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  1. Yes? And you mispelled my name... Yes? I'm excited too, just saw it... I think it's bigger than me, but thank you!
  2. I have melee as R1. I believe you can reassign any button in the menu. But I'm mostly a melee player, have yet to destroy a controller while playing this game almost daily for the past few years. Just sayin...don't deprive yourself of awesome melee shenanigans.
  3. I went back to see this orig post in context...dear god. The whole "multi-person-anime-demon-poly-mommy-role-playing" that ensued was...kinda awesome. However, your quote was nicely timed. Had I not searched for it, I would never enjoyed, well, "that" /slow clap (just twice, turns off the lights)
  4. Me personally, no. The user support group I'm in posts to a bulletin board. There, a few of the moderators have had contact (with the devs) in the past, keep us abreast of the current situation. And it's not looking good 😞
  5. Thank you! /still crying because it's true. 😞
  6. Devs insisted they had everything stable and were "headed in a bright new direction" and "keeping their promises"...all lies. Even worse than the original bugs that were never fixed, they're even worse now. All posts to their support forum are met with instant bans, incessant harassment, and unending vitriol. Anyone posting to the contrary is immediately declared a troll by the devs and subject to ridicule over social media. SOCIAL MEDIA!! Certifiably insane posts at 3am from head of operations...with complete support from other devs as well. Not worth it the install. NOTE: Sorry, was out of town, off the grid...
  7. If it's anything like IRL...meh. Latest patch has more bugs than the previous release. Here on the US servers, we have A LOT of issues. Maybe Outside will be better, not counting on it though
  8. Or a show by a British comedian making fools of the far-right Americans.
  9. You watching "Who is America"? Poo can be fine art. The more you know...Its worth mentioning NOT mentioning his ultimate art project. yuck
  10. Look at them, They come to this place when they know they are not grass... Ugh, that's all I can take; you started it...
  11. Unfortunately, nope. If you're on PS4, I'd be willing to hook you up with a syndicate weapon or something. I had sold a Soma Prime to someone on my in-game FL, [DE] dropped the "prime with Prime" deal...and he was frustrated that I wouldn't give him a refund. Had to explain that sellers on the market/trade channel are not FROM or connected with DE, but I still felt his pain and hooked him up.. Just saying, the offer is there for ya...
  12. Scoundrel, heretics, posters! Listen! Do you crave attention? Do you feel the burden of posting crushing you? You need relief. But how? How can you ask for posts unless you first post yourself? Give. Unto the forum. I was once a wretched tenno, breaking my back just to earn a credit. Then, I found that glorious "submit reply". Oh, and when I gave my first post, how it's richness rained down upon me! Do you want what I have received? Do you want it for yourself? Then post. Unto the forum. Let your posts be the seeds of your prosperity. Give unto the Forum! And you will be rewarded a hundredfold! The forum be the word, and the word be posts!
  13. Oh Jesus, that statement out of context....
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