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  1. Aeon94

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    It depends on perspective , you might find it satisfying or interesting but a big part of community considers channel ults like Garuda's old 4th uninteractive , lazy and boring. Doesn't matter how cool it looks , it locks you into a floating animation and prevents you from using other abilities. From Twitch to forums and reddit , people shown they disliked the blender ability and it got changed due backlash. Don't think " most were already liking " true. Well some people did like it , including you but that doesn't change the fact DE listened all the feedback and did what had to be done. Charge time might get reduced or removed completely after the release if its irritating enough to break the flow of gameplay. We will give our feedback about it when she is released. A short range gameplay would be ideal if the shield wasn't just frontal. She also damages herself to gain energy which puts her in risk with the requirement of her 1st ( getting close to enemies ) to gain shield. On top of these , a short ranged blender to dive into the mobs is like a suicide if you take damage from all directions ( she has no way of blocking all damage taken like Revenant ). Also ; Insulting other people for showing their expression and opinions ? Such a good way to discuss things.
  2. Aeon94

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    You heard it wrong ( well kinda ) , people got disappointed of her first ult because its was short range Revenant's Dance Macabre + Nyx's Absorb + Vauban's Vortex in one ability in a most boring way ( locking frames in channeling animation is a bad idea ). They wanted it to be changed into either Exalted Claws ( which steps into the Valkyr's territory ) or an ability that will let us throw talons / spears / bones. Also Blender Mode was awful as hell. Imagine yourself pulling bunch of enemies with it and they non-stop ragdolling at your face. Not sure if you noticed in the stream where Blender was shown , there was an Arctic Eximus ragdolled around Garuda and it was literally causing nausea , can't even imagine with more enemies pulled into it.
  3. Aeon94

    Inaros Shield

    It must be either a sentinel with Shield Charger mod or Augur Set effect ( 40 - 240% energy spent on abilities converted to Shields ). But not sure about that " shield decay per sec " , are you sure you didn't take damage while you had shields ?
  4. Aeon94

    Arca Plasmor Nerf

    ^ These guys are telling the truth.
  5. Aeon94

    LEGO Solaris United Medallion

    Oh , that's awesome !
  6. Well, hopefully yes. There will be sale around Christmas , like the past year.
  7. Aeon94

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    Well Nidus gains stacks from enemies hit by Virulence ( doesn't matter if it kills ) and loses some of them on fatal hit and 3&4 ability casts. However Garuda gains them from killing enemies and loses them overtime if she stops killing. Like Nova & Revenant passive similarity , one emits a shockwave when knocked down and other emits shockwave when shields depleted. I think it shouldn't be a problem :)
  8. Aeon94

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    I think her passive should work similar to Faust Hat from DMC5 ( getting stacks from enemies and preparing for special attack ). Whenever Garuda kills an enemy with her 1st ability, she gains a blood stack which grants more damage to her or can be used as a resource for her 4th ( a blood rain ability would be neat ) .She loses stacks if she stops tearing enemies apart.
  9. Aeon94

    Iron Vauban

    Nice job !
  10. Yeah , lighting changes affected ability visuals. Some tilesets ( Plains for example ) makes them close to invisible. Ability visuals shouldn't get affected by tileset lighting. Just for comparison ( using same energy color on Revenant ) , Its how energy should look ; In Lua , it looks a bit transperent. Almost invisible on plains ; Danse Macabre looks less vibrant and more transperent in Kuva tileset. Well its not ability visual but Revenant's wisps are tied to energy color ( looks bright pink and transperent ). Wanted to share this too because Orbiter lighting one of worst offenders ;
  11. Aeon94

    Revenant can look behind himself

    Ugh , this should be fixed. Looks awful and makes me not use his noble / agile animations.
  12. I got 50% off 3 days ago , so its still possible to get discounts. Guess you are just a bit unlucky.
  13. Aeon94

    SolarisUnited Promocode

    Seems like it doesn't do anything.
  14. Can you change Reave visuals to similar to Vomvalyst Dash ( while they are preparing themselves to dash, pics below ) and give Mesmer Skin more Eidolon tendrils ? @[DE]Rebecca Please , I know you can convince the team :D Also is it possible to give Revenant old wisp visuals ? He looked much better.