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  1. What is with Heat and Electric? They also deal dmg over time like Bleed and Toxin. They need to be excluded too.
  2. Making the INVIGORATIONS random is bad. Really bad. We dont need RNG that says how good our warframes are. And if we are looking forward to future events, this will cause alot of trouble because the best starts might only be possible one week and the not anymore...
  3. Looks interesting. Melee changes tune it down a touch. These new Gun mods and Arcanes look good.
  4. I'd also like to know what happened with the Drop chance in general. Adding up all drop chances from those Pictures only adds up to 92.5%. Does that mean we have a 7.5% chance to get nothing or did DE put wrong Numbers again...
  5. So you are bascially saying that the game & all its bosses are bad? Everything in this game can easily be done with Inaros.
  6. This is completly wrong. Players who know the fight can see that Profit Taker only uses his magnetic attack when you are too close / beneath him. Experienced Players use this to thier advantage and use Warframes that buff thier damage. Also big doubt on this one.
  7. Orphix is already the best at something. It is the best Wreckage farm for specifc wreckages on the game. Sure, you may not need wreckages once you have a maxed Railjack, but this is a different issue. Every time something new will become the best at X you will kill the old thing that was the best at this. Look at Xini for example. Nobody cares about Xini anymore since disruption on Lua is a thing. This is just an endless spiral with more and more Missions having the same loot and only the best one will be played. The way DE approached OV is by making it the best at something (Wreckages) and then giving it a bonus (Arcanes).
  8. This perk only makes them able to be summoned in RJ missions. They will be available to all other Missions in the future. The Mechs are bugged in RJ and don't get XP, so this also won't work. The best way to level your Mech is Thermia Fractures or by taking over the Corpus bases in Orb Vallis.
  9. TYPE: in-Gamne DESCRIPTION: Battle mod Energy cost visual is only there if you are the pilot. If you are in the side guns its not there VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Go into Pilot seet -> Energy Visual is there, Go into Turret -> Energy Visual is not there EXPECTED RESULT: In Side Turret you also see this Energy Visual OBSERVED RESULT: Energy Visual isnt there on the side Turret. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  10. Thanks for the Update. RJ sounds more interesting now.
  11. Fastest capture speedrun there is without any glitches is this one: 15s with Titania on Deimos https://www.speedrun.com/wf/run/z50krvjy
  12. Will missions like defense be endless or will it be capped at 5 waves?
  13. Dude did hits that dealt way more dmg than you. If you do a few hits into the millions you can easily get 99% dmg with even less kills.
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