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  1. A dynamic system would be even better, with disposition changing based on monthly community usage, encouraging players to use weapons that nobody uses as well as switching them regularly.
  2. Lluid

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.1

    The ambulas I encountered had a resistance to CC from EV. The ability worked for energy but not for control. Not sure what new resistances they're talking about.
  3. Lluid

    New Tactical Alert: Toxic Terrors!

    Well it seems lots of us don't get points at all (I didn't have any mission points shown in the result screen). Is it really due to the fact that the mission moved from Jupiter to Earth ? Some people still get points ?
  4. It appears that removing the abilities will also remove their COST in terms of mod points. So everyone with maxed warframes could have too many mod points. Players will probably want to be able to remove useless formas, think about it DE.
  5. Lluid

    Coming Soon: Devstream #36

    I'm aware that you're planning to work on parkour, it's a lot of work, but there's one aspect that needs love in my opinion : the "grabbing edges" system. The auto grabbing kills the dynamics of movement most of the time (like when you try to do a wall run but result on top of it), while sometimes you would like your warframe to grab an edge and it doesn't. Is it possible to have the option to have to press a key whenever you want to grab an edge ? (same key as for rolling for instance) Also, could the animation be faster ?
  6. Lluid

    Hotfix +

    The ice tileset is awesome, except when you have 4 times the same corridor repeating : I didn't notice any difference in map size with these hotfixes. The new mod look goes in the right direction in my opinion, but : - we need to recognize our mods at-a-glance, without having to read their name. Their images' colors are too much unsaturated. - info about the mod effects should be visible without mousing over each mod. - mods rank should be easier to see - I feel uncomfortable with colors representing rarity. Colors are a very convenient way to give fast information to the player, but rarity is not the kind of info that is significant. What if each mod had a color depending on what stat it affects ? For instance : - damage mods : orange - multishot mods : cyan - elemental mods : red/white/blue/green (for fire/cold/electric/poison damages) - combined elements : a gradient of the two colors above - critical : silver - utility : yellow - dual : gradient of the two colors Side note : I often see twice the same mod, same rank, appearing separately (one alone and the rest stacked).
  7. Superb post ! As a Tenno, I don't want to be superman an cross an entire map after slightly touching a wall. I want to be a ninja and have more control on my movements. I do want to cross an entire map, but I want a reasonable way to do so (reasonable, not realistic). As was proposed previously, a "charging" system would be a solution : the longer you press space before touching the wall, the further you will jump. Obviously this mechanic should apply to normal jumps, meaning that you only jump after releasing space. And the ratio height/length of the jump could be directly controlled by this time. Using ctrl could cancel the jump also (except if you press jump while sliding). I understand the fact that such changes will not happen soon. But I feel that by addressing the details here, we might actually be helpful to DE when they will try to improve the movement system.