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  1. It probably will be, but it got me thinking about how dumb the single shoulder armor are.
  2. I personally don't, but some people do. Heck, my point is that all the normal people who play over the right shoulder should be able to equip the armor pieces on that side if they want.
  3. Single shoulder armor was introduced with the Provvok shoulder guard, and then was folowed by Protosomid and now the Prisma Latron (maybe, this could change with next baro, but it's not labelled as right or left, which scares me). There's absolutely no reason why the armor shouldn't be flipped and allowed to be placed on the right side, it would only take minimal effort to make it happen. While there are the three armors I mentioned, I'm only going to look at Provvok's interactions, since it sticks out the most. "It might get in the way!" The H key exists in case you were unaware, and some people play that way. We're going to be visiting H land a lot, so get comfortable. For all of my examples, I'll be using Atlas Prime. Atlas is (as far as I can see) the all-around largest frame. Grendel is a tad wider, but Atlas has a teeny bit of height, which pulls his shoulders closer to the center of the screen. And before anyone says "AKSHULLY THE POSE IS DIFFERENT", check this out: To start, I looked at how the shoulder stance is between left and right. Left: Right: Then I zoomed in, which drastically changes the pose on each side. Left: Right: I do see that the left side has a more compact pose than the right, but it's still not enough of a reason to not have the option to use all armors on the right. (especially with chroma dynasty existing for the left) And a quick post-edit: there's also no reason why we shouldn't be able to use the left and right variants of the Harkonar and Maggor shoulders on either side too. Now I get it, having the armors equipped on the right side would probably block a bit more of the view than on the left, but it's not so much that it shouldn't be left up to the player if they want to take that risk or not. Just give us the option to screw up our view if we want, Nekros Prime and Chroma Dynasty exist anyway.
  4. While we're at it, a button to swap energy 1 and 2 would be nice, especially since all frames don't use the same blending order.
  5. Generally positive changes, now we just need better murmur farm rates and less of a disconnect from the rest of the game.
  6. That's some interesting math there. When you guys had that, uh, 'logic', did you forget relics existed and make up a majority of the items anyone cares about?
  7. "I didn't buy anything, can I have rewards too?"
  8. If this is a christmas gift, can I have a refund or a return?
  9. cough holding E still does heavy attacks even though nobody wants it drydock still can't be placed even when there's room on the second floor liches still aren't worth it to do in premade squads cough Awful bad cold I have today.
  10. Not a word about the unbuildable drydock on the second floor? It's where I had space, and it's pretty infuriating that months of planning ahead was just swept aside because of poor bounding issues.
  11. That still means I have to slog through the lich grind even if I don't want the weapon though. What happened to just straight trading the lich pre-kill, or is that still planned? Also when's the system going to revert back to murmur gain for all lich kill attempts? It's currently a selfish cesspool of degeneracy in public squads after that change, and desperately needs a fix, and I'm unsure how that wasn't mentioned in this post, especially since it's the biggest point of contention.
  12. From [DE]Bear: So we're just not doing that then? Good luck on Prime Time tonight then, hope you run into people more charitable than the general public has been.
  13. You're on xbox, meaning you haven't even tried it, meaning you have no idea how slow and tedious it is now without the 10x murmur progress from squadmates attempting a lich kill.
  14. It's not a hard solution or a balance issue, everyone was happy, the farm was moving at an acceptable pace, neither too fast or slow, and then you reverted it. There's clearly no harm in putting it back to the fun and cooperative mode we had, why is that so hard for you guys to understand? And on top of that, why was the kuva drop removed within an hour, but this awful system has been allowed to stay for nearly a full day?
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