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  1. Aeon94

    What is that HUD icon?

    It's Smeeta Adarza crit chance buff. Not sure why it shows 81% tho , its 60% at max rank.
  2. Aeon94

    Magus Lockdown's Mine

    Its more likely a visual bug. Hope it gets fixed. Tenno'ed. :d
  3. Aeon94

    Do people really need to KILL floofs

    ^This. People are there to do their bounties. Doing side activities and not helping others for bounty count as leeching and not welcomed by community. I recommend hunting , fishing and mining while in solo or pre-made squad to avoid hatred.
  4. Aeon94

    Zenistar Disc Shouldn't Be Destroyed By Tornadoes...

    It shouldn't be destroyed by tornadoes , I guess posting in bug forum would be appropriate.
  5. Aeon94

    Noticed a thing

    I copied it to address bar and it redirected me to Warframe website. Nice joke XD
  6. Aeon94

    WHERE IS AGNST??????????

    Angst is currently unknown and you can hunt her when she is found again. From Wikia ;
  7. Aeon94

    Beast dual status mods bug

    DE are aware of this issue.
  8. Aeon94

    Bloodshed SIgil Bundle Discussion

    ^Best answer.
  9. Aeon94

    LEGO Solaris United Medallion

    Oh , that's awesome !
  10. Aeon94

    Fortuna: Live Now on PC!

    Nice !
  11. Aeon94

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Agreed. Reave hits really hard with changes ( I appreciate it ) but latest perk totally contradicts with his " blocking-all-damage " nature. Its just a redundant change. They could just give Thralls a short immunity period ( 2-3 sec ) , shorten his cast times a bit , remove detonating pillars synergy and change his passive to reflect his theme ( that won't contradict with his kit ). Edit : Also make a better synergy between DM and Thralls , instead of Overshield Orbs. Edit 2 : They can let DM to damage nullie shields and make its energy cost increase overtime ( they have to reduce current cost first :d ).
  12. Aeon94

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Thralls needed to be given damage reduction to ally damage or an invulnerability period to have a chance to spread Enthrall. Pillars shouldn't be destroyed by Danse Macabre. Mesmer Skin needed to have better visuals to let us know when / if charges depleted. Reave needed faster casting ( its slow even with Natural Talent ). Revenant's passive needs a change , its one of useless passives on par with Rhino's. But NO !!! Lets nerf Danse Macabre more and make Reave apply status effects on Revenant to his enemies ? Seriously wth... As long as Mesmer Skin is active, Revenant is IMMUNE to status effects and whole point of Revenant's kit is not getting affected by status and damage ( meatshield thralls + Mesmer Skin + Reave's invul. ). Exalted Blade , Artemis Bow etc can damage nullies bubbles even tho they are powered by void energy but SENTIENT ESSENCE POWERED LASERS can't. Where is the consistency ? Ok , let's make other abilities to not damage nullie bubbles as well while we are at it. Guess Revenant will always be crippled by his allies and kit will always contradict itself.
  13. Aeon94

    Where is update 23.10.0?!

    Check if you have any blue blinking icons on the map. Also build keys for Derelict , if i remember correcty , they blink on when you have crafted keys.