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  1. Riven lottery

    Every time I farm Kuva and play the riven roll lottery I rage quit. Seriously this time I think I am done. Why am I punished for playing the game? Here is the philosophy....Work hard grind grind grind. save up all you kuva and then just toss it away with nothing to show for your efforts other than rage. Why? Why can't we just reward people who put time and skill into something.... I find that it is a reflection of what is wrong with the world today . mankind is dominated by the flaws of capitalism.As the good parts of capitalism are marginalized the worst among us rise to power through the lottery of birth. We are headed full speed straight into the jaws of actual Armageddon with full knowledge that that is what we are doing and as the few voices of reason speak out they are drowned out by the puppets of Machiavelli's ghost with spite and disdain....and as the cliff gets closer and closer the world pretends that it is all just the way that it is and the people who make the rules know what is best and are truly looking out for them. This it what kuva is to me. The sickness that resides inside humanities soul that will bring about nothing but the distopian future we all seem to think we deserve. bleh I quit.... for at least a week..... well I will be back to see if Baro has anything good.
  2. Melee Rivens Entering the Drop Pool

    What about riven mod capacity. Are we still being tapped out at 60?
  3. Supporting DE and Wrframe

    If you don't use rivens why are you even in this thread.
  4. Supporting DE and Wrframe

    You sir. Are a guy I would like to have on speed dial. I have no idea where I would have even started looking for that. I am glad though that you did. mmmmm lovely lovely data.
  5. Supporting DE and Wrframe

    Just to clarify.... I like the idea of rivens. But like so many have said before . they are a lottery. They do not reward investment or time or effort or kill. They give random rewards I have a few rolled over 30 times that are just as un usable now as they were when I got them. Then there is the guy who gets a zero or 1 rolled god teir riven. There are guns I would rather use like the acrid or the Stradavar but what rivens were supposed to do was make those weapons more viable.What they do though is create a lottery instead of an avenue for investment. You can make the argument that you invest by rolling that one riven until you get something you want. ...but that argument is weak. What many of us want is just a way to get predictable rewards from investment. A few weeks ago there was a double resource weekend I farmed 250k kuva....I got nothing usable from any of that kuva. That is why I am salty....No return on investment. I have nothing to show from that work. Riven rolling is gambling....You hear about people who hit it big. but the majority of the time the majority of people loose everything....\ That is just not fun.
  6. Supporting DE and Wrframe

    Because Rivens And Kuva are bad. Kuva isn't rewarded in enough volume to warrant the lottery that are riven mods. If you aren't aware of the disgust among a lot of people when it comes to this just look around in the forums. Though I have had a post or two removed because they got "heated" Basically Riven rolling is a lottery designed economically to encourage players to buy more platinum buy increasing the "velocity" of in game currency. It is economics 2.21 ....I have no clue how much money DE is making but rivens and kuva are a corporate ro sham bo right in the jimmy of the player.
  7. Supporting DE and Wrframe

    #1 Warfame in my opinion is the best game ever created.Better than World of Warcraft, better than Dota, better than all of them. "In my opinion that is." I started playing this game on PS4 played until mr19, close to 1000 hours." the ps4 community was easier to meet and get together with" Then for some reason I started a pc account to see what was in a new patch or something and that was it. I moved to pc. The graphics were so much better and everything was just better. "except being able to meet people and make friends" On pc I have like 1200 hours and mr 23. I made it a point to always spend about $5 a month on the game if I could. I spent more when I could. I have bought a couple Prime access packs and all in all between pc and ps4 I have spent a couple hundred bucks supporting this game. "to much really now that I look at it." Also I always encourage new players to spend a little every month at least until they have spent around $60 .You know the price of a triple A top of the line game. Until you hit MR 12 making plat can be difficult for some people and buying a little plat can make everything less frustrating and more enjoyable.But by no means nessisary. It is just a good way to support a game that is worth spending some money on. But I got to be honest. Rivens and kuva have made me salty. Every week now I mouth off in the forums and complain every chance I get.I haven't spent any money on this game sense they came out and I have gotten many 20% of coupons a couple 50% coupons and a big uber 75% of coupon for daily rewards...but I have just been to upset about kuva and rivens to use them. I don't know if there is anyone else out there who has stopped buying because of this. But I thought DE should know that is why I stopped spending money. ..."Also I have already spent way to much playing this game. Now that I look back.Like enough to buy at least a new GPU."
  8. PC: Harrow Approaches....

    Please tell me they are increasing mod capacity with melee rivens. I would like a mod slot for every weapon at least. Or 20 for every primaries, 20 for secondaries and 20 for melee. But really it should just be unlimited or a riven slot for every weapon.
  9. A Good AoE DPS warframe

    Frost 175% efficiency 250% range spam avalanche
  10. start banning Limbo trollers/grievers?

    Just retire that frame . If limbo is in the squad I am out. Or rework him to something other than a solo frame
  11. Good solo warframes 2017

    As long as you get modding and builds figured out all frames are solo viable. Some have more survivability in certain missions. ie disarm Loki when you are getting shot at. High range Nidus for infested. but all subjective.
  12. Reward Teir Colors in Inventory

    Wasn't looking for an excuse or explanation as to why.Was looking for someone from DE to say ."Ya that makes sense I have no idea why we didn't do that to begin with."
  13. Reward Teir Colors in Inventory

    It would be nice to have my prime parts color coded in my inventory. As well as having the ducat price somewhere visible. This should be easy to do ya? They are color coded in end mission reward choices. and in the relic menu. Can we just have it the same in inventory as well.
  14. Quality of life "minor"

    Just something that would be nice. Is if in the end mission screen. Below everyone's names was the frame they were using. I know you can hit escape and see but it would be nice in that screen just to better be able to see who did what. Also a stat that would be nice in that screen would be who got what objective in spy missions and what not.Or who got the blood clouds in kuva missions.
  15. Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.2

    Sounds great now fix my dang Washer and Dryer . The stay broke ya.