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  1. I can second this and add my post to the mix.
  2. Will this mean Wukong's idle noble animation will finally get the fix it's deserved for years now? Will he finally get to summon his stick like he's supposed to?
  3. Boy. I haven't read a post that made my head hurt this much in a while. If you're struggling this much with such a low MR test, you're going to have an awful time in the 20s (assuming you ever figure out where your mods screen is). MR 9 just takes a little patience and planning, and should be simple to clear with some well-placed bow shots, or the banshee/redeemer combo that everyone else suggested. Not sure you'll even be able to build the two, but apparently you're so eager to throw plat around that it shouldn't be too much of an issue. Or you could just take the smarter option for your mindset:
  4. It reverts back as soon as you leave the arsenal, but yeah, it freaked me out too.
  5. Most shoulder armors other than avia and few odd ones here and there are super oversized. Two examples: Quaro Saturn Six ALSO- The right leg pakal armor is placed too far forward, and as far I can tell, this is only present on wisp.
  6. That's not gonna change, they'd have to redo every melee grip type to accommodate just wisp, and that's more work than it's worth.
  7. Why fix the glitch to get outside of the orbiter? It's not easy to do, and now a bunch of us have decorations stuck in space.
  8. re-bump because it still looks poopy
  9. Clan name: Creation and Ruin Clan tier: Shadow Clan platform: PC Personal clan role: Founding warlord Featured image: List of rooms:
  10. The neck thing is only a minor issue, but the koppra set is still a massive mess and I agree fully that it needs fixing desperately still.
  11. Prime is on the left, base Equinox is on the right. Both are using the Divisa skin.
  12. The Proto Deluxe Volt still has the secondary channel overtaking the primary on the energy lines on his body. With secondary Without secondary also all Exalteds only use the secondary color and apparently Revenant doesn't color the same anymore either, he used to look like the Pyra syandana's colors and now it's just white. yknow what, I'm not going through any more of the list in pictures, Nezha Deluxe, Ember Prime, and Limbo Deluxe are the only frames whose color channels still work right. A quick list of frames where only the secondary shows up but it didn't in the first version of secondary energy: Octavia Diva Tennogen disks are only secondary, hair tails are only primary. Titania default butterflies are only secondary Mag Alata Tennogen head stripes are all secondary Hidryn energy is only secondary Chroma Prime is only secondary Atlas Graxx Tennogen energy dots are only secondary
  13. So instead of fixing the trade auto-ban system, you guys instead chose to reduce drops? That's got to be the worst bandaid fix I've ever seen.
  14. Is there ever going to be a possibility of more riven slots? Even at an incredibly marked up value to make buying too many difficult? With the amount of available weapons, 90 is too few for those of us who have been playing for thousands of hours and want even more variety. Also Volt cloth physics when?
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