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  1. That analogy though. Who in their right mind would name their kid after the profession they might be involved in? Naming your kids and knowing their profession =/= naming kubrows and knowing their breed (in a video game) OP is asking for a 'quality of life' change that would help with picking the name. OP wants to know during the naming process what breed the puppy is. It can't be hard to make this change, those who don't care about it won't be affected but if someone wants to name their newly hatched "insertkubrowbreed" a certain name, they should be able to see it before they name it.
  2. Smashing 'Subscription' button on youtube waiting hoping for new videos to pop up.
  3. Now that's what you call Void.
  4. They've been under DDoS attack twice. Not their fault. There's a megathread somewhere in general discussion I think. Here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/277933-29072014-login-issues/ Also check occasionally latest staff replies, you might see someone from DE commenting about something that's relevant to what you might be experiencing (like servers down, cannot log in etc).
  5. Actually, it is. Prism, unlike Absorb or Sound Quake, does not last for as long as you have energy. It has default duration (I think 10 sec) after which it will automatically detonate or you can detonate it earlier by yourself (like Absorb, Sound Quake).
  6. My build at the moment with 1 forma: http://goo.gl/x6faPt You can replace Redirection with Vitality if you need to (for example if you have trinity or oberon in a squad) or replace Stretch with Natural Talent to cast Prism relatively fast. Because you can detonate Prism whenever you want and it blinds enemies for decent duration in a decent range, it is handy to have it for tougher missions. Also, you could possibly replace Intensify with higher rank Blind rage to get more power damage. In that case you'd need (depending on Blind rage's rank) higher rank Fleeting (because Prism will eat
  7. Correction, you would end up with 600. 300 + 200 (base) * 1.5 = 600
  8. Friend said he noticed he gained mastery after leveling one kubrow. Apparently they give 6k mastery, like warframes do.
  9. Agreed. Running 1920x1080 resolution and mod cards and their descriptions (on the left side when modding) are a bit too small even after hovering over them with mouse. Before these few hotfixes the distance was fine.
  10. --Sokol

    Alad V Lvl 51

    Also, 2 friends of mine joined to ODA and Lephantis was 79 whilst regular infested were 59 or so. This bug is probably related to all bosses.
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