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  1. it just misses the point so its not an argument. such as you did right now.
  2. So With the upcoming content patch we get once again more lich weapons waht i absolultey dont understand why is DE not making the last 10 levels after the 30 100% COMPLETLY optional by capping the mr exp gain at level 30? its just a forma wasting apparatus, time consuming and simply not "fun" in any way to forma a weapon 5 times in order to max it out just so we can finaly but some dust on it since we all know 95% of the weapons are just useless. many ppl dont even like the idea of litterly just wasting 5 forma for pretty much no reason. for the ppl that will argue "no body is forcing yo
  3. oh god railjack. most bugged content there is... lets hope DE wont make it even less playable and boring with this "update" i dont wanna w8 for another 9 hot fixes... also yayy... wasting 5 forma on uber useless weapons again.
  4. "fixing" a dead game mode you took the fun part out. no one likes the taxijack its litterly 10% railjack 90% plain boring missions. pls less emoji effort that look bad and more waypoint and UI fixes pls that ACTUALLY fix anything. Thank you.
  5. man i said 5 hot fixes. its 6 and still a buggy mess. please fix the UI progress visual bug and the waypoints railjack is dead content anyway so better focus on the core problems now that affect every player the most times.
  6. why make a custon ui if it will break? i talking about waypoint marker leading to fasle location, in excavation missions you wont see any progress at all (also applys to intercept). please fix those its getting anoying. i rant later about rail jack once i put my hand on it...
  7. Farm instrics so just you can re grind them its fun player will "love it" ahaha such a joke.
  8. its like this litterly 1 week after they changed the waypoints it just gets way more frequent recently becasue more players are calling it out. while like 99.9% players are affected by the waypoint bugs. they just dont fix it no matter waht. i predict that the railjack "bugdate" will not have a fix for it in it either. its getting really bad becasue unlike almost 1 year ago excavation thumper progress and interception is slowly getting theses bug more frequently too by missing the abcd on the ui (so you cant see progress like the excavation) making id a really bad feeling to even play.
  9. Still no waypoint fix. just affects every player but well. why fix it right.
  10. Yea hiding it like that is obv. the best choice instead of a simple button on the plates themselfes. how could we expect such a simple function. dont even try to make it look nice. we all know De is king in hiding information. in the option and ui. :) Idk how to close a topic so if a mod would be so kind question got answered unless you wanna attrackt flys like mr. "NinjaZeku" that wanna rant for no reason without any goot points.
  11. okey thank you. i dont know why they would do such a stupid thing but i can tell that to my friend now.
  12. as you can see no black colour found in this plate it should 100% have 1 black colour in it This is a screen shot a friend has send me just now mine still has black in it aswell as the red shades. hes missing them as you can see.
  13. as always cant be "unrealeased" if its in the public servers. doubt that its a mistake. but we all know live are the test servers. sadly.
  14. So they focus on meshes you see like 1% of the time in game instead of the real issues... yes that are the prioritys ive expected from DE
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