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  1. They are 10 Plat on the market. If they would be hard to farm more ppl would complain / the price would be higher.
  2. That is not true. You can buy the Predasite Echo-Lure from Son at Rank1. The Avichaea Echo-Lure can be bought at Rank2. You are currently Rank2 and need those tags for Rank3. So you can buy them already.
  3. Thanks for the Update. I hope this is not a another PoE reskin.
  4. My endgame in Warframe are Speedruns. Trying to optimize your Build for it, grinding RNG for the perfect tileset and then actually playing good on that one so you get a good time. (Or you play Special Missions with set tilesets or other stuff) I try to compete with like minded players over on https://www.speedrun.com/wf and have alot of fun with this. 🙂
  5. Yes it's impossible to get them. Don't think they will come back anytime soon. There are also alot more things you sadly can't scan anymore.
  6. Slide still works and you still get a bit faster, but sprint speed mods/arcanes don't work anymore. So he lost alot if speed.
  7. Guess Im blind then. But if you know it got nerfed why ask with this post? 🙂
  8. They "fixed a bug" where you got 2x the base stats of your strike. So you lost alot of dmg + crit chance. Sad to see that they can't even write this in the patch notes.
  9. They tryed to fix it, but it didnt happen.
  10. What happend to Cloudwalker on Wukong? It isnt working with sprint speed mods anymore. Can you please explain? 🙂
  11. Level 30, nice joke. Max level enemies die like paper after the HP/Armor scaling nerf. And this system makes them even easier to kill.
  12. DE tryed to fix this long time ago, but only fixed part of it. I think this is the stealth nerf to kill it forever 😞
  13. Shifting Game Balance is not the same as destroying it.
  14. What Happend to wukong? Did you stealth nerf our Speed King?
  15. Lets pretend they were lvl 200 and it was a visual bug (which it definitely wasn't). How do you explain enemies beeing lvl 200 after 4 minutes?
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