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  1. I lost a lot of elite Onslaught goodies multiple times due to the host migration thing.

    just letting you know i can not play it until such things are fixed

    This is a game mode you can not fail.
    So why not give stuff when you pick it up instead of when you complete the mission?

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  2. 8 minutes ago, VelarozDosun said:

    Um.... What? A lot of the people who are looking at Valkyr P. are avid fans of the game, and the frame itself--and are confused by the rather erratic design of Valkyr Prime, in comparison to what's thought of as the "Original Frame Appearance" [Gersemi].

    I had money ready to drop on this Prime Access... But I'm not quite sure anymore. The aesthetic is bothering me, as it is likely bothering many others.

    Also, just because it is 'free' for most players, doesn't mean they don't make money. The aesthetic choices for Prime designs [and, in turn, what they get on their Prime Access] is paramount to getting players to drop money on acquiring them quickly from DE. While this game may be 'free', do not fool yourself into thinking that they don't make money. Their choices with designing this Prime, however, is making me--and probably other Valkyr mains--second-guess their desire to shell out for her prime.

    I see your point. I just think the tone in which some people voice their complaints is not very constructive

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  3. Reading this thread makes me really sad. People are so ungrateful.

    I'ts as if somebody offers you a free car and gives you the option of buying a set of fancy seat covers. you don't spit that person in the face because the seat covers are not the right color. If you don't like them, don't buy the extra's.

    We get this game for FREE

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