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  1. We used to be able to have the codex scanner equipped and use quick melee, then go back to scanner mode with no harassment. At some point (i believe it was when the new holster mechanics was introduced), if we use melee while codex scanner is equipped, pressing RMB (or LMB) will immediately switch to primary weapon, forcing a new gear wheel opening to equip the scanner again. This is very annoying, specially when looking for Simaris targets. Using melee to get rid of a random mob will force a gear wheel opening. I have a keybind for that, but it still sort of breaks the game. More than once, I almost killed the Simaris target, while quick attacking another mob with melee, pointing back to scan and get the target shot by accident. I'm pretty sure this change was not intended (and if it was, it was a bad one). Please fix it.
  2. Any chance of having any (or both) of the followying in a foreseable future? - Increased riven slot cap (90 is way too low, considering the number of weapons in the game). - Increased Orbiter decoration cap: floofs alone can exaust a single room quite easily.
  3. Kitguns and K-drives are still missing in the players profile.
  4. When will be k-drives, Moa pets and Kitguns available on the player´s profile?
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