of opting out - especially given that some players are never going to be very considerate of others. I can be swayed by good arguments though, and there could certainly be issues I've overlooked with such a feature.
  5. Wiergate

    Volt's speed

    This suggests that Volt players have the sense to only spam Speed in linear missions where they want to get from A to B as quickly as possible. I can assure you that is not the case. Even if it were, 'friendship doors' are a thing and most Volt players are spamming their Speed so hard while standing at one that you frequently have to remind them to hit 'interact' as well so we can actually progress. With a fresh dose of unwanted Speed, of course. Speaking for myself, I'm frequently annoyed by DE's attempts to hinder out movement not just with enemy CC but with obstacles like arch traps, laser doors and decorative pillars rising from the floor for reasons even the ancient Orokin would be hard pressed to explain. Thing is, I know where arch traps and laser doors are likely to be and I can shoot or roll through them, respectively. With a Volt in the squad I only know that a massive hindrance to fluid movement and accurate melee combos - not to mention aesthetically satisfying animations - is on the way, not when. We need a way to be exempt from a mechanic which is almost as invasive as pre-rework Limbo other than doing backflips half the mission or staying out of the Volt player's way, and (contrary to what has been suggested above) the topic is neither new nor rare. Just do a forum search. Threads usually land in an option to opt out from the effect altogether from your settings tab or the mission tab and an open question to DE about if this is doable. AFAIK we have yet to hear back from them.
  6. Yeah, it's a thing. It's been reported elsewhere as well, we can but hope.
  7. Same here. At 26, standing 10,750 or so, 27 locked. Edit: logged back in today, 3K standing gone. Weapons ranked up so it's not a poor description. Please fix this.
  8. Yeah, CO was a given anyway, but I've switched over to HR to play it safe. However: this time in the Sim, Life Strike didn't prompt such an insane energy drain. Same enemies (Heavy Gunners for the ROF) and my Excal blocked like yesterday but the drain was quite manageable. A single channeled blow was obviously enough for a full heal with an unranked LS just as before, but now I had energy to spare. This is getting confusing. As it happens it's a moot point because rebinding channeling didn't work for me. I didn't manage it using AW up/down although I was able to fool the game for a while by moving channeling to a randomly assigned key on the D-pad for context action. That didn't last, alas, since the rest of my setup requires me to fool the game into thinking secondary fire is unassigned. (I actually have it on Touch Pad left click by way of InputMapper, but until we can get a null value to assign in order to 'make room' for our own solutions - you listening, DE? - I have to trick the game by using two incompatibles and letting one assume precedence.) Looks like I'll have to do without. I've managed without Life Strike the last couple of years and DE seem undecided about keeping channeling at all, so eh.
  9. So I assumed, but that in itself needs attention. Since melee block while in Exalted Blade isn't something I can opt out of the energy drain needs to be addressed since it seems to be calculated per bullet deflected - and I can't even reliably tell if I'm channeling right then besides EB obviously being a channeled ability. I'm honestly not sure if the difference in efficiency (from 5 to 7) can account for 500 energy disappearing in one second flat but I haven't got any better ideas. As things stand I need to be absolutely clear on whether I'm dual-channeling (guess that's a word now) or not while in EB, or a couple of heavy gunners will instantly wipe out my energy pool. (All things being equal, that is - obviously I'm not gonna stand there and let it happen outside the Sim but it shouldn't really be happening to begin with. Or so I hope? Like I said, haven't played Excal in ages.) A standard Savage Banshee build does depend on channeling being an instantly available and very reliable function though, she doesn't have time for me to try and determine whether I'm currently channeling or not. And since her energy pool and QT are her effective health I shudder to think of unwanted blocking and energy drain. Actually a bit refreshing to return to years-old builds and see if they survive DE's controller and melee rework shenanigans. If the solution suggested by @Hypernaut1 above pans out with my controller setup it might not be an issue, I'd have to go in-game to see where the Hek AW up/down is. Apropos of things I never use...
  10. @Hypernaut1 Mind blown I really wonder if DE intended that, and if so why it's not communicated with abundant clarity. I'll try it tomorrow, thanks for the tip.
  11. Gotcha, thanks. My problem here is that I've rebound my power 1 to R3 press since trying to aim abilities otherwise is agony - for some reason that's where melee channel lives as well and the game won't let me move it. Thus, channeling is always gonna involve casting my 1, I can imagine it gets toggled on and off a fair amount without me realizing. The visual cue on my melee weapon isn't terribly clear with most energy colors. Fact is that a month or so ago when many controller users had problems even firing our weapons for reasons I've never been entirely clear on, I heard the sound of melee channeling rather than the gunfire I was expecting when pulling the trigger. I tried Life Strike Excal and Savage Banshee in the Sim, and the results weren't exactly promising. Arguably both of those builds are outdated, but Banshee especially is gonna have a problem surviving just with Healing Return and spamming Operator heals by way of Elevate gets old. I haven't played Excal in ages and might simply need to update my build for Melee 2.997, but I'm still not clear on why moving channeling is out of the question TBH. On a side note, Excal's Exalted Melee Block (which I can't prevent) sometimes ran amok, presumably because I was 'dual channeling' without being aware of it. I've never seen energy get drained so fast since the disastrous 'friendly fire' debacle poor Nyx suffered a while back. Some things are still amiss.
  12. I'm loving the hell out of it more so now than I use to before. 😄 Wait, you can get it to work? For me it's bound to an analog press or something dumb, which makes it entirely unusable. The game wouldn't let me move it, pretty much the only thing I haven't been able to solve. I hardly ever channel to begin with, but on the rare occasion I use Life Strike or channeling damage builds I do need it to work.
  13. I've been talking to clanmates as we hunted them in separate instances and compared notes, and the despawn rate has been very high for all of us. Several times it seemed to me like it was caused by the collision, as if ridges or boulders caused them to become confused about where they should be after they'd done their various leaps and lunges. Bodies of water haven't been an issue as far as I recall, can't remember being very near one in fact. I never got more than 100 meters away from them and they didn't lose the 'enemy' waypoint I'd put on them so dropped aggro wasn't the issue.
  14. They're not constantly despawning for you? Congrats. I just assumed they were as thoroughly bored with the Ghouls as everyone else and just took themselves elsewhere.
  15. There have been several issues with the rework and I can't say which one you're suffering from currently, but one solution that turned up out of the blue was that you had to confirm your settings changes with your controller (I mean, you really had to) or they wouldn't stick. The game struggles a bit with determining precedence if you use both mouse/KB and controller which most controller users do since menus, chat and so forth simply don't work well otherwise. That may have been causing your rebinding problems, at least it did for me. For the aim sensitivity I'm afraid I can't think of anything. I seem to remember it happening once when I forgot to engage InputMapper (which I use to put a couple of functions on the DS4's touch pad). That may have led to the Steam controller support API assuming control and throwing everything out of whack since Valve is helpful like that... I can only suggest you search the forums a bit and/or try the bug report section and the Players Helping Players ditto. Getting a comfortable controller setup involves a fair amount of hassle, but FWIW I've been able to rebind most things to my satisfaction. As far as I'm aware there are only 2 or 3 hardcoded control dependencies, with the rest (like separating sprint/roll and crouch, which I consider crucial) having workarounds. None of that will matter till you get the sensitivity sorted however, and there I'm afraid PC Bugs will be your best starting point.
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