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  1. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Consoles "certification" processess

    From my understanding, it had more to do with the actual builds of the game (being essentially three different builds). DE has mentioned trying to redesign the base code to get things more in sync (hence us getting an updated UI). I don't have the links/threads, but I'm sure a search would yield something. DE's "can't" is because it would require a FULL overhaul to all the code, if it's even possible. Some games just wouldn't be possible, Warframe may be one of them...
  2. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Any chance of see more archwing?

    If you need to scratch that itch, you could just pick up the game, "Zone of The Enders" as it was recently re-released for PS4, possibly ported to other formats. If you have a PS4, it's relatively inexpensive (the game). I think it's called Anubis Zone of the Enders: Mars" for PC. https://store.steampowered.com/app/650510/ZONE_OF_THE_ENDERS_THE_2nd_RUNNER__MRS/ Railjack looks to be pretty awesome based on the gameplay I've seen. Definitely looking forward to it as I truly do like the Archwing Mode. Wished there was a lot more content for it, time will tell.
  3. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Problem with mastery rankup 9 to 10

    Have you tried adjusting the setting for "bloom"?
  4. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Purchasing all Baro Ki'Teer's wares

    I think you're misunderstanding what it means to "act like an adult".
  5. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Purchasing all Baro Ki'Teer's wares

    He typically has everything he would ever have. All at once.
  6. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    PS4 Chimera: Update 23.10.6 (Prime Vault + Hotfixes)

    I have melee as R1. I believe you can reassign any button in the menu. But I'm mostly a melee player, have yet to destroy a controller while playing this game almost daily for the past few years. Just sayin...don't deprive yourself of awesome melee shenanigans.
  7. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Primed mod disappeared

    FWIW, you probably had your mods sorted by polarity. Thus, only that polarity would appear. Just in case it happens again...
  8. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Last Post Wins

  9. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Theory: Did The ”Man Behind The Wall” Give The Tenno Powers?

    no problem 😉
  10. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Theory: Did The ”Man Behind The Wall” Give The Tenno Powers?

    do you mean: e=mc2 ???
  11. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Last Post Wins

    I went back to see this orig post in context...dear god. The whole "multi-person-anime-demon-poly-mommy-role-playing" that ensued was...kinda awesome. However, your quote was nicely timed. Had I not searched for it, I would never enjoyed, well, "that" /slow clap (just twice, turns off the lights)
  12. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Sentient Levialyst And Dromalyst

    I meant that signs of the infested appeared (in some form) in these ancient Sentients. Point being that an early form of "the infested" is found in these sentients. Maybe I'm just trying to iron out the rationale for it...would be interesting lore build. Or maybe not. Look cool either way.
  13. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Sentient Levialyst And Dromalyst

    You do realize that could be a fantastic twist to this: Infested ravaged Eidolons. the twist being they show signs of the infested, yet are older than most other eidolons or even the known infested.
  14. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Sentient Levialyst And Dromalyst

    It does not in fact, look like me. It it does look fantastic though! 😛
  15. (PS4)Awesomenisticus

    Sentient Levialyst And Dromalyst

    I like the idea of the Sentients having lifeforms throughout the galaxy. And with this, an archwing focused battle against an (Eidolon)...cool.