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  1. Oh dang, here we go again. Day 1 probably is not warframe related, but I'll post as soon as I draw something that is. Every unrelated day is posted here: https://twitter.com/Fluffysbeans Day 2 - Mindless
  2. dang, you beat me to it. I have a picture for proof at least.
  3. Last time I checked, I can't get any of the skins/armor/syandana outside of pvp other than Riv Elite, but I can use them in pve, can't I? Check your info better next time, hm?
  4. For having no ties to PVE, it sure has a lot of reward I can use in, gasp, what's that? PVE.
  5. Welp, now the universal medallions are dead to me, and conclave will stay dead. Conclave was the only thing I had any intention of using the medallions on, and this just makes them pretty worthless. 1000 standing is such a tiny number relative to its droprate, but I was willing to overlook that if it meant I didn't have to touch pvp in a pve game. Thanks for cluttering the drop tables with another useless drop I guess.
  6. As a lot of people have said, the 5% energy return on kinetic plating is really lackluster. You have to be taking absurd amounts of damage to get any energy return, and by that point Gauss has probably splattered into a fine red mist. Sure, arcane barrier helps mitigate some of that, but battery drain per hit + damage types that go through the shield makes the ability seem like it tries to do too many things at half-tilt. I did a few hours worth of build testing to see if anything made it work better, and the only thing that made the energy return feel even semi-acceptable was max str + highish shield. Maybe consider making it moddable?
  7. This is really cool that you guys did this. Now what about the rest of the armors?
  8. oh god please no. The way the augment works, I'm not able to multi-layer bubbles without popping the first, I really don't want the detonation innate unless it becomes hold-to-detonate.
  9. Simply add an augment slot, please. Now it's more polite. do it
  10. No, what would prevent afk users would be implementing the already in-place afk reward ineligibility.
  11. No, the majority asked for either price drops or better pearl drops, very few asked for both.
  12. They literally just changed it to what a majority of players asked for as a fix, did you not read the feedback? Good fix, DE, thanks for not just shutting down AFK with no compensation.
  13. Cool mode, grind is awful. Swing and a miss.
  14. That's 2 free drones, what do you want, to get the whole set free? It's a goldarn cosmetic.
  15. For something getting a makeover, the amphis sure is ugly still. There's also a dead color channel on it.
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