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  1. To any future commenters, join me in this discord server cuz I ain't always looking here in the Forums, https://discord.gg/CWvE6JmvQw
  2. Oh sorry. I invited the wrong player. Check now. It says you're still in a clan.
  3. Sorry for the somewhat late reply. Was waiting for Shadow Barracks to finish building. I've sent invite. ^^
  4. Hello Tenno. I'm a PC player and leader of a ghost clan that is looking for members. Anyone is allowed to join but it's better if you're from Asia so we're closer together so in-game latency isn't terrible if we play. 100% of research is done except for Dojo Colors. Comment below if you're interested. I can teach and help with anything in the game. Or you could just get the BPs from the dojo labs, it's okay.
  5. Hello fellow Tenno. I am Solaris-X. I also made videos on YouTube of exactly what this post contains if you don't like reading. Basically, these are all just ideas and suggestions that I and my friends have come up with while playing the game. I have played for over 5 years and I can't help but notice some problems and issues that we have in the game. This also comes with some solutions for said problems. I do not expect Digital Extremes to implement these solutions but it would certainly be great if they did. This game is huge and has a ton of little mechanics and details in place that Digital Extremes may have forgotten about or didn’t think of. Many of these details are old concepts in the game but can be fixed or improved upon but as of now, Digital Extremes is putting their main focus forward on the big things like the New War. So many of the things I will talk about have sadly been put on the shelf because Digital Extremes rarely looks back on what the game already has unless it is to nerf something overpowered. Better Reinforcement Beacons: The concept of enemies calling in reinforcements has always been a great idea in Warframe, especially in the open-world maps. But the biggest flaw of the Corpus Reinforcement Beacon is that unlike the Tusk Seeker Drone the Grineer uses in the Plains of Eidolon, which is small and not that easy to hit, the Corpus Reinforcement Beacon is the opposite. It is too big and is stationary, making it very easy to destroy by accident. Sometimes when I break just one Reinforcement Beacon, the Alert Level begins to drop even though there are other beacons in place. So, a solution I have come up with is for the Corpus Reinforcement Beacon to be unbreakable. Make it so that it cannot be destroyed accidentally. And the only way to remove one is to have a player interact with it or hack it with the Parazon. You could make it so that it would fold itself up and disappear when interacted with or just explode after a few seconds like it currently does just to make sure that it will only disappear when a player actively wants to. This would be very useful when Toroid Farming. It’s such a hassle to avoid breaking these things especially when I’m using Wukong. Regardless of what weapon I use, my Celestial Twin cannot stop blowing these things up again and again simply because a random enemy happened to pass by the beacon. Bigger Grineer Galleon doors: Enemies get stuck all the time behind the small circle Grineer Doors, especially in Survival. That’s it. Just make them all bigger or wider. This might be implemented when Digital Extremes reworks the tileset the way they did the Corpus Ship with large passageways making it hard for enemies to get clumped up together and stuck. A way to influence what weapon a Kuva Larvling drops: It’s really odd that you have the chance to get 1 of all the 19 Kuva Weapons from just one Larvling. The wiki states that “All weapons have an equal chance of spawning from a Kuva Lich.” I don’t know how true that is but of the countless Kuva Larvlings I have vanquished, the weapons I always seem to see are the Kuva Hind, Brakk, Kraken and, Seer. There are currently 19 Kuva Weapons obtainable from Liches. That’s a lot. It doesn’t matter if the drop rate has an “equal chance of spawning.” If you do the math, each weapon only has a 5.23% drop rate. That’s pretty low. And will continue to get lower when Digital Extremes decides to add more Kuva Weapons. And killing one Larvling per mission is needlessly long. And it’s worse when you want to make the weapon stronger, you have to farm these weapons over and over again depending on how lucky you are with the status rolls. I have collectively spent, I kid you not, literal hours upon hours just whacking Larvling after Larvling just to get a specific weapon. You already have the Warframe Progenitor concept to influence what element the weapon has. Why not another way to make sure you get the specific weapon you want? Or at the very least, make it so that you have a higher chance to get what you want. I have thought of multiple solutions for this. Some of which are complicated but still get the job done. Solution A: Node-specific weapons. There are currently 6 nodes that spawn Kuva Larvlings. Anthe, Numa & Cassini Saturn. Adaro & Naga Sedna. Then Plato Lua. Digital Extremes could designate 3 specific Kuva Weapons for 5 nodes and 4 Kuva Weapons for the 6th one to balance out the 19 Kuva Weapons making it significantly easier to get the Kuva Weapon you want. Digital Extremes can also put a system in where the weapons swap out every other day or week to have variety. Just remember to add a way to see what specific set of Kuva Weapons will have the chance to drop if I kill a Larvling in any of the aforementioned nodes. Solution B: Dynamic Drop Rates. This might get a little complicated, but this is Warframe we're talking about. Things have always been complicated in this game. You can disregard Solution A entirely and just subscribe to this idea. How this works is that let’s say I want to get the Kuva Hek but when I downed a Larvling the weapon it displays is, let’s say, the Kuva Bramma. But I don’t want the Kuva Bramma, I already have it maxed. So I head to extraction without mercying the Larvling. At this point, the weapon of the Larvling I didn’t mercy should be removed from the drop table. This makes sure that the chances of me getting the specific Kuva Weapon I want gets higher and higher the more Larvlings I don’t mercy. From the normal chance of 5.23%, it then becomes 5.55%, and so on. # of Attempts Chance for 1 Kuva Weapon Weapons left in Drop Table 0 5.23% 19 1 5.55% 18 2 5.88% 17 3 6.25% 16 4 6.66% 15 5 7.14% 14 6 7.69% 13 7 8.33% 12 8 9.09% 11 9 10.00% 10 10 11.11% 9 11 12.50% 8 12 14.28% 7 13 16.66% 6 14 20.00% 5 15 25.00% 4 16 33.33% 3 17 50.00% 2 18 100.00% 1 You can still be extremely unlucky and do it 17 times in a row for the final 50-50% chance to get the weapon you want. All of this resets when you finally Mercied a Larvling for you to do it again later. Solution C: This is the easiest solution of them all. Just spawn more Larvlings in one mission. Maybe a maximum of 4 Larvlings per mission for all players to get one if they want to. That’s it. No node picking, no complicated percentage computing. Just add more of the enemy that drops the weapon you want. And that no two Larvlings will display the same weapon. So you have a selection of 4 out of the 19 weapons at one time. The first Larvling you mercy will become your new Lich.
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