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  1. but not for some mob def missions or interceptions... cc or globe with best mods dont help here.
  2. there are more important problems: i never saw a toilet on the ship. and what does this thing eat all the time?
  3. if it wasn't just your opinion, it would be a lie ... You probably haven't heard of trumna with primed sure footed. but kuva nukor perfomance also beats everything even on SP ... especially with mele as the finisher. Mausolon is nothing more than a cool weapon in my opinion. but even for mech i would take a new AOE weapon. simply more damage ...
  4. they just make money apparently. it's not wrong either ... only if a junk warframe with outdated skills costs so much, then it's not okay!
  5. That's why I don't play in public either. but actually i like publics ... and if you ignore all the greener missions, everything can be played much more pleasantly. in addition, i can no longer see these mk1 weapons and 2-3k hull railjacks. can't be serious. I hardly play railjack myself and I've maxed everything a long time ago.
  6. loki prime systems sells for ~300 platinum....
  7. you surely have kuva nukor ... super easy to level, because even with few mods you can do very good damage. must be somewhere in the orbiter full of dust. and you are probably talking about normal opponents in sp. because kuva nukor lays the whole group on the floor in 2 (max 3) seconds without arcane. fat mobs like greener nox are knocked down with 1-2 shots. You have described tactics below or hello to the 1m crits from the gunblade.
  8. me too. but only today ... i already have a lot of sevagoth parts. but systems only 2 times ... coincidence? I do not think so!
  9. could be. there was a client-side drop bug. or certain achivements only work like this (like "challenge" with combo points). i mostly only play solo and a part was almost always there after 3-4 neptune ext.
  10. and where is the problem? do you think that it won't work if you buff sniper damage with matching warframe? and even if you shoot the eidolon parts fast enough, there is still a shield, these little things, etc. if you only nerft the gun because of eidolons, then it's a story for april 1st. In addition, the bosses are extremely boring content ... the same with deimos iso bounties. without mech i would never do it to myself.
  11. yes, heaps of endo, mats, credits and relic reward in 3-4 mins? is something. railjack is now super cool for solo when you need that stuff.
  12. I bet almost all mr30 just play like that. I only need braton bp from eso and 2 weapons from login rewards. heaps of mats, formas, etc. are available. I don't need plat either. riven mods? without me. all top weapons are maxed, railjack mods are also maxed. most usable mods are also found. I haven't needed reputation or focus for ages. and best of all, i only log in for reward. I don't really have to play. because I can just chill until the next update. nevertheless, warframe is fun. otherwise i would rather play pvp team first person shooter. the competition in "kill mobs for
  13. Magnetic status. not mag warframe
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