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  1. I'd be interested to hear why the Gath Matk didn't make it in https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1834436196&searchtext= Thought that thing was a shoe in for style and what not.
  2. They already said there would be modular primaries (can't remember when, but it was on a stream), so it's just a matter of time. Edit: Probably on the grineer themed open world they'll end up doing (since we've already had a Tenno/Orokin theme with Cetus and a Corpus theme with Fortuna, it's bound to be Grineer next, heh. Which, has me excited. Want me some Grineer modular weapons for sure).
  3. Tada! They disappeared! https://gyazo.com/b9f81a29f6ad2b0e324814cd71240e8c
  4. I'm just glad they're working on rigging up the ability for us to change keybinds. I don't have a lot of finger dexterity and middle mouse button is killer on my hands as a fret.
  5. Something broke with the emissives on the Mithra skins. Glowing panels should be orange per the color I selected and they now appear red.
  6. Any way to change Shawzin emote keybinds? Middle mouse as a fret is a bit awkward for someone with bad finger dexterity like me.
  7. Not ENTIRELY correct, his ultimate sends out electricity when the battery overcharges. I still don't think he's a recycled volt myself, but just being accurate.
  8. High damage weapons and just blap em to death. Opticor Vandal works nicely. If you have Paracesis that will stunt their resistance build up as well. Edit: Can't remember if you can get Paracesis at that point in the story, but make sure you have weapons with different primary damage types so you can swap when they get resistant to one damage or the other.
  9. Any idea if we'll get Sword & Shield melee in the Tennogen? Would love to start seeing some skins for it.
  10. That's correct, they aren't expended like a resource when you build something, they are just like slots for Warframes. Build something, it takes up a slot. Delete it, slot comes back.
  11. You have to destroy and rebuild to switch positions. You also need enough energy AND capacity to build more rooms (capacity comes from the Halls you can make, like grand hall and the like)
  12. Soooo... Is it being WORKED ON to make it possible? Really wanna use Zaws, but Fashionframe is end game. I NEED MY FASHION, DE.
  13. Grendel: *Eats Grineer bombard, sprouts a cannon out of arm* Also Grendel: *Eats a Prodman, becomes the hero of legends.... John Prodman*
  14. PLEASE, tell me Grendel... will be our version of Kirby. I want to eat enemies and then gain abilities based on what I ate.
  15. Still hoping we can separate the scarf from the metal "U's" all over. I want the scarf active, but the "U's" gone.
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