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  1. Just compare your profile to his and you will find it
  2. I really dislike this "event". They jusst put a shop with some skins and that is. The Juggernaut or the last year event was better imo.
  3. They probably already lauched the Nezha Prime Dispo changes. So dont expect a list before he is here.
  4. Because a) then 90% of the player base cry's again that they don't have friends / clan mates to play with them (Look at the removed Nightwave challenge) b) You don't even need to make the lieutenant/Commander/.. roleplay because you can just nuke everything without a brain and no Co-Op is required for this
  5. They are 10 Plat on the market. If they would be hard to farm more ppl would complain / the price would be higher.
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