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  1. This has been around for a while, but I'm not sure it has been reported. When you check another player's profile, you can now see the overall progress (warframes, weapons,etc. and it's corresponding mastery points) for everything except "Missions" (nodes unlocked) and "The Steel Path Missions", where it shows 0 points on both lines. Those 2 lines only get populated, showing the correct amount of mastery points, if you check your own profile. To make it clear: I'm talking about the "Mastery Breakdown" list that pops up when you move the mouse to the "mastery rank" on the top right side of the main profile page (this info has always been hidden on the profile "stats summary" page except for your own profile). The total mastery points shown also lack the progress from those 2 lines.
  2. Me: Capture target in 30 seconds. Heading to extraction. Lotus: "Change of plans. Enemy can not learn about our presence. Exterminate all 125 of them"...
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