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  1. please make rivens more than just rng

    I am with you Man. I HATE Rivens as they are. You are 100% right . The devs said that they were put in to make unused weapons more fun. There is ZERO fun in RNG. RNG=Disappointment+Frustration+Anger. I just made a post the other day that got no traction about the same thing People like saying "If you don't like rivens don't use them" or "Rivens aren't necessary for any content" Which is not the point. I loath playing and participating in a flawed system. I suggested in my post that I want to be able to Mod my Riven like I mod my weapons and warframes 1.By choosing their stats through using mods or some other means 2. ranking them up like everything else in game 3 Adding forma to make them more powerful and ranking them up again. This isn't some crazy idea. It is literally the most obvious path that should have been and still should be taken. I have rage quit this game a few times because of Riven rolls. I keep coming back because outside of the extremely flawed Riven system I just love the game. But just today a spent 8k kuva rolling a Zenistar riven and got shafted.I nearly rage quit again. A while back I farmed 250k kuva or more and got nothing from it but disappointment and frustration. not fun man just not fun. Please DE remove the RNG from Rivens and make an actual viable path of progression with them....please.
  2. Suggestions that may help keep players around.

    I don't see an exploit. The only thing that would change would be the RNG random chance gambling part.
  3. Suggestions that may help keep players around.

    You would still keep Riven disposition.So status weapons would still mostly remain status weapons and crit would remain crit. But you would have the freedom to create the mod you want instead of roll for it. As it is we all just re roll and re roll untill we get the stats we want.Those stats are directly taken from mods in the game.I just want to see the RNG removed from the system. Rivens would still basically be the same. Just instead of random stats awarded from gambling on rerolls they would be actual progression. HAH! just thought of this. How cool would it be to give rivens warframe abilities that would slot into operator amps! So you could be playing Nova, pop out your operator fire off a bastile and pop back into Nova. How crazy would;d that be.!
  4. Rivens I have at length expressed my dislike of the RNG of riven mods.Here is yet another hopeful suggestion that I have yet to see anyone else offer up. Instead of re rolling rivens over and over and over and over again.Make Rivens "Wild card slots". Make the riven mod a mod-able mod. A mod that you can add other mods into. For example: Say I have a Rifle Riven mod. I open a panel that allows me to add in to that riven a Serration a heat wave a hush and a speed trigger. or whatever. Instead of using kuva for re-rolls, use kuve the way we use endo to rank the riven up to max rank. Then use a forma to add a polarity to allow for better mod capability. So yes, make Rivens work the same way our weapons and frames work.Which is fun. RNG is not fun. This would definitely make me and others use weapons we like but are not realistic option because of their damage or utility.It would make rivens actually fun and not a nightmare . It would add a path for progression and would shut me up to boot. It also would likley make kuva farming actually something that more people would do because there would be actual viable progression involved and not just a chance at a random roll that more often than not ends in disappointment...Disappointment is not fun.
  5. Update 22.12.0: Warframe Changes Feedback Megathread

    Nice update :) Holy guacamole though. Mag is always my goto dps frame. I ALWAYS top the damage charts with her. I am afraid to see what she will do after this up date. Maybe smash the whole solar system into a singularity? I am a scared.
  6. I was one of the few who have always enjoyed Atlas I like the new Petrify. With rubble it seems like he should work more like Nidus though. With Nidus you Gather and pop. Bring enemies into a group and then stomp them= fun as hell :) Nidus scales though and he gets some energy back when he hits enemies It sure would be awesome if atlas got back some energy when he hit petrified enemies. Also the armor is nice but it would prolly be more fun if instead of armor he got a range bonus for landslide or a speed bonus But either way I still like Atlas.
  7. Warframe Update 22: Plains of Eidolon

    Just incredible! Outstanding Love you guys!
  8. Best . Made bunch of friends in a random Drako on ps4 Worst. none of those friends moved to pc with me and no cross platform ...because capitalism....
  9. Melee Rivens Entering the Drop Pool

    What about riven mod capacity. Are we still being tapped out at 60?
  10. PC: Harrow Approaches....

    Please tell me they are increasing mod capacity with melee rivens. I would like a mod slot for every weapon at least. Or 20 for every primaries, 20 for secondaries and 20 for melee. But really it should just be unlimited or a riven slot for every weapon.
  11. Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.2

    Sounds great now fix my dang Washer and Dryer . The stay broke ya.
  12. Octavia's Anthem: Update 20

    HOLY CRAP!!!!! That is one gargantuan update! Also Gargatua would be a good name for a warframe.
  13. State of the TennoNet 2017

    MMMM charts and Graphs . Oh so lovely charts and graphs...
  14. Heads up: No PC Update this week!

    Octavia's Anthem? Do we get Bard Frame?! Oh my goodness happy days I have 20 nitain extracts saved up hope I wont need more.
  15. The Glast Gambit: Update 19.11.0+

    WHY!!! WHY DE! Why do insist on continually improving this game!