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  1. Take that conspiracy theory and put it alongside removing sentinel rivens moments before making new popular moa pets that use sentinel guns, and it starts feeling plausible.
  2. You're underestimating the miter big time. I see it at least once a week in sorties. Test it in the simulacrum fully built without a riven. Fully agree on the second part.
  3. You seem confused. Miter is very viable and used without a riven because of its augment and only got a tiny nerf, Buzlok is also used without rivens. Neither of them are bad or unused without rivens like the Kohm. Why are you trying to falsely equate them? What is your motivation for ignoring the line of reasoning? Logic can be applied, DE is not full of robots.
  4. Miter and Viper are primarily used without rivens. Many players run them with just their augment. Buzlok has a large cult of users, riven or not, at mid-MR. Strun? Yeah, no idea there... None of those become completely worthless with a small disposition change like the Kohm would, though. Should they just change how shotgun status works? Yes. Does what they did show some intelligence? Also yes, some. If you had usage statistics, I bet Lanka has massively high in-mission stats just from people sitting in PoE for 45 minutes. I think they should have used the same discretion they used above to not nerf it as we go into Fortuna.
  5. Please remember the purpose of rivens before you post. Obviously you can support or be critical of the changes You keep repeating this. Can you give some examples? What other weapons changed that go from completely unused to a great gun that people only use based on the disposition like Kohm? The majority of guns changed are optimal (or just really fun, fun guns got hit hard) choices even without rivens. It seems like the Kohm is the poster child of the entire purpose of rivens stated by DE from the beginning. As it allows an unused, weak gun to be viable with a riven. (And better than viable in this case).
  6. It encourages people to buy platinum to afford rivens for their new Moa pets, who can use sentinel guns. This in turn helps Digital Extremes create an even better game as they get more funding.
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