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  1. You actually said that a game that is supposed to be fun is really supposed to be like work. I am not trying to have a go at you m8 , but you and I have very different ideas of what a game is supposed to be. It has been well establish across the industry that grinding is the tick tock of the clock counting down to the end of your game. Unless of coarse you are World of Warcraft for some odd reason.
  2. RIvens and Kuva ... No part of this avenue of the game is fun. It feels like work. It is frustrating. It has made trade chat a living hell. It is no secret that Rivens are a plat sink. With slots costing 60 plat and boosters costing 200 a month. At least make it fun. We all LOVE Riven mods and what they do. With a booster it takes about 2 hours to farm the Kuva to roll a riven 3 times depending what rank it is. The R N G is bad though. I have 46 rivens at the moment. It takes me at least 20 rolls to get something usable most of the time closer to 30. I do have bad luck but still.... Then there is only 1 way to get Kuva and the Nyx nerf made that even more of a chore. Look....There are a lot of suggestion out there to ease this burden and some of them sound great. Examples: * Rivens desolve into kuva * Endless missions reward Kuva * Kuva Fortress could have Kuva caches * Let us choose which stats on a riven to keep and which to roll. * Just cap kuva roll cost at 1 missions reward. There are many ideas out there. PLEASE pick one. Seriously what this has done to trade chat is just Trumpish Rivens are all overpriced or maybe not who knows. I do know most of us don't have 1000 plat to drop on a mod. Then the feed is so hard to keep up with by the time you post something 50 posts have gone by. Help DE Please Help.
  3. Love Octavia... Metronome is an awesome ability....but it is way to hard to pull off....there needs to be a better way to trigger or time the buffs. I love the way they trigger , but the timing is just to unforgiving.. You end up spending 30 seconds or more trying to get the buff. At that point it is no good. It seems to be easier with different songs.Or mod set ups not sure....
  4. Totally like the frame. She looks good, Moves good, and powers are good. e She is easy to mod for atm. and fairly easy to play. If i could magically change anything... #1 Mallet I seem to keep want to use it like Vaubans Tesla, I keep wanting to through out multiples and have them stick to players an stuff. #2 Resonator is cool It seems to follow me well throughout missions.Again I keep trying to through out multiples.It would be nice if we could refresh the timing on this thing but that would mess with the damage output. I am guessing. #3 Metronome is a freakishly powerful ability, That is ridiculously hard to get the timing down on.This is my favorite power that she has but I cannot figure out the timing. the wiki said just do one of the pre req's when the lights hit the center but it feels off for me .I am not sure if it is keyboard lag or if the timing is just that unforgiving but I do know that I want to be able to execute these buffs better than the 15% of the time I am attempting them. I would rather be able to time them audibly so I wouldn't have to be looking at my feet and could be looking at the things trying to kill me. (I would just like it to be easier to execute the buffs) #4 AMP It would be awesome if this were an aura that emanated from Octavia, but it is fine the way it is too. All in All Everything wants to work together and I think it does, not as well a Nidus but really close.The only real gripe I have personally is the timing on Metronome.If that become a viable power it will make her my favorite frame. At the moment though i can hardly pull off any of the buffs. I know I am hitting less than 20% more probably 10%. Manda chord I was waiting for this. This is uber cool. I bought all the sound packs and have spent as much time messing with this as I have leveling the frame. It is simple to use, The UI is good no problems at all. Yes of coarse I would want more options but I understand the difficulty of providing people with more options than what you have. IE minor keys and notes. I keep gravitating towards trying to make riffs that sound like old Black Sabbath and White Zombie...but it just aint gonna happen with the toolset we have got....That's ok though I am guessing in the future we will get different keys and scales to work with. ps . Still hate limbo....At least in a squad. he isn't so bad solo.
  5. Holy Crap DE, There was a lot of stuff in this update! I am not fan boying or anything but thanks!
  6. HOLY CRAP!!!!! That is one gargantuan update! Also Gargatua would be a good name for a warframe.
  7. I can get behind this. I like this frame but ...ya . I love the directional dive bomb idea a lot. that would be pretty awesome.
  8. MMMM charts and Graphs . Oh so lovely charts and graphs...
  9. Octavia's Anthem? Do we get Bard Frame?! Oh my goodness happy days I have 20 nitain extracts saved up hope I wont need more.
  10. I am never going to build this weapon....Getting bored with the game too. But I gave DE a couple hundred dollars over the years on ps4 and PC and had fun so.... Might stick around for bard frame who knows
  11. Plat grab = money grab = economics. They have to make money to pay their bills just like everyone else. Finding a balance though is hard because people are hardwired to be greedy. The question is, when are people being greedy and when are they trying to be fair and make a living? Easiest way to test this in ourselves is to are we justifying our actions? If you find yourself having to hide something or justify something, you probably shouldn't be doing that thing. I try to spend an average of $5 a month on this game.So far I have spent about $200 between ps4 and PC....which is way to much for a game...but ...well ...well i got nothing after the but...ya I have spent to much on this game.
  12. FFS DE I know you can't make everyone happy. But you are getting better at making everyone mad. Remember Carrier? Remember the contention, then when you gave us what we wanted how it went away? Who wants to play a game that isn't fun? It is rewarding to overcome difficult enemies sure, but not when you have to farm them. Then it becomes work and not fun. and annoying and crappy and why dont I just go play another game?...like chess. After getting so annoyed farming kuva last night I literally started playing chess on steam....And it was so much more fun than playing Nyx. I love this game. Itis the only game I play anymore. This game is the only reason I have windows 10. I would rather be running Linux. The day I leave this game I will reformat my hard drive and load up Ubuntu and won't be able to come back. If you are gonna keep nerfing the fun. please give us Linux support. whichever is easiest for you of coarse.
  13. I hope Hydriod .I am one of maybe 4 people who love him. Hands down the best looking frame IMHO As for a rework on him I would hope for something to do with his #2 and #3 synergizing. Making the #2 wave not get hung up on objects , maybe having it turn corners ,and instead of knocking people down pulling them and piling them up. And the #3 being like a whirlpool drowning vortex. Maybe even make #4 a summoned pet or pets or possibly adding testicles to a melee weapon or becoming a summoned trident that stole loots and stuff.
  14. I am never building that weapon out of protest. Mountain clan mr22 1000 plus hours the Silly statement "It's raining mutagen in the derelict" and the backpedaling that some clans had already grinded out the research was insulting. Hema research is literally my only complaint with this entire game. Everything else about this game IMHO is top of the line.
  15. WHY!!! WHY DE! Why do insist on continually improving this game!