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  1. Yes, there is, but it's rather a fancy addition, sort of a minigame. I was expecting something gamechanging, like Focus or Proxy Wars mentioned before, not just another gametype, staying besides the current content, not actually changing it or fixing the core mechanics. I am more and more inclined towards the thought, that DE constantly tries to create something new instead of finishing what they've once started. Do you remember how long did it took to finally have Vor's Prize? Reputation System bug is here since forever, and DE did nothing more about it, it's still just a bug, not a func
  2. "U15 - fancy new wings and still no reputation system!", right around the corner! What change? I haven't seen any massive changes in this livestream, honeslty...
  3. This. Fancy new gamemode that'll become not-so-new after a few runs and just a way to farm (if we are required to use Archwing to farm something) or a irritating necessity after few dozen runs, yes. Some new tilesets, some new animations, combos, new weapons, enemies, yes. Xbone release date a.k.a. the downfall of community, yes. But where's the big thing? Proxy Wars? Focus? ENDGAME? Hello?
  4. Honestly? Nobody cares how much did you spent. Try changing your password. If that won't help - contact Support at http://support.warframe.com/
  5. You can't trade parts other, than Prime. You can't give him your Rhino blueprint, unless it is a Rhino Prime Blueprint. Rhino works well with Oberon or Trinity, since they can heal him, with Vauban, since he can stick Teslas to a charging Rhino and with Valkyr (Warcry + Roar FTW). And with basically any frame, really.
  6. 1. RNG is an issue in itself 2. 3. Partially, yes, but it's also the fault of the lack of endgame 4. Reputation system, so nobody would play with people with negative values 5. See above. Also, the XP distribution from the objective (pod, console, ets) not from the player 6. The objective markers like to point in some weird directions, especially on Phobos and Infested tileset 7. 8. An issue nontheless. And the one that is here for quite a long time. 9. 10. That doesn't change the fact, that the enemies we have now can be ridiculously tough to kill. 11. There are still some areas th
  7. So maybe we should get further and further, beyond this half, instead of sticking more colourful stickers on the part that we already have?
  8. Oh, yes, let's have a crapton of content, with flying, MOBA, add some RTS maybe, five more minigames and stuff... Let's completely disregard the issues like impossible to obtain mods, dilluted drop tables, burnout syndrome, leechers, door heroes, misleading markers on minimap, weapon balance, cloth physics, enemy AI, enemies being bulletsponges, learning curve, difficulty curve, game optimisation, strict NAT and other equally not important things.
  9. Kubrow colours and patterns will probably still be randomized while they are hatched. What will change - I think - is that you will be able to choose the single pieces of it's looks (colours, pattern) for Plat from the market, but you will also be able to trade the whole imprints. You can make your Kubrow red-black and with Lotus pattern, but you need to buy those separately, while by buying imprints you can get red-black Lotus bulky Huras with fluffy paws. I believe that the body types, tempers and other physical traits other than fur colour and pattern will be possible to get only by tra
  10. Yeah, it is. But what can we do, when it looks cool but isn't adding anything new?
  11. Sell them while people are still buying them. Wanna buy a Raksa imprint?
  12. That's what it is, honestly. As it is with everything, pretty much. Dark Sectors? Just places to farm. Quests? We have so little of them right now, that it's not really worth mentioning. Archwing? Just a toy to play around with a bit. I mean, all of these things are cool, really, but they are not what we need. We need something to do after we acquire and max everything. We will max these wings someday, we will have a full collection of those. What after that? Nothing. The endgame - Proxy Wars, Focus, those things should be a priority. Hell, even (or maybe especially) the Reputation
  13. You will have a minigame with Wyrm. Yes, Warframe needs more minigames. Let's not mention the endgame, it's not important.
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