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  1. Good stats on Riven

    General rule that I use. If weapon stats already have crit chance of 20% or higher = Roll for crit and crit damage Multi hit is good if you can get your chance over 100% Raw damage is always good. dual status is always good. For Sicarus though you want crit chance and crit damage for a god roll for titan roll raw damage and multi hit . for utility roll Dual status magazine size and fire rate.
  2. Tips for finding fish?

    When you point your spear at sections of water with fish there is a very tiny tiny clic sound.
  3. Warframe Update 22: Plains of Eidolon

    Just incredible! Outstanding Love you guys!
  4. Mastery rank 8 to 9

    not sure would have to check the wiki. but again that may be were the bug is. try a pole arm or a staff.
  5. Mastery rank 8 to 9

    FYI you can still gain mr xp by leveling stuff up while you are waiting for the bug to get fixed. Then at least you will be able to take you next rank test the next day. You wont loose xp is what I am trying to say if you keep ranking weapons n frames. Also if you haven't tried yet . Maybe use a different weapon besides a thrown melee. That may be where the bug is.but I am guessing you have tried that.
  6. So this is why PoE is set to be released today

    Wait today?! It is coming out today?! Holy je bump a pump de diddly happy dance that is awesome!
  7. Never tried to buy from the main page I always did it from my ship in game.I think I bought Booben pack from web but all play I bought in game.which ported me to Steam
  8. Soma prime sound

    I don't use that gun for that very reason. I hate the sound it makes.I use the Stratavar when I want a machine gun.
  9. plat posts instantly. At least it has for me every time I bought it.
  10. I am still running on a 660ti and a 3570k I am so broke....I cannot even afford a 1050 ti
  11. Best . Made bunch of friends in a random Drako on ps4 Worst. none of those friends moved to pc with me and no cross platform ...because capitalism....
  12. How to price Rivens...well how I am pricing rivens anyway.

    Warframe economy is basically everything wrong with humanity itself.It is a mirror to the our worst impulses. I try to rise above the crap if I can and have some sort of justification and structure to the the madness.I try to do the same for prime parts. A prime part worth 100 ducats = 30-35 plat A prime part worth 45 ducats = 20-25 plat A prime part worth 15 ducats= 5-10 plat for Vaulted parts a double or triple that. Again...this works for me. Primed mods seem to market price out at around 25%-30% of ducat investment. some more some less but it is a good way for me to do what I do.
  13. How to price Rivens...well how I am pricing rivens anyway.

    Again .regardless of the push back. this formula is working for me.I have sold a dread a drakoon and a pox all priced this way and they all sold easy. They were good mods for good weapons but the system worked for them.
  14. New players with primes...

    I truly doesn't matter. If you are MR 0-whatever. It takes many many many hours to farm mods. farm endo for the mods.And just level literally everything in the game.
  15. Can we please get a Linux Version?

    If you build it, They will come. Metrics don't predict markets, they report them. Open source "IS" the future.