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  1. Aeon94

    Sacrifice Somachord tones

    Only got one from our first visit to Earth. Couldn't find another so far and I'm in last mission.
  2. Aeon94

    ETA on Fortuna Update?

    Not so SoonTM
  3. Aeon94

    Operator Issues (Spoilers. Lots of them.)

    Isn't the first pic belong to The Second Dream ?
  4. Aeon94

    we truly want the trials back

    So you want the boring gamemode that was all about constant CC and staying on buttons ? I have a better idea , " keep trials dead ". I however want a real coop gamemode , seems like Railjack is a good start.
  5. Aeon94

    2 years and nothing

    Targis got unvaulted with Mag Prime because of lack of her accessories. Now it will be re-unvaulted with Nyx Prime ( Targis's original PA ). Edo Prime might be unvaulted this winter.
  6. Aeon94

    Noiré, the Detective Warframe

    Weird but fun concept :D
  7. Aeon94

    Targis Prime has been unvaulted how many times now?

    Targis Prime was originally a part of Nyx Prime's Access and paired with Mag Prime because of lack of accessories. They will unvault Targis with Nyx just for consistency's sake. Also Targis set is best armor in game imo and its really popular. Edo Prime might be unvaulted next.
  8. Aeon94

    Mod cosmetics

    Would be awesome but also cause more visual clutter :(
  9. Aeon94

    DE... About Deluxe skin Bundles.

    Making deluxes for melees are much easier , I guess. No new reload animations for deluxe models , firing sounds etc. I'd love more primary / secondary deluxes tho.
  10. There is a chance for DE to see this but I'm sure your thread will be ignored like the ones before yours. DE doesn't want BladeStorm to be a generic nuke with 1 button tap. He is awesome and feels more like a ninja now. Better stay that way.
  11. Aeon94

    Are Kavats better than Kubrow?

    Utility wise , yes. They provide various buffs ( crit , resource boost etc ) , remove armor , draw enemy fire with decoys.
  12. Aeon94

    Ivara Prime Concept

    Keep up the good work !
  13. None of us need to provide a reason. I'm sure you know our community doesn't like exclusives and its not a good idea to put more exclusive stuff into the game. Common sense. Keep that in mind, Prime Accesses are there to provide instant access to said stuff ( no MR restriction and already built ) with Prime Glyphs and some plat. Also this ^