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  1. Yeah, I love the look of the new content, but I would love to hear an update as to when we're getting the 5th Railjack intrinsic tree. My intrinsic points are waiting to be spent! Also, I wanna start blowing crap up with my AI crew. XD
  2. If on public and matchmaking, Memphis loads an Archwing mission instead of the intended Defection mission. New Note: If you happen to load in when no one else has joined then you can load the correct mission and others who try to join after will load in. But, if you select the mission and others are currently searching for it, it loads the Archwing mission as stated.
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  4. Same thing happened to me. Jumping off the edge and redoing the puzzle allowed me to interact with the stone but I lost 10 of the glass.
  5. So... Deadlock Protocol first week of June? *Hopes*
  6. Parts of the tactical map get cut off by the UI depending on where you are on the ship (Needs to NOT happen ever. Makes coming back to the pilot station from the forges impossible at times or vice versa)
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