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  1. Avenging Truth - Silva & Aegis mod still says " Extra damage on next charge attack. "
  2. Primaries ; Kuva Buzlok Kuva Javlok Kuva Harpak Secondaries ; Kuva Stug Kuva Acrid Melee ; Kuva Ack&Brunt Kuva Sheev Kuva Atterax Kuva Amphis Kuva Dual Clevers Kuva Korrudo Kuva Sydon Kuva Jat Kittag
  3. For clarification, Limbo doesn't use pure void energy. He uses his abilities to create a pocket realm ( called Rift ) in between material plane and Void.
  4. Maybe not a fully ice weapon but Lenz has cold damage on its explosion and Hystrix can switch to ice element. Still I wouldn't mind more ice weapons.
  5. Problem is that it doesn't feel like Corinth, its a brand new shotgun with new reload and detonation mechanic. I actually liked Corinth for automatic detonation of air burst and one shell reload at a time.
  6. If you are using Nvidia , just roll back your drivers to last update, current one is causing that problem. It fixed for me.
  7. Mr.Salt wants Microsoft to decline certification process just because of the changes that he dislikes.
  8. Aww, that's so cute. :3
  9. That Kuva Heart. 😮 Edit : Look at my profile pic :3
  10. I like Sci-fi / Fantasy stuff and WF caught my interest with cool biomechanical space wizards ninjas. Hopped into the game by myself because had no gamer friends at that time but made many in my playtime. Enjoying the ride so far :)
  11. I'd love to use it on all of dual pistols. Currently only Pyrana Prime is able to get Dual Zundi with it's summoned akimbo passive.
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