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  1. Space Magic. Everything in this game can only be explained with Space Magic.
  2. DE forgot he exists , they don't even bother fixing his gameplay breaking bugs. I wouldn't expect a skin anytime soon.
  3. She looks like she had a terrible period :X
  4. I have read about fragments and " New Threat Looms " fragment literally shows the Ropalolyst ( as the memory in quest ). Blocky head is not the one that emerged in memories. It's probably another Eidolon that will take its place on plains. We can't say that there weren't any sentient corpses on Tau which those Ropalos created from. You know they don't have to be exclusive to Earth / Plains. If ( boss ) Ropalo is from Tau , there should be a rogue and mindless Ropalo around for us to hunt. So its not a far fetched idea to guess ( boss ) Ropalo is from plains as its the only Flyodolon in Solar System currently. 1 - Ropalo has Eidolon features. Shields that can be destroyed by void damage , having synovias , grotesque and organic appearance ( unlike sentients like Battalyst / Conculyst ) etc. Only thing that is missing is spectral / nocturnal side of Eidolons but I have a theory on that ; Ropalo can move under daylight and just dies ( like seen in cutscene after battle ) instead of submerging / teleporting into abyss. What if it had something to do with creature dragging Revenant into abyss and leaving its eldritch essence / spectral powers with him ? Maybe it became daywalker but in return lost its resurrection ability ? It also doesn't drop shards but don't know if it has anything to do with his lore ( maybe just preventing easy shard farm ? ). 2 - This is what I thought ( Ropalo being connected to Natah ). It also strengthens my theory ;
  5. Well we have seen a memory of a Ropalolyst emerging in Mask of Revenant quest. Revenant was tasked to prevent it from return to surface. It dragged Revenant into abyss to emerge itself and corrupted him with sentient essence in process. Until proven otherwise by DE , there is nothing to deny that Ropalolyst ( from Mask of Revenant ) has left plains after emerging ( for an unknown reason , perhaps Natah's call ? ) and got tasked to watch over Alad V during his Amalgam Project by Natah. True, there are Ropalolysts in trailer but they are in Tau System alongside with Mother's army. Its easier to guess ( boss ) Ropalo is from plains than Tau. You know space travel is not easy for them. It still doesn't contradict with the idea of " gifted " Ropalolyst is the one from plains. Its easier to use the one currently resides on Solar System then bringing one from Tau.
  6. " The spectral silhouette of an Eidolon and the Fragments acquired in the mission depict the Ropalolyst. Despite Nakak claiming Revenant's power would be needed to combat the Sentient Eidolon, the Warframe has no bearing on the Ropalolyst fight. " -Wikia We can call Ropalolyst mindless aswell. I'm sure you noticed that Alad was working on Amalgams to serve sentient forces under Natah's control. Why would Ropalolyst attack to Alad's Gas City if it was fully sentient ? Why would it try to ruin Sentient Queen's plans ? Because it's as instinct driven and mindless as Eidolons are. Also its resurrected on plains like other Eidolons , meaning its a zombie too.
  7. Despite Nakak saying (in Mask of Revenant quest ) Revenant will be required to defeat new threat ( Flyodolon ) , Revenant doesn't have a single interaction with Ropalolyst. Wish DE didn't just leave him in his buggy state and ignore this " lore " interaction :(
  8. Chimera Prologue is prerequisite for new boss fight because of spoilers :3
  9. Wait. It already does that , right ? I have seen people using Wisp Agile + Equinox and forms were seperated during animation. Edit : It does. Or at least it should if its not bugged. Found a gif of Wisp Agile + Equinox.
  10. It happens with Revenant's Danse Macabre too.
  11. He has lots of issues currently ; Enthrall - Thralls created by Pillars do not leave Pillars on death. These Pillars also create invincible allies ( can only be killed after casting Enthrall on them ). Pillars get destroyed with weapons / melee attacks. Mesmer Skin - Enemies under Arbitration Drone protection / link sometimes kill Revenant while he has Mesmer Skin charges. Reave - Dashing thru allies do not grant them Mesmer Charges ( can be successful after many attempts ). 'Blinding Reave' : Only frontal finishers count towards riven challenges. It also blinds thralls. Danse Macabre - Rev gets stuck in ult while moving thru ledges until he runs out of energy. ( and he teleports back to said ledge at end of ult and climbs on it ). Also DM can be manually rotated with WASD keys after dashing with Reave ( this one is kinda fun but its a bug anyways ).
  12. Only one thing. Primary fire doesn't have infinite range with no fall off :3
  13. Green Mote adds Corrosive pros to Sol's Beam. :3 It makes Sol Beam good against armor too.
  14. Yeah it should. Also DE has to buff Firestorm to give "+3m explosion radius increase ( at max rank ) " or something like that.
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