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  1. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Rival to Warframe?

    Fixed it for ya!
  2. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Rival to Warframe?

    What in the world are you talking about? I think the thread has devolved into a misinformed sociopolitical discussion. Might want to reign it in before a mod closes this. Or, maybe just let this trainwreck continue...
  3. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Rival to Warframe?

    But you did it for 7000 hours? That not repetitive? I hope you don't feel I was lecturing you...I was supporting your decision. But we can't use "what-about-isms" in these conversations...
  4. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Rival to Warframe?

    Thank you for mathing that for me. That's a lot of time on ANYTHING...
  5. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Rival to Warframe?

    You played for over 7000 hours in the (presumably) last 4 years, and you feel burned out on A game!?!??! No kidding!? Dude, you are free to play other games and do things IRL. Making a declaration like this is just silly. You could have simply said, "Guys, I just pre-ordered Anthem...and really looking forward it. Anyone else looking to play? We should try it out together" It seems like more and more people expect Warframe to be the be-all-end-all for life. And I can't imagine how this thought pattern translates to other parts of their lives. It is completely fine to enjoy other titles AND Warframe. And the vitriol towards EA...some of it's warranted, but if someone is looking forward to one of their titles, awesome! It is a shame that potentially great titles get marred by corporate greed and neglect. That said, I too am looking forward to Anthem, but I no longer pre-order games. TLDR: you got a lot of bang for your buck, no sense in throwing it away...
  6. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Cat type companion or cat skin for companion?

    She's called Khora. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Khora And you can even have TWO kitties helping you if you want!
  7. My understanding is that if it gets to morning, and the Eidolon retreats, if you stay in the plains (i.e. - don't go to Cetus), you pick up on the same Eidolon when night returns. I'll look for the reference for it. Or if you look through the past update posts, you might it as well. Here's a link: It also has the reference link in it. TLDR: "Worth Noting: Remaining in the Plains for the entire Day Cycle effectively allows you to hunt the Eidolons across multiple nights. If your team kills all 3 Eidolons in one night, or across several, then the Teralyst will respawn and you can start the hunt again. TLDR players can hunt Eidolons across multiple nights without losing progress as long as they stay within their current session. Going back to Cetus resets it."
  8. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    DE, Never Sellout Please

    Been playing the game since '16; never knew what this is/was. No matter. Good looking out. Again, good looking out... 😉
  9. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    DE, Never Sellout Please

    Do you think, or read my statement as being critical of DE? It's quite the opposite...I fully support their direction. If it's (your statement) regarding my question about what they (the person I directed the question to) has an issue with, I don't know what to say. I'm not here to criticize it, just trying to get a little clarification for his/her reason. Furthermore, I'm not about to jump forums to "get/spread dirt" about something that doesn't involve me. Was that what you were referencing?
  10. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    DE, Never Sellout Please

    You clearly stated you believed the software "drives people to take breaks". That's why I was asking for a clarification. Which critical bugs? (I'm generally curious which ones you're speaking of; you noted a "friend of Lotus" issue, if it's easier, PM me) And more importantly, do you feel that DE has "soldout" by not addressing these bugs? I hope you don't read this as aggressive or antagonistic. This game has had an interesting lifespan so far, and being a part of how it develops over time has been quite enjoyable, despite all the bugs. Their (DE) development targets have changed over time, and I think it's growing pains instead of nefarious actions. And, at some point, some way, a company needs to be profitable, otherwise, they're just hobbyists. You mentioned you were in software development, any game development?
  11. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    DE, Never Sellout Please

    You believe DE has created this software to force players into taking breaks?
  12. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    So... wasnt mesa prime supposed to be a little bit more expensive?

    A,) Econ 101
  13. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    4-Man Difficulty For Solo?

    I second this. Especially with doing runs on Akkad or Hydron (for example)...would love the ability to take on that level/quantity of enemies solo.
  14. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Animated Series

    I mean, technically Mashable is doing it, just wish there was more. It's fantastic
  15. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Animated Series

    First watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7uMDdzv408 "Warframe: Super Space Ninjas" I'm now confident that a series ( not a film) could/should be made in this style. Humor included. Even if it's a 10-15min ep/week... between this and "First 100 Days..." maybe I'll just have to dream...