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  1. i did like 3 to 4 railjack missions and i maxed out my freshly build gear to 30
  2. archmelee is a rusting pile of scrapmetal for now
  3. to much work to make this work with the spagget code and people have optimized mining runs by now
  4. imma ad to this what about people who join through the Plains of eidolon node and not through konzu and his early lunch? i get thrown in to bounty's all time from that node and all i want is some metals from there solo be dammed
  5. just play with clan member or friends dont bring your out of region stuff in to this thats on you
  6. we still need a normal dakra, we got prime and the Dex twin blade version
  7. 在这里使用Google翻译,但中国没有针对Warframe的特定启动器和电子邮件吗? 还要确保检查垃圾邮件文件夹
  8. i recommend lockin this thread before you get to salty
  9. ahh yes The Gang you must the one dude with the proper internet speed for it then
  10. with how poorly it is doing?
  11. wich then removes the mode from the game and everyone gets the rewards mailed to em
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