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  1. Oh Sweet Celestia's Mighty Plot, YES! So ominous! I love it!
  2. Angius

    Warframe Builder

    About those links: how about making Kubrow or Archwing being linked to frame having stats based on stats of said frame? Same could be made with Rifle Amp and Steel charge.
  3. Angius

    Warframe Builder

    From what I know this function was slowing the builder down.
  4. Angius

    Warframe: Archwing

  5. Angius

    Pc Tenno- A Message From The Lotus

    I can feel it coming...
  6. Angius

    22/10/2014 Connectivity Issues

    Oh, launcher works just fine right now.
  7. Angius

    22/10/2014 Connectivity Issues

    Pinging the api shows 100% loss. looks like the servers are completely down. Also, previous topic with a bit more info:
  8. Angius

    October 10Th: Community Hot Topics!

    What other parts of Warframe could use new tutorials? Invasions, Alerts and Nightmare missions, definitely. New players need to know how do they work, how many Invasions you need to complete, changing node faction, payment, possible debuffs in Nightmare, all that stuff. Void and Derelict. You need to explain what are keys, where to get them, how to use them, how do reward system works. In Derelict you should also explain the Vaults and Dragon Keys. Other - everything should use a tutorial. No, I mean it. Every. Single. Thing. Market tutorial, so people wont come to forums to whine "So much thing is for Platinum! there are almost no weapons for free player! And no frames!" not knowing, that the Blueprints are there. The process of crafting stuff, farming and crafting frames, drop system, clan tech weapons, clans, dojos, Kubrows, consumables, spectres, switching shoulders, using zipline, using loadouts... Everything. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Who are your favorite bosses? Alad V, I just like that guy. And the fight is interesting, it is not dull, you need to use some tactics, keep being in motion... Yeah, definitely a fun boss to battle. Hyena Pack is really challenging and random (I can't believe I said that, Hyena Pack is probably the only thing in this game that benefits from RNG), meaning you can't gear up for every combination. And they are fun to kioll, since they use parkour and often you can lose them and find them behind your back. That's the level of challenge we need, not infinite armour and health scaling. Jackal. The multi-phase battle was done great here. Shoot the legs - shoot everything else - repeat. I really like fighting him. It poses a threat for lowbies, and is fairly fun to kill even for vets like myself. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Are you excited for Sigils? HECK YEAH! Finally something to do after you have everything. The challenges, that require you to finish the previous ones and equip certain sigils, yes, that's what we need. I only hope, that there'll be tons of them, not like with the quest where we got what, three of them? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is your initial reaction to the proposed Excalibur changes? Radial Blind nerf was definitely needed. Well, it was not a nerf, it was a fix, since it should not bypass walls and stuff. But his other abilities need actual buffs. Super Jump may be remotely useful and maybe even worth slotting in, that's cool. There was no rework of Slash Dash, which is IMHO the worst ability in Warframe (since SJ is getting a buff). At least give it a bleed proc and make it scale from meele! Come on! Radial Javelin "buff" is a joke. The issue with this ability was not that it was unable to hit all enemies, the issue was that it was unable to even scratch those hit. At least give it some utility, like pushing enemies 2/3/4/5 metres away or something... ________________________________________________________________________________________________ How would you rate the Tiberon, overall? Not bad. Probably the only thing that makes Latrine (yes, I call Latron Latrine. I don't like this weapon at all.) useful. Not an end-game weapon, but a buff to Latrine. Honestly, we need more of weapons requiring other weapons to be built. Something that requires MK-1s maybe? Or the basic versions of starter weapons? Dunno, MK-2 Braton, MK-2 Kunai, MK-2 Furax or something like that? The weapon is ok, the idea behind it is great. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ What other pets would you like to get in Warframe? Orokittens, hacked and modified MOA platforms and reverse-engineered Tenno Zanuka. Yes, we need those. Kubrow armour should be a top priority, though.
  9. Angius

    September 26Th: Community Hot Topics!

    What are your favorite types of cosmetic items? (can choose more than one) Attachments, alt helmets, sentinel cosmetics and Kubrow cosmetics. I mean, you can only intoduce finite amount of colours. They will repeat once and once again. I don't think, that we need more palettes, than we have now, they cover pretty much all the colours you may ever want. Now alt helmets, Syandanas and armour pieces are different, you can unleash your fantasies with them and create everything. And mi and match them as you please, changing your frame's looks significantly. Same goues for Sentinel attachments. As for Kubrow cosmetics, I hope for some armour. Sure, more patterns, more colours, blah blah, but I'd like to make an armoured machine of destruction out of my Kubrow. And I need a cool looking armour for that. What suggestions do you think would improve the Login Reward system? (can choose more than one) Rewards that scale better, that's for sure. I mean, right now you have better chances of getting 75% off from a 1-star reward, than from 3-star one! As for the "other" answer I picked (I'm honesly suprised, that it is not in the poll!) - make the rewards (except plat discounts maybe) be sent to you via in-game mail. That way you can claim your XP packs whenever you need and it would not be wasted on your 8-forma mk-1 Strun. Should there be rewards for completing mastery ranks? Yes, for all MR tests. Let it be something small, like a simple Syandana, or a colour palette, Lato skin, maybe even a set of rare mods or fusion cores, 50k credits, stuff like that, and a potato or a slot every 5 ranks. That should be a good deal, I think. Should Mastery Rank influence more things in game? Yes. Hell yes, I'd even say. We need more things to be MR-locked - planets, weapons, nodes, keys, all this stuff, so we won't see a MR0 players on Cerberus, running around with Boltors Prime. Right now, besides few weapons, MR is completely useless, and people with rank 0 starter gear can get to Outer Terminus or T4 Survival if they want. That should not be possible. Which Nekros abilities need a revision? (can choose more than one) SotD. Definitely. The Shadows are incredibly dumb an not worh it. It's better to go full Desacrate build (probably the only viable Nekros build tat exists) than to bother with them. They should follow Nekros like bodyguards, they should have increased stats (preferably scalable with Power Strength) and should stop shooting walls. Or being stuck 5 rooms behind Nekros, because they are apparently a stationary skill. MAYBE then, some 5% of Nekros players would consider switching from Desacrate spam to private army. But I doubt it, at least unless the RNG won't be fixed (honestly, do Neural Sensors even exist?) What do you like most in an event? (can choose more than one) Lore. Everyone likes it, and every game needs it. Nuff said. Rewards. Usually some fancy cool weapon, sometimes a mastery feeder like Sheev. But well, it's free, potatoed and comes with a slot. New mechanics. Warframe desperately needs more diversity, and new mechanics are certainly a good way to introduce it. Killing stuff. What do you like least in an event? (can choose more than one) Repeating the same thing over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. Well, I pretty much described the whole game with that one sentence, but I digress. Anybody remembers Gradivus Dilemma? We needed to complet what, like 100 Invasion missions? That started to get boting after 5th one, frustrating after 15th and infuriating after 30th. Take the Cryotic Front now. You could finish it in many runs if you wanted, or you could just sit tight for 1-2 long runs and get it over with. That's a good design. Oh, and playing the same tileset over, and over, and... Ahem. Yeah, that's a bad thing too. Repetitivnesss in general. What is your favourite event? Cryotic Front. You feel like it, you have a good team and good gear? You can finish it in one run. You are a weaker player? You can do it step by step. Great design, great idea, great execution. The best event so far, the only one that was not extremely grindy (well, not counting Fusion MOA event maybe) In your opinion, are you more concerned about Mod Drop Tables or Prime Gear Parts? Definitely Prime Gear. To get mods you can just jump into a mission and kill enemies untill they drop something. For Primes, you need to acquire a key (RNG), then finish the mission, and then you may get the part you want, or you may get a 10th goddamn T2 Capture (RNG). That's a random chance for having a random chance of getting what you want. It's like winning the possibility of participating in lottery on another lottery. Sounds dumb, right?
  10. Angius

    Hotfix 14.8.1

    "Hikou Prime Pouch being impossible to obtain" not fixed?
  11. Angius

    September 12Th: Community Hot Topics!

    My votes + explanations: How do you feel about the recent experimental Excalibur changes? The changes should be part of a complete rework. Excalibur was OP in Closed Beta. He was fine when Open Beta started. But with progressing powercreep (talking about both - OP gear and OP enemies) he is rather lacking. His damage output is laughable, his Super Jump is useless, Slash Dash can be used to scratch Bombard's nose if it's itching. All of his abilities, besides Radial Blind have zero scaling or zero usability whatsoever. Which Excalibur abilities need a revision? All of them. How do you think Slash Dash should be revised? Scale damage with meele. That's probably the most resonable option. Maaaaybe add guaranteed Bleeding proc. This way it won't scale with enemies (no weapon does, maybe besides high-status ones), but it will at least scale with our gear. How do you think Radial Blind should be revised? No opinion on this topic. It's fine as it is now, honestly. Really powerful CC ability. True, it should not work through walls and covers, but even without these it is a powerful tool. Or another option which I'll describe later in my post. How do you think Super Jump should be revised? Combination of 1 through 3 1. Increase the controlability (is that a word?), so you can jump in the direction you want to, not just straight up. 2. Add brief stagger effect on enemies close to your starting location when you are jumping 3. Add knockdown (light units) and stagger (heavy units) on landing. Radius increase with mods. How do you think Radial Javelin should be revised? Both 1 and 2 Ecalibur is a swordsman. At least he should be. Definitely scale this ability with meele. As for additional effect - guaranteed Puncture proc should be cool. Maybe some punch-through for javelins, enough to pierce 2-3 enemies. OR Fuse it with Radial Blind. What won't die - will be stunned and blinded. Perfect solution, similar to the one in Rhino Stomp. How satisfied have you been with the previous prime accessory packs? No opinion on this topic. Since the Prime Accessories are obtaiable only for hard currency, I won't be getting any. If they were available for Pla - I would really consider that. How often do you participate in Dark Sectors Conflicts? Never I am a die hard PvE player. When I started - Warframe was purely PvE, and that's why I loved this game. Then dojo rooms came. Sure, fine, they are not necessary, but I don't have to partake in it. Then Conlcaves appeared. Same case - I don't have to play it, those are just for fun. Dark Sectors were introduces - cool, easy money if the clan/alliance wasn't paybaiting. Some nice mods from Spectres too. Now the wole Dark Sectors ownership is completely locked behind PvP. I wan't to help liberate the overtaxed nodes, I really do! But at the same time I refuse to fight other players. Current system forces you to join PvP if you want to have any impact on what's happening. And I won't take part in it. Would you participate more if any of the following suggestions were implemented? Other Add some PvE possibilities. Add the ability to run Raid or Sabotage missions to have an impact on what'll happen. Allow me to break the generator, or steal a power cell, while enemies are distracted by a cell of my clanmates fighting them. Kinda like the "Lone Tenno Operative" from Survivals. How do you feel about DNA Stabilizers? They are fine the way they are now Seriously, the daily cost of Kubrow upkeep is around 3.5k credits. Is this really that much? Seriously? Maybe add a module to Incubator, craftable with Argon and some more stuff. Or even purchasable for Plat, that would make the Stabilizers be used automatically, one per four days, so people won't whine about how they can't log in every four days for a minute to keep his Kubrow alive. Or how they can't put him into stasis if they know they'll be away. What’s your opinion on the new MOD UI? Needs some changes Namely - I don't know which mod is which. Seriously, they all look eactly the same to me. I can tell, that there are gold ones, silver ones and bronze ones. The artwork is there no more, only the gray-ish, brown-ish or urine-ish tint, that's all I can see. Not to mention the horizontal scrolling. Extemely unintuitive. And the rank stars that you can barely see. And a lack of a damn searchbar. Seriously, it's been a topic since Mods 2.0 came out and it's not here yet? And overall crampedness of the cards. Everything is there. Here's a number, there's a number, there's a letter next to it, some gold, some deco, something flashy, something blinky, but I don't know what mod is that untill I squint my eyes and read the whole description.
  12. Angius

    Warframe Builder

    Your build probably had "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasdfuyjkjjvchffjghnk" or something as description. Or the description was just copypasted stats. Or violated some other rule. Though the Builder couls use a link to a set of general rules, like "Thou shalt not paste stats in thine descriptions" If your deleted build is the same, as the one you just re-made, I can definitely see a reason behind deleting it: Also - deleted.
  13. Angius

    This Week: Back To School Alerts!

    You went all out with those alerts, great :D Thank you, DE!
  14. Angius

    Pc: Operation Cryotic Front!

    Umm... Was it re-posted? o.O I swear, that I saw this topic before, when the event began... Edit: Oh, cool, FIRST!!!
  15. Angius

    New Contest: Mirroring Reality

    I've observed many, and I mean many people, that are posting just "funny" pictures, with no description, no comparison, no nothing. Just "look how funny it looks!". It happens during pretty much every single contest. Is it so hard to read and understand what you are supposed to post?