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  1. I'm not sure : doesn't this system already work for all bounties ? I thought I heard about that but never actually checked if it was the case.
  2. Maybe they tweaked the damage from Garv's squad in Cambion Drift and the changes got copied to some units in the plains ?
  3. Or maybe the player could perform an action to prevent the lich from spawning. You'd get a choice like when killing the lich.
  4. I just tried free roam (it's day right now) and there doesn't seem to be a noticeable change in grineer damage. However, since they were introduced I think enemies deal too much damage at low levels on open landscapes. Free roam should be lvl 5 I think, and even then new players tend to struggle compared to normal missions. EDIT : When testing at night I noticed that the Tusk Heavy gunner did a considerable amount of damage compared to other grineer, but only with her Grattler. Actually I never noticed that they switch weapons when you're closer.
  5. (This is an English forum, I'll explain in french) Salut, tu es sur un forum anglophone donc ton message ne sera sûrement pas lu par les développeurs. Il y a une section fraçaise là. En tout cas je te conseille de chasser sans les echo-leurres, mais plutôt de tourner autour de la map avec ton fusil tranquilisant (en archwing). Quand tu entends des "bips" en visant c'est qu'il y a des animaux à moins de 180m. Tu peux les voir à travers les murs en visant. Cette technique est beaucoup plus amusante et efficace que les points de spawn avec l'echo-leurre. Il n'y a que l'Avichaea (l'
  6. I don't understand why you would change it. What is wrong with the current numbers ? And how would the new numbers be better ? I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I just don't see the point.
  7. I've been in favor of such a system for seven years. And many others in these forums too. I honestly don't know why they don't implement that. In their design, they probably set an "average time" that players are supposed to spend for a specific reward. Pure RNG respects that, but with lucky guys getting it in the first try, while some others will litterally spend weeks getting them. Maybe only one in a million players will have such a bad luck. But when you have millions of players, it happens all the time. That's something developers have to consider. Now we must also consider that
  8. I can see four ways to make the kuva lich weapon choice work : (let's call "P" the weapon from your previous lich, "L" the weapon from the previous larvling, "N" the new one proposed by a larvling) - as in 26.0.7, N can be any weapon except P. That's annoying for people who want to improve the last weaon they got. - as in 27.1.2, N can be any weapon. Everyone can have what they want but as a result chances are a tiny bit lower. - as I and others proposed before 27.1.2 came out, N could be any weapon except L. I don't see a problem with that. - N could also be chosen in a list, rang
  9. Interesting takes guys. I'm a bit sad that there's not a pile of lore hidden somewhere I haven't looked yet, but I just remembered the devstream where they mentioned that these characters were redesigned a few days before the release date. It makes sense that the lore isn't polished in these circumstances. Oh I see. Two stains of infestation, one being released by accident (Fass, "chaos") and the other (Vome, "order", described as "the good one" by Rebecca in a devstream) probably released by the Entrati to counter the other one and stabilize their state !
  10. I'm under the impression that I'm missing a part of the lore : the grandfather lore is awesome, but I don't quite understand what happened to the rest of his family. They keep talking about mistakes, specimens being freed, people getting cut, but I don't understand the big picture. 1) How did they get infested in the first place (specimens freed by son ? How did they have them ?) 2) How did they survive the infestation ? I know it stole some memories, names, but they kept half a body quite intact, and it's been a long time 3) Why aren't there any other Orokin with them on Deimos
  11. My two scents : - enable operator void dash (in the necramech fight I only manage to dash about 25% of the time) - don't cancel abilities (nekros' desecrate keeps being deactivated and I don't understand how) - give us the ability to speed up timers. Maybe with consoles or crystals to activate regularly ? - speed up Loid movement
  12. The funny thing is that I actually learned the symbols names, by running around the Lore entries behind Loid. It doesn't take long, as long as you feel it's a fun thing to do. And now I use their names in my head to open the vault : I'm stupidly proud of it. For sure people would hate it if you had to listen to the names to solve the puzzle, it's a good thing they didn't implement it, but it feels like it could give something, maybe a bit of lore...
  13. Funny how the same bug can have variations : in my case it was in the iso vaults, I was stuck in operator after my mech died. I suppose my warframe was still in the previous room, making it unaccessible. Operator could fire, void dash, but : - couldn't transfer to warframe (it said invalid target) - couldn't access menus, gear wheel - could die, fall on the floor and be revived by allies like a warframe - had forgotten all the focus perks We had to leave after the 2nd vault. Very frustrating.
  14. Indeed, this method of flying around and hunting animals through the tranq rifle is quite fun, I'm happy that they all spawn naturally. However, there's still room for improvement : - the orange glow is particularly hard to see in a mostly orange environment - avichaea is too rare - avichaea call points are not guaranteed to appear after you complete one, having to reload the map isn't fun - maybe call points could work like fishing baits, attracting several animals over a few mins - velocipods don't show in the tranq rifle - small animals are too weak, a single projectile fro
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