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  1. lolno, that is an energy bar
  2. @Loviam Sprint Boost and Speed Holster are always nice QoL auras when you're not minmaxing.
  3. Steel Charge, Power Drift Adaptation, Hunter Adrenaline, Narrow Minded, Transient Fortitude Constitution, Primal Rage, Umbral Intensify, Gladiator Resolve (once I get Umbral Forma, will probably swap for Umbral Vitality). Gets solid duration for Defy buff and Primal Fury drain, and high strength. Also doubles as a decent Cloudwalker speedrunning build without sacrificing tankiness or damage. I use a melee stat stick with as many Gladiator mods as I can reasonably fit, usually 3, and the health one's nice too. Then on my Staff: Condition Overload, Vicious Frost, Drifting Contact, Primed Reach Primed Fever Strike, Berserker, Primed Pressure Point, Buzz Kill. The staff build's mostly personal preference, I might mess around trying to fit Organ Shatter on there, or Gas damage to free up the Buzz Kill slot. It's really powerful no matter how you build it though, and the frame mods complement it. Glad mods for more crit chance too.
  4. @DrivaMain yep. Had <<NETWORK NOT RESPONDING>> happen a few times. Loading Lab screens in my Clan Dojo was super weird, it locked out my movement and didn't load the actual research. I hope it's just Servers being weird.
  5. @Letherenth I had the part I chose (which was also the part I grabbed) given to me. My friend, also in the squad had my part, which he had chosen
  6. I had this happen too - except I alt-f4'd and on relog I got my piece.
  7. Hi all, if there are any artists out there that are able to make a simple clan emblem for me, I would appreciate if we could get in touch to discuss pricing and designs. Wasn't sure where to look, but figured the forums was the best place to start (and was suggested here too, when I asked). I've tried a little to make a very simple design, but I'm not a great artist and I don't want to have to keep spending 150 plats every time I change my mind 😛
  8. You can also run Corrosive on it with Primed Charged Shell for lots of damage. Primed Ravage is a must, and either Blunderbuss or Laser Sight for crit chance (or both, if you really want) - Laser Sight is stronger but more conditional, but it's fairly easy to get with the alt-fire. You'll want PPB of course and Hell's Chamber, if you've got spare slots and aren't sure what to put Vigilante Armaments is always a good shout. Honourable Mentions go to Blaze and Chilling Reload for being pretty good mods but I wouldn't run both, I don't think there's the room for that.
  9. ah ok, thanks. I called my clan "Bronzebrand" so i think i should keep it simple and thematic - maybe a shield icon with sword(s) in a bronze monotone, i was thinking.
  10. hi all, just made a clan and want a nice looking clan emblem. I'm not a great artist so I was wondering where I could go to find people that could make an emblem for me? Or if there are users here able to? And no, I wouldn't expect it for free.
  11. Hate to be that guy but when can we expect some ingame way of reobtaining Login Weapons?
  12. Thank you for the update! But I have a complaint still, sorry - there's still literally no way to get a login weapon back once sold, and if you take more than 48 Hours to realise your mistake support won't help you (rightly so)... but if you sold them a long long time ago the only option is to make a new account? Is there any way to give say Simaris the BPs for them after they're earned?
  13. Thank you for the update. If I could request a feature for the next one it would be some way to get Login weapons back once you earn them whether a Simaris blueprint or simply the login giving you a reusable blueprint as well as a weapon.
  14. thanks DE but there's still no way to get sold login reward weapons back. This isn't great for those of us who sold ours and then didn't realise we couldn't reobtain them until after the amount of time support refuses to give duplicates. While I recognise that support are just sticking to their rules, it's frustrating to literally have zero way to get these weapons back. You added the Orvius blueprint to Simaris so even something like that I would accept, but as of now it's just pointless and a bummer.
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