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  1. masochism? warframe offers you tons of content. there is no reason to do something you don't like. if it is too boring, a break helps. or what ever. updates come regularly.
  2. vaz is way better then zen for my play style. i prefer tank frames with powerful guns and strong self heal.
  3. frequent updates keep this game alive. they even said it in interview (in 2013-2014)
  4. and custom hud is needed. with khora i can't even monitor 2 pets. i need health bars near reticle.
  5. kuva nukor/bramma and i dont need nothing else. they are way to good right now. only for bosses i would take an other weapon. but nearly most of the time i dont kill bosses.
  6. frost is good right now. i played him a lot and still like him. he has good role and he is very useful for new players. warframe has a lot of warframes. just play an other warframe for surv/ext etc.
  7. ask in chat. i help new players very often
  8. remove arcanes and have fun. play solo. what is your problem again?
  9. checked my screenshots. i had some funny conversations in 2014. and can't remember what was so funny about it
  10. no... and i see this as big test with good rewards. they can add this event as permanent content later
  11. 🤣 but he streamed and it was long ago? so they tested it even in real time. and hope they learned something from this mistake. and nobody and nothing is perfect in this world. and of course i dont know everything. sh*t happens.
  12. i bet this is other software or last bugged nvidia driver? if yes, rollback to previous version. and run resource monitor in background. you will see which program uses most resources:
  13. yeah... why dont he ask them? very strange topic for discussion ...
  14. devs are good enough to know which build is "what you call OP" or not. players make free advertisement for the game and are always welcome.
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