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  1. Dude did hits that dealt way more dmg than you. If you do a few hits into the millions you can easily get 99% dmg with even less kills.
  2. Because we want actual Coop and 8 player content in the game.
  3. They usually come with a hotfix/update. You just have to wait for one to happen.
  4. Nice hotfix What will happen with out old scores? Are they just there for nothing? Will there be a script to make them count?
  5. Are Clans locked already for the Leaderboard? Or can we still get new players for them?
  6. The Event is a Teaser for this. Using mechs in normal Missions ins quite ready yet, so we got this update to showcase it. But soon you can use them in normal missions too.
  7. Thanks for the Event. Hope you bring the Leaderboards like Steve mentioned in the hype stream!
  8. Thanks for Credit Weekend!
  9. I never understood this. You can never have everything in this game, you will always miss something, even if you have Excalibur/Lato/Skana Prime. For example, there are still Profile scores, Profile Badges (like from the Kill Event), Phased Ankyros skin, Phased Tigris skin and Rubedo Plater Viper skin.
  10. Stop asking for stuff to be removed from the game, its never a good thing to remove content from a game. Also over 90% of the things you can scan work so there is no real issue there. Only like 5-10 thing dont work / dont exist in the game anymore.
  11. Finally we dont need the Vaults anymore. Thanks! Fianlly the XP thing is fixed.
  12. Every Tennocon there is a Ticket for 1000$ which can only be bought by one player and with it you get your own Glyph. There are currently 4 Glyphs in the game that are named "Legendary xyz Gylph". I Totally agree with this post. It would be nice to have information on what will happen with old Glyphs from Partners that arent in the Creator system. Also more explanation about Glyphs not beeing tied to the Creator System would be nice.
  13. If you get a Key, there is a special Forum part you get access to, maybe ask there again if you get a code.
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