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  1. wukong is very good. one of the best warframes with good 3 skill set + passive
  2. it's worth buying one. With the new lvl 5 arcane and pimped on-call, every warframe can farm it super easily. even lvl 3 void in 50 sec. and then sell the parts for a little bit of plat. with new mod and req ulti you can easily kill one sister per hour. so prices will drop hard and it is better to just sell prime stuff for plat and conveniently buy desired sisters. with so much random you can farm it forever and the fights are super boring!
  3. actually it's not elite either. it depends on a few stats. even for engi & on-call you don't need a perfect 0/0/5/5/5. he is also so effective and does a top job at tenet farms or in SP. and i don't believe in random and that someone like that will be there with a good bonus! besides, if I've already designed npc with cosmetics, then I don't want to do that again. even if it takes a short time. but as long as ventkids rep is needed, I take a look every now and then. I often see a useful bonus and the thing is bought...
  4. is it logical, isn't it? number of weapons and warframes etc. increases extremely with new rank. but legendary 1 has a sausage reward? if you need the same mastery for every rank, then you can still understand it. but not like that! or I only used almost 100 formas for new update and that was almost half the rank! i even saw a clown who said that a mr31 may need leg core .... so much for that.
  5. WHAT FOR? why upgrade gunner ??? I can still understand on-call engi, but the rest?!?!?! extremely exaggerated.
  6. there are slash and buffs like roar. with double slash procs i usually need 1 shot for high lvl opponents with an aoe weapon. enemy type mostly doesn't matter. corpus also goes down like nothing. gas cannot keep up here.
  7. not only now but from the beginning! absolutely lousy mission that hardly anyone wants to play. even if it is easy enough with wisp. that was the last normal waframe that i used for mr30 and i almost puked while farming.
  8. why not kick the balls right away? 100% ko. but with you it's probably just about blah-blah?
  9. What???? you already know that you need a lot of mastery points for such a leg rank ?????? ideally, you would only be given 100 ferrite for leg1 as a reward. it is good as it is and there is actually a reward ... WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW !! "big eyes with open mouth"
  10. mission accomplished. you play longer very good for players online statistics.
  11. Yes. that destroys the action. in addition, alt-fire is unoccupied. why is that not used? with kuva zarr etc. the devs have solved it well. plays very cool. but here there is again a stupid way of playing that doesn't fit warframe at all. I can still understand it when it comes to weapons with unlimited ammo. but not here!
  12. if you want to suffer, it's your business too. but some do everything to see no solutions.
  13. there is nothing to level anyway. or did you even level gunnery lvl 10? and for on-call it is great. then you have an almost perfect dmg dealer in missions and engi for railjack. i don't need elite things for gunnery. I only need lvl 5 for 1 skill. in general, I don't think much of command lvl 10 either.
  14. hardly anyone used to play railjack. they want to turn it into arcade mode. you can see it. and this building, repairing and walking in circles is something for fetishists.
  15. does the text not go white when someone has a key?
  16. almost all weapons need extreme buff. Probably over 90% ranged weapons are for the garbage can and have poor all-round performance. top weapons often come with new updates. why don't you use them until they are also nerfed?
  17. bramma is the last rubbish compared to kuva zarr. even with t5 arcane you have to add something for ammo. therefore absolutely ridiculous nerfed! kuva zarr will CERTAINLY be nerfed for new content and will be a joke for April 1st. because everything fits here: aoe dmg, single target damage (with roar you have hardcode slash procs) and interesting reload mechanics. in addition, Bubonico now has a much better performance than bramma and it not only has useful single target damage, but also aoe hits it a lot. plus unlimited ammo with a lot of range.
  18. it is exactly like that. I never run out of ammo. and if you still have problems with it, you can start by playing with ammo aura. i can spam on sp with the thing without end and i only use ammo convention and nothing else.
  19. You don't need a special weapon for Acolytes. even inaros with roar can one-shot health with a heavy attack from gunblade. you are also heavily dependent on ammunition and you probably play with protea skill? Oh well... with the latest innovations you can farm more than 1h sp with some aoe weapons solo. gal multi and new arcane do a good job so far. and archwing weapons are actually underpowered for warframes. besides, who is playing archwing missions? I rarely find people for it. and voidrig does much better damage with 4th skill. --> therefore i dont understand the nerf at all. the weapon can only be used for archwing missions, if at all.
  20. right! That's why you are looking for people from Lfg and establish the rules BEFORE THE GAME. But apparently the OP doesn't care about other players and everyone should dance around him with the drum? really now...
  21. not worth it because you need a lot of weapons and warframes for a rank. these weird buffs, which in my opinion are of no use, should always be present as aura on the mk30 +! per leg rank there is an increase of 25%. so with leg1 there is 50% more. and with leg2 you get 75%. and you can choose the aura in the ARMORY!
  22. and it is not worth investing working time in it! why k-drive when archwing does EVERYTHING much better? and there are also mechs ... there is already strange content in warframe ... but i don't log online to fish, mine, collect animals (WTF?) or even farm daily rep for vetkids (staring at the wall is more fun).
  23. devs cannot balance. too many garbage weapons are available and there are too many options with mods, skills, etc. because balance is not a unique story. it has to be adapted again with new skills and weapons. that's why they go the primitive way and make popular weapons the last rubbish. even if it's mindless! you can see what happened with kuva nukor, bramma etc. kuva nukor will soon be april 1st joke ... with the next nerfs! and at the same time, devs release top weapons that far surpass all known weapons in all-round performance. LOL!
  24. every research is bare theory. reality always looks different. the fact is that devs do not have host choice and host migration under control. the best option is far from being selected here and it will cause epic fails, especially with mobile. You can see that already enough with freezes, long loading times and mission abort with garbage can hosts.
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