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  1. I'm 200% sure Rebecca said in last devstream that Grendel parts are guaranteed to drop from Arbitration challenge missions.
  2. It's heartbreaking to see that we have to get useless duplicates in order to have access to rewards like Umbral Forma and Arcane Energize. This one will take longer to reach 30 as it has no invaders such as Saturn Six Fugitives or Zealots or bosses like Wolf and Zealoid Prelate to gain extra standing. We just got out of a 15(?) weeks long season and it would be nice to have a short Intermission with less grind but eh nevermind. Here are my proposed changes to rewards order if old stuff from previous Nightwaves are here to stay as rank up rewards rather than being included to Creds Shop ; People who missed cosmetics & mods from previous seasons can farm beyond rank 15 and get everything they want. People who already have all / most of those items can have option to either stop at early ranks or continue to grind more ranks for Kuva , Creds and missing rewards. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan @[DE]Helen
  3. You can farm Nitains from Sabotage Caches ( with 0.000000000000001% chance ) and Ghould Bounties like @krc473 said. DE told us that Nightwave Intermission will start 1 week after NW Season 2 , so it will come next week hopefully.
  4. Can't tell how annoyed I am because of " power in use " message whenever I try to cast another ability after Nullstar. That cooldown should be removed , there is no other ability that makes rest of your kit useless for a duration.
  5. I wholeheartedly support this idea. We need more body-covering sigils / ephemeras.
  6. Well , that is kinda what I like about Warframe. You can speculate things about stories and lore. I was more of referring to nicest rewards being locked behind expansion and season pass.
  7. Not everything has to be about Tenno , things are happening outside of our story. Cetus , Fortuna & Nightwave stories help world building. Edit : Wolf's story introduced us Alad's deal with sentients and amalgam projects. Cetus was always tied to our story with Tower , Nexus and Pure(?) Kuva that could give Sentients ability to reproduce. Now Sentients are coming to siege the Cetus and Tower for its kuva. Funny thing is that Destiny 2 is built upon FOMO tactic and they just reinforced it with Season of Undying , yet you seem to praise it.
  8. Cryotra is better Artax and its best among Fortuna moa guns. So it's worth put catalyst and forma on it.
  9. Nah, she is Lich King in disguise and frosty sword is the Frostmourne.
  10. You should have wait for another year for refund eligibility. /s You should be more clear about it in your first post.
  11. Option 1 is interesting. A big NO to Option 2. I know armor scaling is an issue currently but slapping armor strip to every ability / augment ( looking at Ember , Vauban and fire rework ) became a norm and it is vomit inducing at this point.
  12. Block on crouch / crouch-slide sounds neat. Not fan of auto-block as well , I miss my manual blocking days with Electromagnetic Shielding and Guardian Derision. Pls DE while you are at it , give us option to Dual-wield Shield & Secondaries too. :3
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